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  • 01 January 20111993. Raymond
    Hell Yeah bring back Storm. There are certain X-Team members most people call them the core that you have to have. They are Woverine(see badass), Cyclops(Woverine needs a foil), Storm(mandatory strong female, and environmental control), and Professor X(no
  • 01 January 20111992. LOUISE
  • 31 December 20101991. Joseph
    Storm is too important of a character to jeopardize. Halle Berry must be resigned for X3!
  • 31 December 20101990. David
    She needs a bigger part in the movie if she is considered a leader in the cartoons
  • 31 December 20101989. Dave
    I love Storm!
  • 30 December 20101988. Esther
    One of the main reasons I loved Xmen is Storm's character!! Please dont take her out of the movie!!
  • 30 December 20101987. Julia
    We want Storm in the third movie!! She's one of the main characters!! And one of the best, I might add!!
  • 30 December 20101986. Jonathan
    Please bring back Storm She is my all time fav X-men & y not all the other x-men r in it y not storm she is a main x-men so please i'm a big fan & it wounld't be an x-men movie with out Storm in it
  • 30 December 20101985. Catalina
    I want that Storm stay in X-MEN 3.
  • 30 December 20101984. Maria
    Halle Berry does a great job playing Storm. It would stink not seeing her back in X3. How can you have a X-Men movie without Storm? I just started enjoying X-Men due to my father taking me to the first movie. Instantly Storm became my favorite character (
  • 29 December 20101983. ashley
    keep strom in x-3 it will make the movie better quality
  • 29 December 20101982. victor
    storm was most of the series and she is a awsome character anfd the special affects that u can make for her powers atract many ppl because it looks cool
  • 29 December 20101981. Jamaal
    First, Storm an essential member of the X-Men. Second, Halle is very hot!!! Third, Halle is very hot!!!!!!
  • 29 December 20101980. Elena
  • 28 December 20101979. hell
    Fuck no
  • 28 December 20101978.
  • 28 December 20101977. Marikosan7
    Storm is not only an integeral part of the X-Men, she's probably the most popular female character bar...NONE! It's not often you get black, female superheroes and it would be an absolute shame and travesty if she were to be cut out whilst less popular
  • 28 December 20101976. Eric
    Storm is my favorite character in X-men. I was excited to know that Halle would be playing her in the movie. Since Storm's expanded role in the movie X2, I am looking forward to X3 for an even greater role for Storm. Please do not exclude Halle Berry as S
  • 27 December 20101975. nick
    If you remove Storm you might as well remove the rest of the team.Give her more screentime and more cool stuff to do damnit.
  • 26 December 20101974. David
    Storm is essential to the plot of the X-Men franchise. Do not leave Storm out of any of the movies! And Halle is the best progressive representation of storm I could have imagined.
  • 26 December 20101973. Rondell
    Actually, hate to say it, as much as i love Halle, and believe that she is one of the moszt beautiful in show business...she makes a bad Storm.....for one Storm is much darker in complexion to Halle......second aint Storm from Africa????? She should be St
  • 26 December 20101972. Manuel
    Signature character, gotta be the weather goddess even if not for long.
  • 25 December 20101971. Elbridge
  • 24 December 20101970. Rey
    Storm needs to be in the movie.It won't be the same without her, besides she's hot.
  • 23 December 20101969. Arthur
    I would like her to play the role of Storm because she absolutely fits it
  • 23 December 20101968. Jed
    No Storm? It's not an X-Men movie without Storm. Tell Halle that Storm was my favorite when I was little. If Storm is not in X3 I might not go see it.
  • 23 December 20101967. Jay
    Storm is a big part of the Xmen. Even if you ignore that fact, how would you just not have her in X3 after her being big parts of X1 and X2? I definately want to see Halle back.
  • 23 December 20101966. Brock
    Bring her back & give Colossus more action!!!!!!!!
  • 23 December 20101965. Heidi
  • 22 December 20101964. Jill
  • 22 December 20101963. John
    KEEP STORM!! She is an essential part of the x-men universe
  • 22 December 20101962. L.
  • 22 December 20101961. Dallas
    Storm has a lot of potential and Halle plays Storm to perfection.
  • 22 December 20101960. Joseph
    Storm is the only character with a truly unique and interesting power. She brings the power to the team and deserves a bigger role in X3 where she really cuts loose with her powers. Halle Berry is the best actress for this part and does a superb job. N
  • 22 December 20101959. Arron
    Storm is one of the originals of the X-Men clan. she deserve to be in the X3 movie.
