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I wanted to tell those of you who haven't heard, the
horrible, tragic story of a puppy named Caesar from
Slidell, LA. I work with the Humane Society of Louisiana
and we have spoken with the lady who found this puppy.
Please read below:

Caesar's owner stepped outside for a little while. The
4 month old innocent baby puppy was hungry because he
had never been fed properly. He jumped onto his
owner's kitchen table and innocently ate a loaf of
bread. The owner returned and became so angered that
he felt the punishment should be torture until death!
The man (Wayne Cabellero) beat the puppy with his fist
until the dog was unconscious. He then threw the
puppy's lifeless (but still living) body into a cage
with several adult fighting pit bulls who mangled the
poor little creature. As if that wasn't enough, the

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Latest Signatures

  • 06 September 20101394. Angel
  • 06 September 20101393. SANDRA
    This CANNOT be tolerated!!! Why is animal cruelty any less severe than cruelty to a human?? I am sick to my stomach about this case, and saddened by our justice system.
  • 06 September 20101392. Cande
    This Man should be punished to the fullest extent of the law.
  • 06 September 20101391. Shaun
    That some sink, unhumane sh#@.He needs some help, I think his cheese lid of his cracker..
  • 06 September 20101390. Kathy
    As a pet owner I am appalled at this event. Perhaps this man should be given the same treatment as the puppy so he can feel the pain!!! It is a lknown fact that animal abuse is usually a forewarning of domestic abuse. What kind of "judge" would allow t
  • 06 September 20101389. Julie
    There is NO animal that deserves that horrible treatment!! All because the poor thing was hungry!!
  • 06 September 20101388. Jodi
    Please stop the risk of potential violence this person will do on animals and children. It is shown that people that abuse animals, also about children. Do the world justice and make an example of this person. Please! We need to stop this from happen
  • 06 September 20101387. Linda
    The maximum would not be enough for this individual
  • 06 September 20101386. Judy
  • 06 September 20101385. Linda
    This man is a waste of oxygen.
  • 06 September 20101384. Lynnette
    Obviously, this person is a danger to all beings and should be put away.
  • 06 September 20101383. Bev
    This animal (or so called man) should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. He should be locked up and tortured as was the little helpless animal he murdered. This man needs to be stopped before he tortures a human. What he did was bad enough to a
  • 06 September 20101382. Barbara
    Do to him what he done to the puppy
  • 06 September 20101381. Sandra
    They ought to do theame to him, as he did to the pup....
  • 06 September 20101380. cindy
  • 06 September 20101379. Anne
    If this man walks it is leaving
  • 06 September 20101378. S.
    If this man isn't stopped, the next victim could be one of his children. On your head, Your Honor. Animal abuse is the flip side of child abuse. Wake up!
  • 06 September 20101377. Isabelle
    I think the judge who allowed this criminal bail should be removed from the bench posthaste. This man should be locked up and the key thrown away. I fell sorry for anyone who comes across this person because more than likely they will never forget it.
  • 06 September 20101376. Jackie
    convict this man to the max, if not for the wrong doing against the puppy but for the safety and well being of his children and the public.This man is extremely dangerous and sick!
  • 06 September 20101375. Rubye
    His man stood be set on fire, beaten, and then and only then he should be shot. You as a judge should give this person the maximum penalty for such a awful crime.
  • 06 September 20101374. John
  • 06 September 20101373. Mary
  • 06 September 20101372. Del
    As a human being, I am sickened at the pain and suffering this puppy, Caesar, endured. As a dog rescue volunteer, I beg the court to lock the sicko perp, Wayne Cabellero up and throw away the key. As a native of Louisiana, I am embarrased that my home s
  • 06 September 20101371. Lou
    Abuse of any animal is not acceptable! Further, animal abuse is linked to the abuse of children. Full punishment is in order in this case.
  • 06 September 20101370. Diana
    Without knowing any of this sicko's past, this tragedy alone, needs to have consequences as harsh as human torture and murder. There was no difference for the puppy. It was defenseless, too! How can the judge not take this seriously!! I'm thinking the
  • 06 September 20101369. John
  • 06 September 20101368. Donna

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