Our beautiful game is being destroyed!

Millions of football fans worldwide have been glued to their televison sets over the past fortnight. Thousands upon thousands of devoted fans have traveled to Germany to watch their nations compete in what is expected to be the greatest display of football in the world.

We eagerly anticipate the World Cup every four years with the hope of watching the most talented footballers in the world flaunt their skills and abilities to the global audience. We watch to see the contesting teams clash together to determine who is the greatest football team in the world. Great goals, powerful tackles, dramatic counter-attacks, sprinting runs, penetrating through-balls and crisp passes are what we want to see. WE DO NOT WANT TO SEE REFEREES ADMONISHING RED AND YELLOW CARDS LIKE CONFETTI! Such instances have occured already in the World Cup and I write this as only the fourth second-round match has ended. We've seen games degenerate into farce as a result of referees over-zealously enforcing rules which are rapidly transforming our game into a laughing stock. This phenomenon is over-shadowing our beloved game! It must end!

But this is not the sole responsibility of the referees. The beaurocrats in FIFA must take responsibility for this! This is not the actions of just a few lone referess. Consistantly over the course of the tournament has this been happening! Although more extreme cases such as Australia vs Croatia and Holland vs Portugal do stand out thay are by no means the only games where excessive cards have been brandished. No body of evidence is required to support this claim. We have all seen it with our own eyes.

Imagine paying thousands of euro/pounds/etc. to go and watch your team play in Germany only to have your team's tournament (and your holiday) cut short due to unnecessary sending offs or multiple bookings. Such bookings result in bans for some of the worlds greatest players and subsequently damage a teams ability to deliver outstanding perfomances. Such games then become tedious and unspectacular for spectators and as such detract from the games/tournaments appeal. We watch to see the greatest footballers in the world play football, not to sit on the bench!

We must petition FIFA as to:

A. A review of whatever regulations or guidelines it put in place before Germany 2006 forcing referees to so harshly penalise players for, in most cases, forgivable infringements. We must remember that football is by its very nature, a contact sport. And no introduction of rules promising more yellow/red cards will ever change that. Granted that professional fouls must be penalised but in most instances a free-kick is enough.

B. The introduction of video replay technology to assist referees and referee's assistants in making rational, definitive decisions. In such a fast paced, high tempo sport as international football, mistakes are bound to be made by referees and referee's assistants who are quite frankly, only human. The introduction of such technology would encourage fair play and discourage cheating (i.e. diving) among footballers.

If you are reading this then you are most likely a football fan who cares about the state of affairs our beautiful game currently finds itself in. We must show FIFA that as advocates and unconditional lovers of football, we will not stand by while our game degenerates into farce.

I beseech you to lend your full support to this petition which will, given enough support, be presented to FIFA president Mr. Sepp Blatter as a sign that the most important element of football, the Fan, will not "go quielty into that good night" as they attempt to irrepairably damage our passion for football.

My fullest gratitude for your time and your name.

Mark O'Connor, Purist Football Fan

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