People in general get tired of even the best things in life.

However, those/that who are bringing down those things only bring it down more.

Going onto the point, on the www.2ksports forums one of the moderators (Those who delete "threads", "posts", lock said "threads" and soforth) named "K Bomber" needs to be stopped. He looks down at everyone, makes fun of anyone in his path, is a bully to those who don't befriend him and most importantly, he does not do his job well at all as evidenced by the shocking amount of pornographic threads posted and which do not get deleted. Not to mention "K Bomber" also doesn't delete threads UNLESS it pertains to him or if you can say it "extracurricular" activities on the forums such as the recent "2k Hall Of Fame" awards AND he bans those who may deserve a ban but will only act if someone questions his thoughts or authority. Over the course of a year, he's not only done an injustice to the great discussions and people at, he's also questioned the sexuality preferences of some of the people there most notably two users by the names of "JoeCoolMan24" and "MuffinMcFluffin". At the very least, you'd think that a guy who is pretty much representing your company to the now techinology-driven society of the people on these boards would get taken out of his "job" for calling out someone like that. I won't even go into moral ethics, that's just HORRIBLE marketing and from what i've discussed with many people on those boards makes them not want to buy any of 2KSports' video games such as the MLB 2K series, NBA 2K Series, Top Spin 2, Amped 2 & NHL 2K series. But i'll get onto the REAL point.

This is where I, Christian Breedlove (AKA RTT on the boards comes in.

The people and yes, I said PEOPLE not POSTERS are tired of "K Bomber" ruining the experience at Not to mention the head guy "Forum Admin" seems to have lost his power of doing the before-said "Locking/Deleting/Banning" and from recent posts of "Forum Admin", "Forum Admin" is ALSO looking down on the people at by saying that he practically doesn't care about the situation at hand at these forums and there's nothing he can do.

But he was/is wrong. I, RTT, now ask to become a moderator at the boards. Yes it may be true that a lot of people will think i'm taking this whole situation too seriously but when you think closely about it and "open" up your mind, you'll see why i've resorted to making a petition to strip "K Bomber" of his moderator duties and to ask for myself, RTT, to have those duties.

You see, as I said earlier in this petition, the internet has become a very well-known sense of escape and entertainment not to mention advertisement. We here at, the PEOPLE who make this forum stand up with the discussion see as a place to discuss our favorite video games, events happening in politics, sports, music and also, life in general. I, RTT, have grown to treat all those who deserve it as a brother/sister as they should be. They are people. Times are changing.

Please sign this petition if you support this cause and if I do end up with moderator duties at I promise to all of you, even those who don't even reside at the forum, to make it a much greater place and to bring it back to what it once was. Don't be afraid if you're thinking that you'll be banned by "K Bomber" if you sign this petition, that would only further the proof that "K Bomber" needs to be let go of his duties and also, don't be intimidated by me. Sure i'm "Well-Known" but I will treat everyone fairly as they do to each other.

To add to everything said already in closing, i'd just like to say that I have yet to not like a 2Ksports game that wasn't MLB 2K. Of course with MLB 2K definately changing for the much better as evidenced by the recent CES videos of the game, i'm sure i'll love every game. I would in a sense be the perfect "real person" PR Moderator at and would not under ANY circumstances bring down a game made by the company or overtly "bring-up" a game made by a "rival" company.

Thank you to all for reading and hopefully, signing this petition.

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