All The Signatures

  • 28 December 2015100. Patrick G
  • 20 December 201599. Poppy Crosby
    we love andrew ryan!
  • 19 December 201598. Gamertam Russell
    Neca, you can add me to the list as a sure buy.
  • 17 December 201597. Tyler E
    What's Bioshock Without Ryan?
  • 13 December 201596. Bradley S
  • 07 September 201595. Rocky P
    I would really like to have a Andrew Ryan figure!
  • 26 August 201594. Scott E
    make all the character bioshock fans, love everything bioshock
  • 25 August 201593. Jake H
    I would buy it for sure.( If High Quality)
  • 01 August 201592. Marilee G
    Please make an Andrew Ryan figurine!
  • 25 July 201591. Shane K
    As if you would make a Lady Smith but not the FOUNDER of Rapture. This figure is almost a guaranteed success in terms of sales, you sillies.
  • 26 June 201590. Codename Conway
    No Gods or Kings
  • 15 June 201589. Davi Sal
    Please make Andrew Ryan
  • 09 June 201588. Rob C
    I'd definitely buy an Andrew Ryan figure!
  • 07 June 201587. Chico M
    Would you kindly make an Andrew Ryan figurine?
  • 02 June 201586. Kathleen A
    This figurine should have been done a loooong time ago
  • 11 May 201585. Max S
    I would most definitely buy an Andrew Ryan Figure and Im sure many others would agree it would be an amazing addition to your line of Bioshock action figures.
  • 09 May 201584. Cindyjane V
    I really think andrew ryan is one of the most important characters in bioshock !!
  • 05 May 201583. John Carson
    I would definitely buy two to them if you made one.
  • 18 April 201582. Patrick Jkg
    Come on NECA! We need the 'bloody king of Rapture'! What is Bioshock without Ryan? Now WOULD YOU KINDLY make that figure?
  • 23 March 201581. Tara Andrewryanf
    Oh an Andrew Ryan figure would be grand! Would you kindly make one?
  • 15 March 201580. Alex W
    make a life size 1:1 scale andrew ryan :) hell yeah
  • 28 February 201579. Taylor Hull
    I would buy Andrew Ryan, Hard.
  • 22 January 201578. Seb S
    Holding a golf club!
  • 21 January 201577. Matthew L
    bioshock is awesome?
  • 15 January 201576. Samuel Jt
    You take Andrew Ryan away, Youll take my interest away along with him, I think its verry stupid to exclude a major part of Bioshock.
  • 27 December 201475. Patrick R
    This figure is essential for any collection of Bioshock figurines... I want it and I NEED it.
  • 25 November 201474. Jack R
    I would totally consider purchasing one.
  • 25 November 201473. Steven M
    Would absolutely love to purchase one
  • 04 November 201472. Angela M
    Please Neca, release it
  • 01 November 201471. Grathius Barrera
    Down with Atlas! We want Ryan!
  • 28 October 201470. Giselle Rose
    YES PLZ.
  • 23 October 201469. Josh P
    You can count on me to buy one.
  • 19 October 201468. Katherine N
    I'd love to see this happen!
  • 15 October 201467. Alison H
    hell yeah :'D
  • 25 August 201466. Sam R
    I think it would be a great collector item.
  • 29 July 201465. Krissy H
    I would very much like to see an Andrew Ryan figurine.
  • 22 May 201464. Alexander B
    Yes please!
  • 07 May 201463. Kate H
    Please make an Andrew Ryan action figure!
  • 01 March 201462. Josh P
    This is an absolute must, in my opinion.
  • 23 February 201461. Evan Buck
    I would buy this, no question.
  • 17 February 201460. Hannah S
    Please, please, PLEASE consider doing human figures. I understand that your contract is just for BS2 at the moment , but Ryan is the most iconic figure (other than the bouncer). Please make one!
  • 18 January 201459. Marty C
    Ryan FTW. We need his figure.
  • 12 January 201458. Michael S
    I would definitely purchase Andrew Ryan and/or Sander Cohen in a heartbeat, but might I also suggest the wickedly sweet spliced-up Fontaine?
  • 04 January 201457. Patrick O
    I would certainly purchase one.
  • 31 October 201356. Troy T
    Team Ryan!
  • 07 October 201355. Tom Zhang
    Would you kindly make an Andrew Ryan Figure.
  • 30 August 201354. Jacob Schaefer
    Andrew Ryan was my favorite character in the BioShock series. I would love an Andrew Ryan figure, with a little golf club and what-not.
  • 22 August 201353. Billy Maysh
    Andrew Ryan IS Bioshock
  • 10 July 201352. Kevin L
    I would definitely purchase this figure. Especially if it included an alternate Andrew Ryan head with a Golf Club through it!
  • 29 June 201351. Ambercavyspiritdeviantart Hancock
    An Andrew Ryan figure would be EPIC!!! MUST HAVE ONE!!!
  • 17 May 201350. Joshua J
    Make it so, NECA!
  • 10 May 201349. Victor G
    i would consider buying one
  • 22 April 201348. Joshua B
    Andrew Ryan is one of the most iconic characters from the Bioshock series.
  • 16 April 201347. Riku Mercer
    we love Andrew!
  • 20 March 201346. Elizabeth Hays
    I would really enjoy to have an Andrew Ryan figure. If it did come out I would probably buy it.
