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JOHN was 23 years old. He was working at Milk Bank for a hospital in California. John had no prior record in the legal system! He was just an average young man discovery his life. He believes in the legal system and that if you are innocent then you will be safe. Little did he know that thats not the way it is! John did not know that a lot of innocent people are charged and convicted of crimes they did not commit everyday. It is not easy to prove your innocence!

Johns tragedy happened in mid April 2006, when he was arrested in his own home. There was an unknown warrant for his arrest for PREMEDITATED ATTEMPTED MURDER. This is when my family nightmare begins until today! We now have a different view of the legal system!

The crime happened somewhere in March 2005. It was also on a raining day and I would estimate the time being from 9:00 pm 12:00 am. I dont know exactly. Two people were injured that night. One was the victim, whom the DA believes to be. The other was person was classified as Victim/Suspect.

The story begins like this and I advise you to pay real close attention. It can be very confusing! The Victim/Suspect was at a house, major gambling was going on, and he lost about $800-$900 in a couple of hours to a young man (#1). So you can keep track. Weeks passed by, I guess, and the young man (#1) called the Victim/Suspect and demanded for his money. So how the young man (#1) got his older brother (#2) involved. Now, I dont know if they are blood brothers are street brothers. Older brother (#2) called and had a conversation with the Victim/Suspect and also the Victim/Suspects younger brother. So now, the older brother (#2) called his friends to head down to San Jose, Ca and meet up with this other guys. The young man, his older brother, and 2 friends are all from San Francisco and Antioch. Its a pretty long drive!

They arrived to San Jose, Ca at a Cafй Shop. Conversation occurred and the manager kicked everyone out. Meaning the group of guys I mention above and other customers. Outside the cafй shop, the older brother (#2) testified that he and John was fighting, felled down on the ground, and gun shots were heard immediately one after another. During that, 2 people got shot. Everyone ran! Sometime lately cops came. A cop located the victim on the ground and in the middle of a parking space. The older brother (#2) was by his side. The other friend took off. The younger brother (#1) was found by a cop across the street at 7 Eleven. The Victim/Suspect called in hour lately and reported that he was shot!

From this moment on, lies was given. Stories changes constantly! From, I didnt see anything! I dont know what happened! The victim was transfer to the hospital and gave a statement to the officer that he dont know and cant remember anything. The younger brother and older brother also said they dont know who the shooter was! They didnt see and cant remember.

The Victim/Suspect was treated and released. He then lately on in September was arrested with a warrant and with bail given. He then got released and charges were dropped! May I remind you that this guy was the one who owe the money.

So somehow and sometime after, the victim identified a suspect through photo line up and pick out the Victim/Suspects young brother. He also stated that he will never forget his eyes and his face. The victim also stated that there was only one shooter and thats him! The officer contacted this person by phone and questioned him. An arrest was never made even till this day! He has been on the run since the incident.

One year later from the crime, John
was arrested and charged! John never took off! He never left town, city, state, or country! He continued and went to work and did his daily activities. While the Victim/Suspect left country after he was released! As for his younger brother who was identified as the shooter, cant be found!

Why John was charged because one year later the young man that wanted his money changed his statement. He gave a statement saying he saw John as the shooter. He stated that after he saw John shoot his brothers friend, he ran and took off to 7 Eleven to buy another cup of coffee! He also stated that John was the only shooter. Meanwhile, the victim now also changed his statement and said there were 2 shooters. One was the younger brother of the Victim/Suspect and the second one is John. How can two people who claimed they know who the shooter was, but saw and gave two different statements? One said there were 2 shooters and the other only saw 1! The question I have is Who shot the Victim/Suspect? He was also injured that night.

The real twist to this charged against John is that there is no evidence! Just words! He said/she said. How can you base this whole thing on statements that is constantly changing? The victim and his friends never once gave statements that were true! They a admitted that they lied to the officer at trial! They changed their statement as questions were asked! They even claimed they never give such statement when it was asked again! There was so much doubt with this case that made me so sick!

John didnt have any witnesses on his side. Of course, no one would come out to testify! Most of the time, its because they dont want to get involve. Now, of course the real guilty person wont come out and admit to it. Its all up to GOD!

I just want to let you know that all the bullet shells were found and located away from the victim! Therefore, how can the victim claimed he was shot right where he was found when theres no trace or evidence of it? Oh, the victim said that the shooter was left handed, but John is right handed! Description that was given by the victim and his friends of John did not match at all. It was totally off! Each and every one of them gave a different description of John. Plus, the victim and his friends are convicted felonies! They have not 1 but 2 convicted felonies on their record!

Even with all that said, to find guilty, there can be no doubt! Well, there were so much doubt in this case that, I can not believe the Judge even let this go to trial. The jurors found John Innocent on the Premeditate, but Guilty on Attempted Murder! How is that? When you attempt to murder, arent you premeditating it? I believe the jurors had doubt and know that John is innocent. In order to have someone reliable for the victim, someone has to be convicted. Plus, there was no one else to charge and John is here so he takes the fall. John is doing 25 to life for someone elses crime!

John and I now see the legal system as a laugh in our face! Its so corrupted! I too thought like John. I always believed that if youre not guilty and have not to hide, theres nothing to be afraid of. Boy I was wrong! Ive just witness a person convicted of a crime he did not commit. Even till this day, I heard stories on how sad it is for John because they know he did not do the crime. Yet, no one wants to speak out for him.

That is why Im writing this petition. I want you all to know that it does happen and it is true! You can be convicted of a crime you didnt do! Its so sad! Its not about justice anymore! Its all about how many cases the DA won! Its all about how many cases gets a guilty verdict in your court room. Its about getting re-elected for the next term as a Judge or a DA! Its all about officer getting a promotion or raise for how many cases brought up to trial! Its a sick, sick, legal system we have! The sad part, we are paying for it. Paying for their salaries! Paying for our love ones to be convicted of a crime they did not do! Yet, we cant even do anything to change it!

Please help me and my family voice out to help John! Its now time for us to join and change the way the legal system has been running! Its now time to stop this before many more gets convicted for something they didnt do! This is where we start! Help take back control of our system!

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