We Support the WWE's Decision to Unload Matt Hardy sign now

This is a petition to the WWE in support of the firing of Matt Hardy.

While there are numerous Internet rumors about his release the decision was a just and needed one. He was dead weight on the roster and no one under 18 years old and 250 pounds cared for him.

Lita knew this and moved on, thankfully the WWE did the same.

Good riddance.

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Latest Signatures

  • 13 December 201550. Donkeypunchv Williams
  • 16 November 201549. Fu W
    i will love u more than that i wont say the words and take them back dont give lonlyness a chance baby listen to me when i say i will love u more than that-bsb baby MATT FOR PRESIDENT
  • 01 September 201548. Jeff H
    I am glad my brother is coming home, my bed is cold without him. I am also behind on my trailer payment. We can work at Pizzahut just like the old days. DRIVE YOUR CORVETTE MATT we will always get there in under 30 mins especially if Shannon (who will be
  • 29 August 201547. King M
    Matt was foolish enough to wear his emotions on his sleeve. WWE was totally right.
  • 14 August 201546. Elliot Serrano
    I support this petition
  • 12 July 201545. Amy King
    I am sorry Matt was fired. But it was for the best, he was obsessed with me eventhough I told him it was over. He couldn't let go. Please let me go Matt!
  • 12 July 201544. Mattv B
    Who is Matt Hardy. Oh yeah, no one cares.
  • 14 June 201543. Danielle Stout
    I support this petition
  • 10 June 201542. Fu W
    say it anit so ill will not go turn the light down carry me home
  • 31 January 201541. Vterminated Bernard
    Actually 250 is their median weight too. Bring on the fatties. Down with Hardy! Sit on them!
  • 07 October 201440. Shannon W
    All of us MFer's want Matt Hardy back, So brink him back!!!
  • 07 October 201439. Fresh P
  • 29 September 201438. Brendan Nicholson
    I support this petition
  • 04 September 201437. Sean L
    He is nothing without his brother Jeff
  • 10 July 201436. Mattsuxxx Lester
    The hogs on matts board are pissed! Screw you piggies, he would never have sex with you anyway!
  • 01 July 201435. Mazlum Archer
    fire him
  • 01 February 201434. Humpslump Carey
    J..jj.jjjjjj..GGGGGGGGGoood BYE Matt! Don't let the door hit ya where Rikishi split ya!
  • 24 October 201333. Bryan M
    HE had a tiny face, and a big head, it scared my dog.
  • 24 July 201332. Kharma Hubbard
    What comes around goes around. Shouldn't have been playing stinky finger with those fat ring rats when you had a hottie at home!
  • 15 July 201331. Delilah H
    I support the decision...not necessarily because I hate Matt, but because he would be better off somewhere else.
  • 02 July 201330. Rex Everett
    Thanks FU WWE, well said.....sorta. We should invite all the MF'ers from Matts message board over to this petition for general Matt Hardy support and discussion and turn this stupid petition in the right direction!
  • 10 June 201329. Wwe L
    I am glad they unloaded the loser, tell him and his fat fans to get lost.
  • 06 June 201328. Hhhv Huff
    Were Hardy fans required to purchase 2 seats for shows? If so with the loss of the 16 of them there may be a dent in the gate takings. Well, a different dent than the ones they usually leave when their fattiness can't fit through the turnstyles.
  • 28 March 201327. Fu W
  • 09 September 201226. Fu W
    All u stupid losers who sign this dumb petition except for Shannon and Rex c. can kiss my , MFER, MATT HARDY LOVIN, MFER TO THE DEATH ASS. Now I like JEFF HARDY too but in WWE Matt has always been the brains behind the Hardy Boyz without MATT and I repeat
  • 06 September 201225. Rocker P
    Matt sux, Adam and Amy rock. Good riddance.
  • 19 July 201224. Rex C
    Matt Hardy is better off in a promotion that will recognize and utilize his immense talents. Fortunately, I doubt Matt will read any of the crap on a stupid petition such as this one, instead Matt Hardy will read the posts of his loyal MF'ers! http://them

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