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Hello ladies,

basically i've decided to protest! Have you ever been watching a movie with your boyfriend and seen 4 naked women mud wrestling and thought "why?" and felt extremely uncomfortable?? Well yeah, me too. So this petition is for the censorship councils, if they won't ban this stuff, then they should atleast allow full nudity of a male. They may protest that breasts are just breasts, but actually they're intimate. So we all know what breasts look like and we pretty much know what penises look like, so why don't Hollywood start making movies for us women too!!!

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Latest Signatures

  • 31 August 2016101. Leslie Hancock
    I support this petition
  • 01 December 2015100. Emily H
    hope this helps Country usa
  • 28 November 201599. Alice Short
    we have an accord Country Australia
  • 16 November 201598. Trish L
    wow you are awesome. thank you so much for putting out this petition. i was beginning to think i was the only woman left who feels this way! Country USA
  • 25 October 201597. Carolina C
  • 16 October 201596. Kim R
    I support this petition
  • 11 October 201595. Rick H
    I'm a male and I agree with this (as does my wife) Country USA
  • 06 October 201594. Valerie C
    you have my support Country USA
  • 12 September 201593. Bethan Byrd
    Go you Rachel! I completely support your petition, as a 17 year old media student I totally understand where your coming from and what you are trying to acheive. Good Luck Country London
  • 08 September 201592. Nicole V
    25 Yrs old female out of orlando. I WONT WATCH TV.You cOULDNT pay me enough to watch tv. TV IS gARBage . Garbage in is garbage out i say! Im so sick of seeing female nudity , the men say oh well you have the same thing whats the big deal it's just a breas
  • 01 September 201591. Elaine Mccall
    Thank God you're doing this!!! Country USA
  • 20 August 201590. Elle K
    Completely agreed. What's fun for them is insulting to us. What a male dominated world this still is. =( Country USA
  • 04 August 201589. Rachelle T
    please censor us, it's very private and personal. if you can't do that, then please make things fair Country UK
  • 25 July 201588. Tamara Harrell
    Go Rachel !!! Wooooo !! Country England
  • 17 July 201587. K B
    I usually get uncomfortable watching comedy movies that should treat men and women as equal, but usually women in movies serve only a sexual purpose. This makes millions of women very sad and frustrated, I don't see how men can be this selfish. Country U.
  • 17 July 201586. Lisa F
    Its completely ridiculous how women are potrayed in movies. It only seems to be getting worse and worse. I saw a PG-13 movie recently that showed bare breasts! I couldn't believe they got away with that in a movie that wasn't rated R. It has become all to
  • 17 July 201585. Anna Waller
    I just have to agree, films should be aimed at women too. Country uk
  • 15 July 201584. Joana P
    yes, it certainly isn't fair that women are always nude and men are hardly ever nude. the industry and those who condone it are all very crass and inconsiderate Country Australia
  • 14 July 201583. Patricia C
    I support this petition
  • 10 June 201582. Cat Mueller
    where's the equality? Country Canada
  • 03 June 201581. Sonya T
    Lack of male nudity is one of the greatest inequalities of our time. It is about time the censors realised the abuse of the female form and balance this blatant sexism. Country Ireland
  • 30 May 201580. Cindra H
    I support this petition
  • 14 May 201579. Jenilee H
    I support this petition
  • 10 May 201578. Ashley D
    I support this petition
  • 10 May 201577. Bri C
    i think your soo right, they should show full male nudity in the the movies if females can get nude all the way!! Country america
  • 07 May 201576. Allie Mata
    Yayay. 8] Country United States
  • 04 May 201575. Jamesha W
    I am TOTALLY against censorship if it's ageist and/or sexist! Country United States

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Evangelina DonovanBy:
Petition target:
To stop censorship of male nudity, because of the equality!


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