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  • 16 August 201068. Mike
    All you have to do is make PES2 NTSC, which would probably take a mere day, and enjoy the profit.
  • 15 August 201067. brian
    U.S.A. needs winning eleven/proevolution series. Bring it, we will buy!!!!
  • 06 August 201066. G.O.
    i like the j-leageu ive got 2 games on playstation one and i like the new games that seen on ps 2 and man i,m telling you this can be a it in europe we,ve inveted soccer so please bring youre japanese competion in europe so the rest of the world can
  • 23 July 201065. Geoff
    I have played ISS for playstation 1 and I believe that it was the best football game at that time. Please bring us a version of the most recent game. Or atleast make there be a way where we can order it. Please
  • 19 July 201064. stefano
  • 19 July 201063. Hai
    The soccer market will increase in the USA if Winning Eleven (Konami Tokyo) is sold here.
  • 18 July 201062. kevin
    please bring this great game to america.
  • 17 July 201061. Graham
    Give us a chance, Konami...
  • 17 July 201060. Febry9
  • 17 July 201059. scott
    please bring this game to the US, if you don't i might cry
  • 16 July 201058. Candice
  • 16 July 201057. Nikdebray
  • 15 July 201056. John
    You deserve the greatest game ever!
  • 15 July 201055. John
    This game is sweet, i played it in the tokyo airport
  • 15 July 201054. Fernando
    please bring WE^ to north america!!
  • 14 July 201053. Shawn
    I didn't believe it but hundreds of critics can't be wrong...this is the best soccer game to ever grace a console. Don't do us wrong again Konami like you did with the bemani games!
  • 14 July 201052. Rudy
    In Singapore, Konami released an NTSC English-languaged Winning Eleven (can't remember which version) for the PS1. It ain't the US or Europe release which would've been renamed, but simply a Winning Eleven by KCET in English! Now if only they'd do that fo
  • 14 July 201051. Thomas
  • 14 July 201050. Alex
    I love winning eleven 6 but i'll love it even more if it comes out in english!!!
  • 14 July 201049. Tom
  • 14 July 201048. Alex
    I'm in Canada, and I would love to see games like Winning Eleven 6 and Pro Evolution Soccer here, in english and in PAL format
  • 13 July 201047. Bert
    No offense, guys, but I've completely given up hope that this game will EVER come to the US...I hope this petition helps. Then again, I've signed two or three others just like this one...
  • 13 July 201046. Steven
  • 13 July 201045. HS
    Stop the ghetto MLS releases. Bring the REAL Winning Eleven series over here with an official FIFA and player license.
  • 13 July 201044. Lee
    any great game should be over in america
  • 13 July 201043. Diogo
    bring it to Brazil too!!
  • 12 July 201042. Luc
    As an import gamer here in the UK, i'd really like to see WE6 released in the US, just so that it comes out on GC and i can ditch my PS2.
  • 11 July 201041. Terry
    Bring this game(with no modifications) to North America and I guarantee it will sell great. I love this game.
  • 11 July 201040. athbi
    for this game only i chipped my ps2 .... you can stop us from that by relesing it into the usa market
  • 11 July 201039. Luc
    I'm a huge fan of Konami's soccer games, but the MLS series is too diluted. Please, please, please bring it overe here!!!!
  • 11 July 201038. HHR
  • 11 July 201037. Daniel
    Please bring this Winning Eleven to the US. Come on...we should atleast get the ones coming out after the World Cup every 4 years. It will sell well too. PLEASE!!!
  • 11 July 201036. Tim
    ISS for the PS1 was the best sports simulation I ever played. PLease bring Pro Evolution (Winning Eleven) to The US and rescue us from EA's Fifa nonsense.
  • 11 July 201035. Jim
  • 11 July 201034. Sean
    Please do US soccer fans a favor and give us access to the best game on the market. Bring WE to the US.
  • 11 July 201033. Scott
    get it in the states, please!
  • 11 July 201032. Steven
    I know many people that would buy this game if it were released in N.A.
  • 11 July 201031. Mark
    Please bring this game to the US.
  • 10 July 201030. Adrian
    Its the best soccer game, but its all in japanese!!! translate it only and thats it.. !!!
  • 10 July 201029. Lance
    Long overdue! Save us from FIFA!
  • 10 July 201028. Chris
    Bring Winning Eleven Six to the U.S.!
  • 10 July 201027. Jacob
    Ah well.. not holding my breath.
  • 10 July 201026. B
    The more people that can play perfect footie the better!!
  • 10 July 201025. Enrique
    this is a great game , and we want it in america.
  • 10 July 201024. Robert
  • 10 July 201023. Ronald
  • 10 July 201022. Javier
    We wan't this game!!
  • 10 July 201021. Edward
    It needs a release here so badly.
  • 10 July 201020. steve
    yes...i agree.. the best football game should be world wide...
  • 10 July 201019. Greg
    Please let us enjoy probably one of the best sports games ever created.
  • 10 July 201018. Jason
  • 10 July 201017. Alex
    Bring WE to the Yanks!
  • 10 July 201016. Lavan
    Please, please, please bring the Winning Eleven/Pro Evolution Soccer series over to North America!
  • 10 July 201015. chris
    i want this game in the united states a lot of people want it !!!!!!!!!!
  • 10 July 201014. andy
    please, please, please bring it to the US....we don't want MLS on an old engine...we want WE
  • 10 July 201013. Todd
    Please dear lord bring this game to North America. I can't stand not being able to play it.
  • 10 July 201012. Martin
    You should have it.
  • 10 July 201011. Brunno
  • 09 July 201010. Tim
  • 09 July 20109. Nikaka
  • 09 July 20108. Pedro
  • 09 July 20107. Abtin
    Konami would outsell EA's FIFA series by a landslide if they released the game stateside and put even just a little bit of advertising behind it. There are too many people in this country begging for this game for it to not be a big seller in the US
  • 09 July 20106. Kenny
  • 08 July 20105. Ferdi
    I'm dying here;Konami has to stop torturing us by bringing the latest Winning Eleven to the States!
  • 08 July 20104. Evan
    Please bring it to North America Konami! Just have a good ad campaign for it and it could do well here.
  • 08 July 20103. Henry
  • 08 July 20102. Hodaka
    Bring it here.
  • 08 July 20101. aaron
    Please bring this game to North America, it would definitely be a hit.