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  • 09 July 201081. SARA
    There are some Americansd out there that have a GREAT british accent when they want to. Please consider it. Also, Dan, Rupert, and Emma look so much like the characters that it's hard to believe that they won't look like them for the rest of their life! P
  • 02 July 201080. Ruby
    Yes please do it would not be the same with out them
  • 02 July 201079. Emily
  • 02 July 201078. Mill
    You should let American in the movie because they people at hogwarts where not all Brithish and we like Harry Potter just as much, Thank you
  • 02 July 201077. Kaitlynn
    Oh and please hurry up
  • 02 July 201076. Ashleigh
    I loved the harry potter movie ,. And I apreciate the time they spent trying to make a good movie. I can't let anyone stop them from going on. I'd also like our counrty to participate in the following movies . - Ashleigh
  • 01 July 201075. patricia
    ilove harry and hermione. and ron
  • 29 June 201074. lea
    i think that it would be very confusing to have different
  • 24 June 201073. Patrick
    Yeah You Go Girl WB Have Some AMERICANS
  • 22 June 201072. Matthew
    I agree to the fullest!
  • 21 June 201071. Beth
    I really have no problem with the movie or the on comming movies. Yeah, maybe there should be an american person in the third movie. But i still like any of them all the same. I've read all the Harry Potter books I think they should come out with more lik
  • 20 June 201070. Nicole
  • 19 June 201069. sheyla
    all americans should be great to animals and other great creaters and plants.
  • 17 June 201068. Teresa
    I agree totally with everything in this statement. signed, Teresa Samples
  • 16 June 201067. Nitejsha
    We want harry potter to come to singpore for in our home,. It is becase we love him.
  • 16 June 201066. Amanda
    i think you are exactly right. And it would not be the same if Dan, Rupert, and Emma got replaced. and they sould also give a chance to the Amercians to cast in one of the movies. because we love harry potter as much as in England.
  • 15 June 201065. MYRA
  • 15 June 201064. Michael
  • 14 June 201063. Tiffany
  • 13 June 201062. Cheryl
    Don't get rid of the original actors just because they are growing up. All kids grow at different rates anyway--always changing; some older looking, some younger. It will RUIN the movies if you keep swaping out the characters. Keep the originals until you
  • 13 June 201061. Theresa
    I love harry potter and the actors who play in the movies. im american so i would like to have americans in the movie too!
  • 13 June 201060. Maddie
    I agree. Harry Potter movies should have some Americans in them, or Amarican-Brits for that matter!
  • 13 June 201059. lauren
    hi i live in australia and i love harry potter if you want to e-mail me.
  • 12 June 201058. Ryan
    Right On! Don't change the actors! THat would be like having someone else play captain Kirk!
  • 12 June 201057. Janie
    I think it's a great idea to keep the original cast. They have the perfect personalities as the characters in the books. I don't really know about the casting of Americans though. I mean it would be cool and all, but it really is a Brittish book.
  • 12 June 201056. tommo
  • 12 June 201055. Allen
    i want the director to stay th same too but i don't think this will change there minds
  • 12 June 201054. liz
    please let america in too
  • 12 June 201053. Allie
    i think all the characters should stay playing their rolls
  • 12 June 201052. hayes
  • 12 June 201051. Michelle
    I think they should keep daniel emma and rupert even tho he is 15, but he makes a GREAT ron and.....and.....and..... I JUST WANT THEM TO KEEP THEM!!!
  • 12 June 201050. Ashley
    I think that J.K. Rowling should let Americans be in her movie!!!
  • 12 June 201049. Ashley
    This is a idea i think they should stay as their characters because hey they are just great actors!!
  • 12 June 201048. Melinda
    I really think it would be wrong to switch the harry, ron, or hermione charcters now, they need to stay the same! Please don't switch actors or actresses.
  • 12 June 201047. Mairin
    I want you to keep the three actors but DONT GIVE PART OF THE AMERICANS ON A BRITISH BOOK, A BRITISH STORY AND A BRITISH GLORY.. the americans start to though star wars is not enough and try to take part pf Harry Potter or what!?
  • 12 June 201046. Kristin
    I think to continue the magical aspect of the movie, we need to keep the same MAIN characters, or I believe that the magic will be lost. Also I was disappointed at the fact that no American children are allowed to be in the film. Is Hogwarts meant to be
  • 12 June 201045. Jessica
    I think anyone of any nationality, not just America should be allowed to actively participate in the following Harry Potter movies!
  • 12 June 201044. michelle
    Add some American actors and Canadians!
  • 12 June 201043. Sarah
    I want to be in this interesting movie, but we all dream-right?
  • 12 June 201042. Frank
    I want also Dutch cast in the 3rd movie: ME, and I'd like to have the part of Lupin.
  • 12 June 201041. Kat
    Americans should be aloud in the movies too! we can act! and we can lear fake accents! just give us a chance!
  • 12 June 201040. Claire
    I agree that Americans should be in the movie and that Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and Emma Watson should continue acting in these movies.