  • 21 December 20101958. Tom
    To me, Halle Barry is one of the finest actresses today, she was excellent in both X-men movies. it just wouldn't be Storm or X-men without Halle we all LOVE you. your # 1 Fan
  • 21 December 20101957. Aaron
    I think Storm is potentially one of the best X-characters.. she jsut has been allowed to fly in the movies yet. How does she manage to be so strong and popular in the comics but fail in the movies. Don't be scared of the black woman!!!
  • 21 December 20101956. Mark
    Outrageous that such nonesense could even be concieved! Storm is an integral part of the X-Men series and thus no credability can be given to any X-Men movie that does not include her!
  • 21 December 20101955. OLGA
    Storm is the best character ever, please give us her fans a chance to see a real Storm in 3d movie! And Halle Berry became a part of Storm don't let her go!
  • 21 December 20101954. Steven
    Storm is the most powerful member of the X-men! There's no denying that!
  • 20 December 20101953. aj
    halle berry is the perfect storm! You have to be absolutly crazy not to bring her back!not to mention pis off us x-fans.please dont let this happen!
  • 19 December 20101952. Donald
    Storm is an essential part of the Xmen. We want Halle back
  • 18 December 20101951. Domonique
    By taking away Storm away from the next X-Men movie or any others that will come up, then the theme of the X-Men will be taken away. It is almost the same thing if you take away Professor Xavier or Wolverine, making the movie dull. Another reason for Stor
  • 18 December 20101950. Rolston
    It wouldn't be cool not to have such a strong character the such as storm in the X-men, I feel that the franchise needs to be improved Storm is a main character and must be given her due respect. The character should be given her own film as her characrt
  • 18 December 20101949. Domonique
    By taking away Storm away from the next X-Men movie or any others that will come up, then the theme of the X-Men will be taken away. It is almost the same thing if you take away Professor Xavier or Wolverine, making the movie dull. Another reason for Stor
  • 18 December 20101948. Tim
    Please include Halle Berry in "X3". She is one of my favorite characters and actress' Thank You
  • 18 December 20101947. Max
    Stay true to the storyline, keep Storm please.
  • 17 December 20101946. Sean
    Changing actors of a specific role in a series, ala Dick in Bewitched, makes believing the story harder and for som,e could be confusing.
  • 17 December 20101945. Daniel
    I think Halle should be in X3 because there is no X-Men w/o Storm. The professor uses Storm as his personal assistant. If there is no Storm that means there is no Professor. Think about that
  • 17 December 20101944. Timothy
    It just wouldn't be the same without Halle.
  • 17 December 20101943. byron
    i love storm, love hallie berry and need her to act as storm in the 3 episode
  • 16 December 20101942. Dexter
    Bring back Halle Berry. And this time, please add the blue eyes like the real Storm.
  • 16 December 20101941. John
    Please include the character Storm in X3.
  • 16 December 20101940. lisa
    bring back storm for x3
  • 15 December 20101939. Scott
    Halle deserves a more powerful role as storm. Storm is an incredibly powerful x-man. She has even been the leader of the x-men in the comics. I want her back as storm because she fits the character perfectly, the script just needs to be more powerful f
  • 15 December 20101938. Rhiannon
    The character of Storm has always been with the X-men. It wouldbe a shame not to have her in the movie and a High unjustice.
  • 14 December 20101937. Cal
    Storm was one of the greatest of the X-Men. An X-Men movie without Storm would be like a Spider-Man movie without Mary Jane. Without Halle Berry in the movie there would be no big names that are more common in HollyWood. Even though the first two X-Men mo
  • 14 December 20101936. ahmed
    Please let storm in X3 she was my favorite character and still is and it would help the movie a lot better because there are a lot of STORM FANS!!! PLEASE LET HALLE BERRY BE IN X3:(
  • 14 December 20101935. Drew
    The movies wouldnt be right with out all the X-men (and women)
  • 13 December 20101934. Shannon
    I am 13 and Storm and Jean Grey are the only reasons I like the XMen movies. Please keep them in the next movie..PLEASE PLEASE!!!
  • 13 December 20101933.
  • 13 December 20101932. tHOMAS
  • 13 December 20101931. michael
    i think you should keep storm because she is one of the origanal x men and it just would not be the same with out her
  • 13 December 20101930. Kisha
    Storm is just as important as Wolverine, Jean Grey and Cyclops combined!
  • 13 December 20101929. michael
    i think you should keep storm because she is one of the origanal x men and it just would not be the same with out her
  • 13 December 20101928. michael
    i think you should keep storm because she is one of the origanal x men and it just would not be the same with out her
  • 13 December 20101927. michael
    i think you should keep storm because she is one of the origanal x men and it just would not be the same with out her
  • 13 December 20101926. michael
    i think you should keep storm because she is one of the origanal x men and it just would not be the same with out her
  • 11 December 20101925. T.