  • 06 March 201345. Charlie C
    Make this happen!
  • 04 March 201344. Kenneth Ph
    Love to have Mr. Ryan .Thank you in advance
  • 22 February 201343. Mightyhaze Warren
    Andrew Ryan & sander Cohen please
  • 10 February 201342. Matt Fischer
    Andrew ryan ftw! ima buy one for me and my friend if this works!
  • 24 December 201241. Evans D
    It would be an honor for fans of Bioshock to release an Andrew Ryan figure, especially since your company did make one as a limited edition for PAX East and for journalists. If worried about the uniqueness of the original, it might be possible to reuse th
  • 23 December 201240. Esme B
    I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it
  • 22 December 201239. Rachel H
    Andrew Ryan is my favorite character from Bioshock I was dissapointed to see there wasn't a figure yet. I would definitely buy one, maybe even two. Please make it happen NECA!
  • 10 November 201238. Morven Duffy
    Andrew Ryan figures!!
  • 31 August 201237. Mercenarylemon Hogan
    Please NECA make this figre it will be a great sucess
  • 03 August 201236. Scribblecloud Montoya
    The father of Rapture deserves his place on the toy shelves. He'd fit in snug right between delta and big sister and may exchange ideals with The Boss while I'm not around~! ♪
  • 25 July 201235. Andrew R
    "Is a man not entitled to an Andrew Ryan figurine? No, says the man in Washington. It belongs to the poor. No, says the man in the Vatican. It belongs to God. No, says the man in Moscow. It belongs to everyone. I rejected those answers. Instead I chose so
  • 11 July 201234. Tino I
    I fully support this!
  • 08 July 201233. Natalie Beard
    Yes, I'd LOVE an Andrew Ryan figurine!
  • 28 June 201232. Axel Tw
    Andrew Ryan is one of the most liked and important people in Bioshock. There should be no reason as to why he doesn't have a figure whatsoever.
  • 17 June 201231. Candace S
    I think it would be a great edition to the line.
  • 08 June 201230. George B
    Hes what gave bioshock life, i need to immortalize him forever.
  • 30 May 201229. Atlas Waters
    This figure is a needed addition to the Bioshock line (complete with golf club accessory) Wouldnt be popular enough? I think he'd be the most wanted figure to have. NECA, make us a Ryan figure, would you kindly? ;)
  • 28 April 201228. Steve G
    I want an Andrew Ryan figure!
  • 16 January 201227. Ryan C
    Is a man not entitled to an Andrew Ryan action figure? And is a man not entitled to Bioshock 1 figures in general? Well I say he is. Im not building an under sea city to accomadate my beliefs, so hopefully this petition will do the trick.
  • 19 December 201126. Erik R
    The most notable character of the story must be included.
  • 08 December 201125. Frank Vasquez
    Andrew Ryan is quite possibly the most iconic human in Rapture to me. He is the man that built it all. There was a figure of Andrew Ryan created with a golf club that I really wish I couldve gotten, but it was a con exclusive, I have faith that you would
  • 19 November 201124. Jim S
    I would not hesitate to buy an Andrew Ryan figure. He's my favorite character in all of Bioshock
  • 08 November 201123. Billy M
  • 19 September 201122. Tom H
    [email protected] /* */
  • 30 August 201121. Morla Wood
    My bouncer, rosie, delta, big and little sister AND my splicer need their founder!
  • 29 August 201120. Stephen B
    Andrew Ryan would be a great addition! He is the founder after all!
  • 10 August 201119. Scott K
    Andrew Ryan is arguably the most important character in Bioshock world and a figure/statue is needed!!!
  • 07 August 201118. Origamipotato Burgess
    Count me in! I'd also love to see a Sander Cohen.
  • 28 May 201117. Emma F
    I would be very interested in buying one of these figures!
  • 28 May 201116. Abby Sandoval
    We absolutely need one! We wouldn't have rapture if it wasn't for Ryan! :D
  • 16 May 201115. Sarah Wang
    Please make this possible!! A collection would not be complete without the founding father of Rapture!!
  • 09 April 201114. Ben George
    Make Andrew Ryan( in 1/6th I hope)!
  • 06 April 201113. John V
  • 20 March 201112. Matt H
    Andrew Ryan is the greatest video game Villan and he deserves a great figure!
  • 04 February 201111. Lennard Berg
    Andrew Ryan is with the fans of the game very VERY popluar becouse of his amazingly deep character. And we would love to see a actual figure of him :D.
  • 30 January 201110. Bobby Brady
    Would absolutely buy an Andrew Ryan
  • 10 December 20109. Kali Mays
    I very much agree with this.
  • 02 December 20108. Cristina S
    I really hope you make this =)
  • 18 October 20107. Travis Vega
    we need this
  • 14 October 20106. Eli Cisneros
    I would Soooo buy one of these
  • 25 September 20105. Erika Giles
    Please =)!
  • 31 August 20104. Daniel Jennings
    Thats right ryan's number 1 fan here and SIGNED
  • 08 July 20103. Mark G
    An absolute necessity for a Bioshock collection, needs his 9 Iron as well.
  • 06 July 20102. Bobby V
    Would definitely buy! maybe two!
  • 02 July 20101. Nicole W
    To any true Bioshock fan, Andrew Ryan is just as iconic as the Big Daddy and Little Sister!