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To: The American Broadcasting Corporation

Since its early start in the mid-1950s, primetime television has been providing viewers worldwide with engaging half-hour situational comedies as a source of escapism from the tribulations of daily life. In recent times, however, the quality and purity of these programs has taken a drastic plunge. Storylines have been reused and recycled to the point at which the characters actions have become almost foreseeable to the viewer. Whose Line Is It Anyway, a comedic improvisational program produced by Dan Patterson, which broke all the mentioned boundaries, was recently holding a spot in the primetime schedule up until approximately fourteen days ago. Since then, the URL http://abc.abcnews.go.com/primetime/whoselineisitanyway/index.html has stated the next episode of Whose Line [Is It Anyway] has not yet been scheduled.

The clean, simple humour provided by Whose Line allowed the viewers to revert as they pleased to their younger days in which life situations were as ingenuous as what they saw performed. Their minds were set free, unstained as they watched, and they laughed knowing they had been transported into the realms of a simpler and happier time, where the vulgarities of present culture did not exist. The show endorsed abstract thought and ready adaptation to new and unexpected situations: essential life skills that ensure sanity amidst change and solid comfort with ones own mind. The programs unscripted dialogue and spontaneous character development made certain that it was never repeated, always fresh, and hilariously funny.

We, the undersigned, feel that the statement made on the official Website implied that the show would no longer be aired. We ask that those responsible bring it back to primetime. The benefits of Whose Line to society were endless. It deserves to exist as a television show for audiences everywhere to enjoy.


The Undersigned

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Latest Signatures

  • 05 January 2016550. Todd Delacruz
    I support this petition
  • 04 January 2016549. Stphanie B
    Please ... I need my "Whose Line ?" !
  • 03 January 2016548. Carol Villegas
  • 01 January 2016547. Gordon Y
    Whose Line is an amazing show that is better than all that reality tv junk!
  • 30 December 2015546. Taylor Howell
    I have been loving WLiiA since the very first time I saw it. I need something to keep me entertained and by that I mean: I WANT WHOSE LINE!
  • 25 December 2015545. Allison Pennington
    I support this petition
  • 25 December 2015544. Mandee S
    Please keep this show on!
  • 25 December 2015543. Leila J
    Whose Line is the funniest show on tv, give it the place it deserves and you'll see how many people will watch it!
  • 22 December 2015542. Marietta R
    I love this show and would hate to see it off our airwaves completely. I'd also hate not being able to see any new episodes. Please put this show back on your schedule. I bet it was cheaper to create than most shows.
  • 21 December 2015541. John Michael
    Bring back Clive!
  • 10 December 2015540. Ginger S
    I love "Whose Line" and want it to stay on the air forever. I always laugh HARD when I watch it, and that kind of laughter is needed in the world, good wholesome, silly laughter. We need more of it on TV.
  • 08 December 2015539. Andrea Ford
    I support this petition
  • 07 December 2015538. Bethany B
    Whose Line is it Anyway? is the only show on television that I can sit down and watch and know, for certain, that I will laugh my head off without fail. For me, and for thousands of others, it is an excellent way to escape the pressure and stress of an ev
  • 06 December 2015537. Samantha H
    I support this petition
  • 05 December 2015536. Joseph Hampton
    when i was feeling suicidal, this show helped me get through it..... dont EVER take this off the air!!!!!
  • 03 December 2015535. Sarah B
    I support this petition
  • 02 December 2015534. Rachel P
    I support this petition
  • 01 December 2015533. Kristen Gill
    Whos line is the most popular show at my school.
  • 28 November 2015532. Amber Krueger
    I agree
  • 25 November 2015531. Debbie F
    The Best Comedy and Talent on Television
  • 25 November 2015530. Amanda C
    please save Who's Line!
  • 20 November 2015529. Richard H
    I support this petition
  • 18 November 2015528. Sarah F
    I support this petition
  • 16 November 2015527. Sarah Hanson
    I support this petition
  • 14 November 2015526. Patricia D
    The only genuine clever show on TV! Save it!
  • 11 November 2015525. Aaron A
  • 10 November 2015524. Alex L
    I support this petition

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The American Broadcasting Corporation


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