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Resillence - World of warcraft Burning Crusade.


The problem with introducing a new simple modifier, like resilience, into the game is that it does not affect every class in a balanced way. In fact, it greatly benefits some classes, while seriously compromising others. In this case, defensive-oriented classes with already high armor, stamina, and even healing abilities benefited the most because their class strengths were augmented even further with the introduction of resilience. Offensive oriented classes also gain more survivability due to the introduction of resilience, however it does not play to an offensive class' strengths at all. Resilience simply turns a fragile DPS class into a slightly-less-fragile-less-DPS class. In the end, resilience directly amplifies the strengths of one portion of the classes, while amplifying the weaknesses of another portion of the classes. This creates a two-fold effect if you choose to look at resilience only in a hypothetical vacuum.

What can't be ignored though is some of the ancillary effects of the birth of resilience. Resilience is a stat obtained pretty much only from items, armor and weapons, mainly. The items that contribute to a player's resilience bonus fall in the PVP category. If we break down the items in the PVP category, and compare them to items in the PVE category there are a number of obvious difference trends in how the stats are assigned:

1.) PVP items almost always include a resilience bonus, while PVE items do not

2.) PVP items usually have significantly more stamina bonus compared to PVE items.

3.) PVP items tend to have significantly less attack power/spell damage bonus in relation to PVE items.

4.) PVP items tend to have much less physical/spell hit rating bonus in relation to PVE items.

What the PVP items in this game do, especially for a dual wielding melee dps class whose damage output is already mitigated by armor and consistent miss rates (unlike a caster), is further magnify the survivability of classes with high armor, high resilience, high stamina, and even heals, by giving a rogue significantly lower offensive stats overall. It's already been established that resilience amplifies our weaknesses as a class. Furthermore, The stat arrangements, of the very items that bring resilience into the game, also serve to weaken our strengths.

As if having our class nerfed in PVP from both ends through itemization isn't enough, there is a third factor that has come into play. This third, and final, factor has to do with core alterations to many classes in the game. Defensive-oriented classes and Hybrid classes are becoming much more offense-oriented, but not at any real cost to them. What I mean is that they are gaining the ability to deal more damage without having to compromise their survivability or durability. What we are left with is a game full of offensive-oriented classes, the only difference being that some are extremely durable and some are extremely fragile. This new lack-of-balance between durability and damage output is the final contribution to the down-slide of our class.

It is big mess at this point, and i don't think the developers will be able to clean it up any time soon.


So what can you do ?


Warlock destruction, Rogue daggers, Warrior, Shadow priest, Elem shaman and every class/spe that are just fucked up with the resillence system ... You have to know that together we can fight back against the new burning-crusade staff and the people in power who dominate our game and our habit, and we can make them turn back to the WoW game without exploitation. Players can and do organise together to fight for their rights and dignity. People are increasingly aware of the need to think seriously about the arena we and our children plays.

We just want to enjoy the game like before.

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