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We are three dutch Westlife-Fans en we really wanted Westlife to come to Holland with their 2006 tour.

They are going to Ireland, Germany, South-Africa and many more country`s but NOT to Holland !
They came with every tour in holland but not this year, because some man from their record company thinks that there are not enough Dutch Westlife fans !

We think that`s BULLSHIT !!

There are a lot of fans who desperately wanted Westlife to come preform in Holland.

So please support the Dutch fans by signing this petition !

Thanks for you`re support !

Manon, Carmen and Samantha

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Latest Signatures

  • 07 January 2016500. Claudia Mccoy
    Im gonna break down if i just have to miss them. They are great singers, they look great. WHAT do we want more? NOTHING just bring westlife here.. Country nederland, roosendaal
  • 05 January 2016499. Sharoon Carter
    Please Westlife..Take Our Night And Make It Evergreen..Remember what You've said On The Concert ? OUr Love Is Unbreakable..! So Please don't let us go...!! Country Holland!!!!
  • 26 December 2015498. Jeske Ryan
    The DUTCHIES need westlife!! they are dedicated to the lads.. return the dedication lads!! Country netherlands
  • 20 December 2015497. Lisette Chen
    BMG, let Westlife come to Holland, that would be great ! We can't miss them here ! Country Holland
  • 13 December 2015496. Maarten Foster
    Westlife must come to Holland Country Holland
  • 11 December 2015495. Angela Mullen
    I support this petition
  • 02 December 2015494. Esli Wells
    westlife westlife, we want westlife! Country holland
  • 27 November 2015493. Monica E
    Please you must come back, We miss you!!! Country Mexico
  • 22 November 2015492. Gabrielle R
    I support this petition
  • 17 November 2015491. Hildegard Swanson
    I support this petition
  • 11 November 2015490. Cindy Fowler
    I support this petition
  • 10 November 2015489. Jolanda Vanb
    I support this petition
  • 10 October 2015488. Lucie Pineda
    Please, I can't wait any longer ! Country Holland
  • 24 September 2015487. Tamara Ray
    westlife must come to holland..westlife is great in holland all the shows and as westlife don't come we cry and westlife don't want a bad name..so westlife come we love you..NO WESTLIFE NO LIFE thats correct Country Rotterdam
  • 31 August 2015486. Mnica Ochoa
    Please SONY-BMG... We want Westlife in Holland... Thanks... Country Colombia
  • 21 August 2015485. N Vand
    Westlife must come to Holland!!!!!!!!!!! Country Holland
  • 20 August 2015484. Kieke Lewis
    PLease.... let Westlife come to Holland..! that's so not fair when they skip Holland..! I mean.. there are so much fans here.. who're just dying to see them! including me.. offcourse.. Don't take this one concert in a year away from us! Country Netherlan
  • 02 August 2015483. Carlotte Mercer
    wij willen Westlife!!! Country Nederland
  • 28 July 2015482. Marly Barajas
    R u kidding me???Your taking away my 1 year plesure!!!!We don't all have enough money to go to England for a concert.WE NEED WESTLIFE Country Holland
  • 24 July 2015481. Kim Rodgers
    Dutchies Love Westlife!!!!! Bring them here!!!! Country Holland
  • 16 July 2015480. Mirjam Ayala
    I support this petition
  • 16 July 2015479. Sjoerd Vazquez
    I support this petition
  • 09 July 2015478. Jorn Crane
    My sister is a big fan of Westlife and I like Westlife to. And I want a concert of them 2. So please, let them come to Holland! We want them so much to see them! Country Holland
  • 28 June 2015477. Willem Choi
    THEY must COME to HOLLAND Country holland
  • 11 June 2015476. Kharisma Sullivan
    I might not live in Holland but I know how they feel.. so please go to Holland Country Canada
  • 10 June 2015475. Andrea Tran
    I support this petition
  • 19 May 2015474. Samantha Stanton
    Westlife must come to Holland, there are Dutch Westlifefans too!! Country Holland

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