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We Need Your Consent. . .

Who are we? We are you, your family from the stars, beings of God, of love and of the highest integrity. We are those who watch over you in your hours of need and whisper to you that all will be well. We inspire and assist your creations from the realms of the unseen and yet we are as real as you, in every way we are you. We are just a little more spiritually advanced, technologically and socially superior because we have already traveled this road you now walk upon. We offer you our most sincere assistance in this latest hour, this time when your Earth Changes can and by necessity will tear certain constructs apart.

Evil and those self serving men and women who vie for more power and control everyday over a generally unsuspecting masses cannot prevail. It is their time to fail and the time of the end of this evil influence upon your world. We do not condemn, nor attack any, we blame none, but we do hold responsible those for their choices and the effects of such choices. The time of a new balance, a restored balance is close at hand. World leaders will change in their actions or be plunged from their offices in most exceptional ways. Why? Because the great change is upon you, upon the entire planet.

The age of Golden Achievements cannot be detoured. The age of humanity, truth and the highest integrity cannot be withheld from its rightful place as the new law of the land. Please open your hearts and acknowledge our presence. Feel us here above your world, in vast ships and fleets ready to help. Our technologies are great and our achievements in energetics and electromagnetic activities well understood. Discordant vibrations sweep across your minds and your hearts. Too many people still cling to the outmoded dynamics of third dimensional laws and activities. Yet the planet has herself blossomed into a new evolutionary level of greater substance and power. She is now a fourth dimensional being, awaiting her children to catch up. To also take the step that is your destiny and achievement.

Your world has changed. Thoughts and consequences related to all thoughts are instantaneous. There is no lag time, nor a time to pull back and change direction. The crisp and clean designation of creation is in your thoughts in this moment. Take care and ultimate responsibility with these thoughts. They are your life blood and your greatest achievement or despair. Disciple your minds and your actions for this is the key to creating the happiness you seek.

Weak minds will create havoc and pain, so do not allow this to happen. The choice is yours; it has always been with you. The powers that control your land are at war. Evil men usurp government, earth resources and especially the minds of people everywhere with clever lies to ensure their own positions. Ask for the truth, demand it with the full weight of your hearts and nothing can be kept from you. No lie will be able to endure the scrutiny of a clear mind and heart which desires true knowledge.

Be aware that much on your planet is not as it seems. Many in power lie about energy, about resources and about the Earth Changes. Why Earth Changes? Because a great shift in evolution of all life is upon you and your world. Nothing can hold back or contain this rise in consciousness, yet many, too many yet cling to old ways, false ideas, the belief in the separation and division of all life. Life in every form under creation must be honored and given its proper due or great upheaval follows. Why? Because the disrespect of a life form always originates in the fearful heart of a creature in pain. Earth has been often referred to as a planet of sorrows, many exist in this galaxy alone, and yet her evolution has ended this place of her existence, of her self definition. She has successfully begun now a new life as a planet of joy, but first all life upon her must align with this goal or simply depart. For those who will depart to continue the old way, there are several third dimensional worlds ready to accept these souls as they migrate from the Earths new celestial song.

This galaxy is in celebration of a new Galactic Day and this means that all life everywhere within is elevating its status in light, in more consciousness, in greater responsibility and creativity closer to God all flows. We want you to know that the discordant ways of self serving violence, hostility, hate, the hand raised against neighbors, even family, will not be tolerated much longer. It is not that we, the peoples of other star systems will not tolerate such behavior and thoughts, it is that your own planet will no longer support them. Her consciousness has risen; she now holds only a more positive and peaceful vision, so those minds and men who disagree with this new vision must leave.

The age of evil, of pain and struggle is a breath from departing. The Earth may shake; she may rumble and explode through her fiery outlets. Yet this great turmoil of change need not destroy all foundations of man upon your world. You the people yourselves hold the key and the power to create and stabilize an easier transition than that which is currently at hand. The next 30 years are of vast importance because all will be decided within this time frame. You have more time than you think and yet you have not a moment to waste. Decide now your fate or it will be decided for you by power hungry individuals who do not care about you or your children. And their greed will pave the way for everyone everywhere on your planet to know the strain and rigors of an imbalanced transition.

Align your collective vision! We beseech you to rally together and discuss your future creation. Do you want war? Poverty? Illness? Violence and suffering? Or do you want achievement, the restoring of nature, new energies and Earth friendly technologies? Do you want a 30 year period of peace and balanced ideas founded within the innate integrity of humanity? Do you want us, your star neighbors and friends, to help you mitigate the most destructive of the climatic and earth movements and to show you, to give to you and your world, new models and systems based upon harmonious principles that align the goals of citizens with the needs of the planet herself? Do you wish to stabilize your ideas and world to enter in divine grace this new era of peace and happiness?

We beseech you to ask for our help. We must have your consent; we will by our own laws force nothing, absolutely nothing upon you and your world. But your world is being abused and usurped by corrupt leaders in every country upon your globe. Please pay attention to your own inner guidance, your own spiritual integrity which will point out to you deceptions. You must as a people decide to take off your weighty blinders to the true nature of affairs upon your world. We, the peoples of other worlds, call you our family. We know and understand your pain; it is too within our own collective memories and histories. This is why we are here. To help you in your darkest hour, to let you know you are not alone and that you need not walk blindly without proper directions.

But we need you to consent to ask us to help. And then help we will in every way possible. It is not that you can not do this great change and step in evolution on your own, it is that you do not have too. Your strength and endurance have long ago been proven, so now is the opportunity to walk in brotherhood and camaraderie. To not build your new house alone, but to invite us to lend our assistance. Let us together create a new house with ease and efficiency.

Your galaxy awaits you and new adventures of the very best kind are at hand for your own civilization. Take heart in the knowledge that we are many and awaiting your greatest hour. We are here, within ships, above your world and we now await the moment of our grand unveiling. Let us know your position and we will honor this with the greatest respect. Most of the beings present for this great change upon the Earth are here to help in any and all ways. And those beings that are not are of no consequence at all. So be aware of our presence and use your own thoughts to communicate with us. We hear you clearly and await your choice.

There is only one creator, one source of all life and we all honor your place within this great unity of being. Please know that we respect and honor you in all ways. We await your consent.

The message We Need Your Consent was received in a telepathic transmission on 4/23/06 by Angelika Whitecliff. This vitally important message represents the position of the many benevolent human extraterrestrial races currently poised around our planet in concerned attention, ready to assist us. For more information, go to http://www.etworldpeace.com

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