    It's great to have movies like the X-Men franchise with such an assortment of name actors playing prominent roles but not hogging the spotlight.
  • 11 December 20101924. Crazyscary
    Storm is a great character and Halle Berry is a great actress! I think that you will do a big mistake if Halle doesn't play Storm in X3 or if there is no Storm it too. The movie will lose a lot of fans!
  • 10 December 20101923. Kyle
    I think Storm she be in X#! Storm is like the center of the X-Men, and it wouldn't be the X-Men without her.
  • 10 December 20101922. Travis
    Come on Halle!!! We love you as storm!!, this is one of your most famous roles!!!!!!!
  • 10 December 20101921. Corrie
    Halle was magnificent in X1 and X2! I especially loved the Kurt/Storm scenes in X2. Please don't take her out of X3!
  • 10 December 20101920. Franklin
    I liked Storm's character development, and would like to continue to see her continuing develpment through the next movie.
  • 09 December 20101919. flavien
  • 09 December 20101918. Ken
    It won't be an X-Men movie without one of the original cast members!
  • 09 December 20101917. Gabriel
    I definitly want Halle back as storm in the third X-Men film. She my fave actress and storm in my fave member of the X-Men. If she isn't in the movie I'll be crushed. I WANT STORM!!!!!!
  • 09 December 20101916. John
    I'm not sure how to say this convincingly so I'll keep it short: it means a great deal to me that Halle Berry plays Storm in all successive X-Men movies. I've never signed an online petition in my life (for better or for worse) . . . please do your utmost
  • 09 December 20101915. John
    Die, Halle Berry. Storm had a large role in X2 no matter what you said. You've just been a whiny bitch since you won that damn award.
  • 09 December 20101914. Stormfan
    Storm is the best character, and Halle Berry portrays her wonderfully. Her role improved significantly in X2, and I hope it will continue to grow in X3. She should definitely do more fighting and flying, and Halle can make it happen. WAKE UP, FOX!Without
  • 08 December 20101913. Anna
    I like Storm very much in the comics and the movie. And she's an original member of the team so it would be a bid mistake not letting her stay.
  • 08 December 20101912. Mark
  • 08 December 20101911. Eric
    Storm is the best in all x men
  • 08 December 20101910. John-Michael
    Not only should she be brought back Her part should be expanded. As should that of Cyclops.
  • 08 December 20101909. Dolly
    Halle is cool, and she can kick butt... let her kick butt.
  • 08 December 20101908. Quicksilver
    I fully support this petition.To not have Halle Berry playing Storm is just ludacris (if thats how u spell it). Halle Berry is such a HUGE superstar nowadays and Storm is such a big part of the X-Men.The reason for Storm possible exclusion from X3 is beca
  • 07 December 20101907. Nick
    X-Men without the weather witch herself? You've gotta be kidding me. We need our Storm, even if in moderation. Feel free to concentrate on less soliloquy-proned characters, but don't cut out Ororo.
  • 07 December 20101906. Robert
    storm was best potrayed when played by Halle Berry
  • 06 December 20101905. suzi
  • 05 December 20101904. Michael
    Storm is an important part of the X-men storyline, alot of people will be very nonplussed by a lack of Storm in the up- coming X-men movie. To keep this a successful series, bring her back.
  • 05 December 20101903. dave
    We want halle back for X3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 05 December 20101902. Amanda
    We love Storm!! ^_^
  • 04 December 20101901. allan
    storm is way too cool, she's one of xmens pillar, there4, she must be in the x3... can u possibly include collosus nd gambit? thanx
  • 04 December 20101900. Cory
    I Honestly think that if halle did go for X3 than she would let many fans down cause the original characters are for sure always the best.
  • 04 December 20101899. Bruce
    Storm, Storm, STORM!!!
  • 03 December 20101898. Pete
    It would not be the same without the beautiful Halle Berry as "Storm".
  • 02 December 20101897. Wesly
    You have to bring back Storm in X3, it wouldn't be an X-Men movie without her, and you have to keep Halle as Storm because shes been in the first two movies. She's the best actress for the roll.
  • 02 December 20101896. Adam
    There is no X-Men 3 without Storm. She plays a significant role in the Dark Phoenix Saga. In X-3, Storm should be given as much leave to show off her skills, and let it be known just how powerful she truly is.
  • 02 December 20101895. John
    You cannot have the x-men without storm. She is a key figur, and a box office draw, to the stories.
  • 02 December 20101894. Stathis
    Halle Berry is one of the best actressess, Storm is one of the best X-Men :P
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