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We have all watched Britney Spears' continuing downward spiral over the past two years and now it looks like her younger sister, Jamie Lynn Spears is headed the same way. When it was plainly clear that Britney Spears was beginning to burn out, that she needed someone to distract her from, and hide her from the media circus surrounding her , her mother continued to push her to excel; no one from her family or circle of friends made any apparent effort to come to her aid. Britney Spears has lost her children, has humiliated herself repeatedly, she regularly binges on alcohol and drugs, has wrecked two relationships- one even while the girlfriend was pregnant, and she is now being exploited by the media and her current boyfriend. But again, where is the family? Where is her mother?

Where were Jamie and Lynne Spears before all this?

Where are Jamie and Lynne Spears in this newest Spears disaster that Britneys younger sister, Jamie Lynn has fallen into? The boyfriend was allowed to live in the home? WHERE IS THE GOOD, BAPTIST PARENTING THERE? Where is the concern? Where is the tough-love? What are the priorities here? Family values or family wealth? Fame or stability and security?

In reading over several articles regarding Jamie Lynn's alleged decision to 'give up' her child to her mother, Lynne Spears, it is rather apparent that her mother has persuaded her to forego responsibility, and step up to the plate as 'mother' to the child, and as role model to teenage girls everywhere (whether she or Lynn deem her as one or not), to pursue her career.

In signing this petition, we feel that this is unacceptable. We feel that Lynne Spears is not a more capable mother than Jamie Lynn. The past years of in-action on Lynnes part have proved this. Lynnes suggestion that Jamie-Lynn focus on her career rather than her child and responsibilities, that she be allowed to continue to party and what not, is all that is needed to show that Lynne herself doesnt understand what parenting is all about. We feel Lynne's interests lie in pushing Jamie Lynn to stay in the spotlight and make more money. It is in the baby's best interest to be given to parents who long to have the BLESSING and PRIVELEGE of raising a child, and who are capable of taking on all the responsibilities of providing a child with a stable life, filled with love and attention, where the child will not be pushed to the breaking point by a 'parents' desire to live vicariously through him or her.

We believe that not everyone is a fit and capable parent. We want what is best for Jamie Lynn and her baby and that is NOT Lynne Spears.

To Jamie Lynn:

Please Jamie Lynn, search your OWN heart. Leave the chats with your mother alone for now. The fact that you are willing to give your baby up at all suggests that you at least understand that genes do not completely determine whether or not someone is a good parent. Just like with marriage, sometimes love is not enough. What is needed is selflessness, an ingrained sense of responsibility, a willingness to sacrifice, to put anothers needs before your own. With babies, this is a 24/7 role, for the rest of ones life. Your mother is pushing you and Britney to perform, to be famous, to stay at the top, to get money, and in our opinion guising her desire for you to do that above else, with her alledged 'distress' at you being too young to step up to responsibility, and her 'distress' at you not being allowed to be a 'normal teenager' and attend parties. Living vicariously through one's child is not effective, 'caring' parenting.

You may not think so, but you are in the middle of chaos. Where you are, there is very little room to think for yourself, to have your own opinion on matters. Everyone likes to make decisions for you, to tell you what is best.

Indeed, this is what this petition might seem to be doing. Perhaps that is true in a sense. But really what we are asking, is that you take a step back and really look at your life. Really think over what it is that the people around you are saying to you, and asking you to do. We ask you to review the motives of everyone around you, why they are saying the things to you that they are, why they are asking you to do, or not to do, this or that. What is it that your mother REALLY wants out of you...

What were seeing, that is compelling us to sign here, to show our concern, that compelled me to write this, is a family that needs a break. Your family needs to take care of itself for a while, and ignore everything else. Your sister has spun out of control on her road to fame and fortune, and seems to be suffering, perhaps ill, and despite all this, we are still seeing your mom push and prod you down the same road. Perhaps things would end up differently for you, and we believed for a while it would be. Then you got pregnant, and the situation surrounding your pregnancy has us very worried. Your family's situation is not desirable for an innocent, vulnerable baby to be born into, and WE SEE THAT because, again, we are on the outside looking in.

It is hard and scary enough to admit you are not currently fit to be a parent, which by your 'alledgedly' agreeing to your mother's suggestion, you have admitted. If you consider what is being said in this petition, and decide to give up your baby to adoption outside of the family, then it would be after an even more frightening and heartbreaking admission that those around you are not fit or ready to take on the challenge themselves. That is what we who are signing here are not insisting is the reality, but would be you to consider because of your mother's request that you continue to 'party' and 'have fun', because of where you and Britney have ended up. You might not want to insult or hurt your mother if you decide to agree that this is the case. As hard as this all is, please, do not allow your child to be born into a world, where his or her only value would be his or her voice, or the pretty face his or her grandma, or anyother family or friend would want to sell to the world.

We feel that it is pretty obvious your family has been commoditized, and we say "enough of the commoditizing of your family". We love you all, and we want to see you all get better and be a whole, functional family again. Things are not working the way they are right now. If nothing else, your mother needs to devote her time to taking care of you and Britney right now, and not leave you and Britney to continue to fend for yourselves, while the cycle of questionable priorities continues and affects your child.

Your baby needs to be protected, and if anywhere you feel that the way in which you were raised is not 'right' or 'the best' and/or gives you any kind of a bad feeling, than the best thing to do would be to protect your baby by giving it up for adoption to a family that will love and cherish it, that wont thrust it into the unstable media-circus of an exploitative life you've known.

We are asking you to reconsider, to use your own heart to re-evaluate the state of your life and the options for your child.

Is your mother the best thing you can do for your child?

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