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We, fans of Moonspell and webmasters of unofficial sites about Moonspell, want another webmaster of site Moonspell.com instead current webmaster - Adriano Esteves, or change of his proceedings. His faults are written below.

1. Official site
You can't find there any informations about band, only news mostly in portuguesse language. This site were temporary one before The Antidote release. Adriano has promised that site will be changed after release. After release he said that he's too busy to change anything there. Next he said that site won't be changed, so that's final version. Users must enter unofficial sites to get informations about Moonspell like dicsography, biography, members.
When webmaster of unofficial site asked about official banner, Adriano said that he don't have official banner and he won't make one. It seems that Adriano does everything to not advertise official site. Other situation - another webmaster asked him about scan of Nocturna coverart. He waited for it almost one year. After this waiting time Adriano said that his scanner is not working. We are not scared to say that Adriano lied to him.

2. Official bulletin board (called below BB)
Engine of official forum is very old. Adriano uses UltimateBB with really less count of functions. He can transfer all posts, users, etc. to phpBB database, so very popular and very functional engine. He didn't do it and now we have ugly forum with raw design. There is one thing he keeps changing - logo of bulletin board. It means that he have a lot of free time, so why he don't change engine?
On official forum only allowed language is english with exception for portuguesse. There is special category - Portuguesse Talkings. When somebody speak on other categories in portuguesse then everything is fine. Besides when somebody writes in other language then Adriano is mad. We asked him about category on forum where we will be able to speak in our own languages. He said that we must speak english.
There are few moderators. Too small count to big forum like official one. When SPAM or hate words appears on forum then nobody deletes it. He should clean up the forum, but as usually he's too busy to take care.

3. Official chat
Worst situation at all. He has been there only few times. He even don't know what's going on there.

4. The ideal example of Adriano's lack of professionalism is matter of official Antidote posters, signed, with dedications by moonspell members, and distributed among fans. What was strange about it is that Adriano wanted our money to be send in normal letters. There was no confirmation if Adriano had received our letters, if he had sent poster or if our money hadnt been lost somewhere. There was no insurance such as bank receipt. This way of collectiong a money is very inprofessional and trustless. What is worst he didnt follow special wishes, like special names or nicknames on posters. Even some second names were twisted. As some of us received our dream poster there was nothing more than dissapointment. The posters were send in normal envelope, without being secured from dangers. The posters were complex in four. The result is that posters are all wrinkled and the paper on fonds is scrached. In another words the state of posters is terrible, the way of distributing them was totally inprofessional.

We wonder why Adriano Esteves is webmaster of official website. He's always too busy to do something. This is for sure lie, because he has time to paint new logos to BB. Nowadays Internet is very important medium for advertise. Adriano works to put down site. Please think about our signed petition.

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