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To Children's ITV,
Many people in Great Britain remember a wonderful children's television programme called ZZZap! Which starred Richard Waites as Cuthbert Lilly (He's Dead Silly) and Tricky Dicky (series one), Neil Buchanan as Smart Arty (series 1-10), Deborah McCallum/Claire Macaulay as Daisy Dare (from series 2 onwards), Sarah Pickthall as The Handymen and Sophie Aldred as Minnie The Mini Magician (from series 11).
We The Undersigned totally acknowledge the fact that series twelve is currently being played on the CITV Channel (30th July onwards). But we believe it is absolutley imperative that series one (with Tricky Dicky) be played also, for many reasons: It would be ideal for both the hearing and the hearing-impaired, there are many who would love to see Tricky Dicky again, and would also be wonderful for those who are too young to remember it.
We are also campaigning for ZZZap! to be promoted from it's meagre Sunday 2:00pm-2:30pm schedule, to afternoons on terrestrial Children's ITV. We feel that all children deserve to view this wonderful children's programme.
If I may direct your attention to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ZZZap!
You will see that many people are obsessing over every detail of the programme.
So we are asking that you play the entire 131 episodes of ZZZap! and also that you bring ZZZap! onto terrestrial CITV.

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Latest Signatures

  • 21 December 201550. Daniel Farley
    I support this petition
  • 25 October 201549. Peter G
    I support this petition
  • 09 January 201548. Natalie H
    I loved this show so why did it go away :(
  • 29 December 201447. Stewart Mata
    ZZZap was the best show on CITV and deserves a chance to gain brand new fans!
  • 20 September 201446. Fraser G
    zzzap was my favourite program growing up as a boy, now its impossible to find any clips on tv, this really should be brought back!
  • 18 September 201445. Daniel P
    I support this petition
  • 01 July 201444. Rachael H
    I support this petition
  • 18 April 201443. Anon Chapman
    I remember watching ZZZap! when I was about 3 or 4, I never missed an episode, it would be awesome if it could be brought back to a proper time.
  • 14 April 201442. Ryan Horton
    I really want to see season 1, i've only seen season 2 onwards!
  • 05 April 201441. Gregory May
    Get ZZZap back on!!!
  • 20 January 201440. Johnny Rodriguez
    I used to watch ZZZap! all the time when I was younger, Tricky Dicky was on but I don't remember him as much as the other characters :'(. SO CITV/ITV PUT ZZZap! SERIES 1 AND BEYOND BACK ON EVEYDAY!
  • 31 December 201339. Jamie J
  • 11 December 201338. John Stokes
    I support this petition
  • 05 October 201337. Kazamitsu Sullivan
    ZZZap! is awesome! Bring the old eps back!
  • 10 July 201336. Dan Murphy
    i love zzzap so much
  • 10 May 201335. Lynzy Wagner
    i remember coming home from school and watching the same routine of programs on CITV everyweek! ZZZap was great !
  • 23 January 201234. Eabha Lyons
    BRING BACK ZZZAP!!! Everyone loves a bit of nostalgia and remembering old childhood memories. Everything about ZZZap is still so clear in my mind, I loved it!
  • 21 September 201133. Leanne Key
    it was great
  • 08 August 201132. Tricky D
    Tee hee hee bring me back CiTV
  • 04 October 201031. Lauren O
    I support this petition
  • 13 September 201030. David Lambert
    Series one must be shown!!! And not when Freeview is off air. :(
  • 18 March 201029. Max S
  • 02 December 200928. John Page
    I had the video and loved it, wish to see all episodes!
  • 04 November 200927. Scott Levine
    Please make it come back, Im 16 and would love to see it again :D, bring it back!
  • 15 May 200926. Craig H
    please put the first series back on tv now!
  • 20 October 200825. Ryan Mcguire
    I support this petition
  • 20 July 200824. James Galvan
    Waaaaaaah please come back Tricky Dicky

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Children's ITV


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