  • 12 June 201039. McKenna
    They reall sould they are sooo good.They really are like there carcters.
  • 12 June 201038. Amanda
  • 12 June 201037. Elyse
    Dan, Emma and Rupert definaltely in all films......yes....give every one a fair go....lots of people in all countries love Harry Potter!
  • 12 June 201036. Danille
  • 11 June 201035. Avalon
    Keep them as long as possible & let Americans in on it! The UK should be the only ppl having fun!
  • 11 June 201034. Yen
    that's right! We love Harry Potter as much as everyone else!
  • 11 June 201033. Stephanie
    keep em all and get some americans
  • 11 June 201032. Lauren
    I think Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson, AND Tom Felton, along with many others did a great job and should be kept as their characters. I also think that the person who can play the part the best should be cast as a character, whether or not
  • 11 June 201031. Matt
  • 11 June 201030. Kate
    They have GOT to keep going! but, if emma quits, i'll take the part! just kidding! persuade them to do it to the end plz? the movies wouldn't be the same without the original cast back!
  • 11 June 201029. Mary
  • 11 June 201028. Allison
    Rock On!!
  • 11 June 201027. Salena-Lynn
    Americans like Harry Potter as much as all the Brits. Some of us are loyl and devoted fans and would love to see some young American actors and actrisses in the upcomming movies.
  • 11 June 201026. Amelia
    We americans LOVE HArry Potter as much as the British, and we also want the main characters to STAY in those positions.
  • 11 June 201025. Anna
    Americans Love Harry Potter just as much as the English! It's not there falut j.k lives in England. We love the books and have a right to help desplay them in the moives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 10 June 201024. Marrissa
    We all know that it has been a huge debate whether americans should be in the movie. So far though, the answer has been "no". This is unfair. The reason is because we are not "British". Well I am 100% british...but i live in america, both my parents have
  • 10 June 201023. April
    I would like to see the actors continue becasue i think they were great for the part and it would be too awkward to change them. Also i would like to see an american in the movie or any other person from another country. I understand the circumstances but
  • 10 June 201022. Noella
    Whatever happened to international cooperation? I won't see the movie if new kids are casted in leads, the actors are already great and it wouldbe way to James Bond if WB did that.
  • 09 June 201021. Ashleigh
    I love Harry Potter....and i love the movie it is a very good movie and i think there should be another movie!!
  • 09 June 201020. Danielle
    emma,dan,and rupert will always be known as the 1st harry ron and hermione and i cant think of anyone who could play them better,so plz dont leave carry on playing them
  • 09 June 201019. beth
    I love Rupert Grint!!!!! I'm proud to be an American!!!
  • 08 June 201018. Emma2hotty
    Yeah!I agree!
  • 08 June 201017. nathalie
    give americans a chance! (wow that sounded corny!)
  • 08 June 201016. Brian
    If any of the main kid characters change I will not go and see the movie
  • 08 June 201015. Genevieve
    I believe that alot of people will stop watching if the characters are changed, because by the time you change them, we would be used to viewing Emma, Rupert and Dan as Harry, ron and hermoine. And with the second half, I believe that the auditioners shou
  • 08 June 201014. Kevin
    That's be great if they got some Americans on there. I'm a Canadain by the way, but I want Dan, Rupert and Emma to stay forever.
  • 08 June 201013. Rowan
    I think that all nationalities should get to play in Harry Potter, not just the British, even though they do a great job I think it's unfair that only the British get the spotlight.
  • 07 June 201012. K.
  • 07 June 201011. Zoe
    hi. i hate 2 be the annoying 1 but i don't totally agree with u. i think the film should be completely based on the book because j.k rowling has worked so hard on them all and SO far there hasnt been any americans in the movie. Why should it start now jus
  • 07 June 201010. matt
    I totally agree
  • 07 June 20109. Jennifer
    Please keep Daniel, Emma and Rupert in their roles. They truely are the characters from the book. It just wouldn't work if you changed them! I wanted to audition for Hermione but I didn't know how. I'm glad I didn't though because Emma still would have go
  • 07 June 20108. Kate
    Dan, Rupert, and Emma are very good for the role of Harry, Ron, and Hermione. I would be devasted if you recasted them.
  • 07 June 20107. Emma
  • 07 June 20106. Gabriel Ebion
    i TOTALLY agree, even though i'm not an American ;)
  • 07 June 20105. erin
    i would like to say, no matter what Dan, Rupert and Emma look like or sound like they should stay in all the Harry Potter movies that will be made - pleaaase! they are the best kids for the parts of Harry, Ron and Hermione:)
  • 07 June 20104. Danielle
    I really think this is a good idea. Just like British kids, American kids dream to be in the movie as well. With a few lines(which we can fake a good British accent), or even no lines at all, we can be apart of the movie, and feel special and VERY happy a
  • 06 June 20103. Elizabeth
    its not are falt we aren't british
  • 06 June 20102. erica
    i totally agree with everything this petition stands for!
  • 06 June 20101. Ashley