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We, the Undersigned, would very much like Warner Brothers to take a look at these very funny and too often neglected comedies from the the late 1920's and throughout 1930s. Wheeler & Woolsey are every bit as important as Laurel & Hardy and the Marx Bros and while it is commendable that Warner has done everything they could to make proper presentations of their libraries of films starring the Marx Brothers and Laurel & Hardy, it is an awful shame that they have neglected this seemingly forgotten team of the holy trinity of 1930's comedy teams. What makes this even worse is Warner owns almost everything they ever did, that is including their best and most important material, something that cannot always be said about the other comedy teams. Now Warners attention needs to be turned towards Bert Wheeler, Robert Woolsey and Dorothy Lee. Most of their films are classics and are very important to comedy, farce, satire, slapstick, musical and dance. While a few of their films may not be so golden, neither were a few of the later Marx Brothers films you released in their boxed set, but still they were enjoyable alongside their greater siblings. Bert Wheeler, Robert Woolsey, and Dorothy Lee light up the screen no matter what material they are being served so please bring as much of their material to DVD as soon as you can.

Please release every film you own, or can find in the public domain, with Bert Wheeler, Robert Woolsey and/or Dorothy Lee, preferably in an as complete as you can make Wheeler & Woolsey Boxset plus a few bonus Dorothy Lee films you own and better quality releases of PD ones. All of these films need an uncut restored DVD release and the boxset format is best, be it in the preferred large complete collection or in a few waves.

In all likelihood you can release these feature length team efforts:

'Rio Rita (1929) (RKO)

'The Cuckoos' (1930) (RKO)

Dixiana (1930) (RKO) (Public Domain)

'Half-Shot at Sunrise' (1930) (RKO) (Public Domain)

'Hook Line and Sinker' (1930) (RKO) (Public Domain)

'Cracked Nuts (1931) (RKO)

'Caught Plastered' (1931) (RKO)

'Peach-O-Reno' (1931) (RKO)

'Girl Crazy' (1932) (RKO)

'Hold 'Em Jail' (1932) (RKO)

'Diplomaniacs' (1933) (RKO)

'Hips, Hips, Hooray!' (1934) (RKO)

'Kentucky Kernels' (1934) (RKO)

'Cockeyed Cavaliers (1934) (RKO)

'The Nitwits' (1935) (RKO)

'The Rainmakers (1935) (RKO)

'Silly Billies' (1936) (RKO)

'Mummy's Boys' (1936) (RKO)

'On Again Off Again' (1937) (RKO)

'High Flyers' (1937) (RKO)

Other than those films listed above you own a few feature length films and one short subject that feature Wheeler and Woolsey apart. These films are of great interest as well and presented alongside team efforts could put into perspective the importance of the pairing.

Bert Wheeler's solo films:

'Small Timers' (1929) (Vitaphone Musical Short)

'Too Many Cooks' (1931) (RKO)

'Cowboy Quarterback' (1939) (Warner/First National)

Robert Woolsey's solo film:

'Everything's Rosie' (1931) (RKO)

Dorothy Lee appears in many Wheeler & Woolsey films, is a very entertaining performer and has been in a number of films. Some that are of essential interest to Wheeler & Woolsey Fans that would be nice in a Wheeler & Woolsey boxset as extras:

'Syncopation' (1929) (RKO) (Bert Wheeler sought out Dorothy Lee for Rio Rita after seeing this film)

'Laugh and Get Rich' (1931) (RKO) (appearing with recurring Wheeler & Woolsey supporting actor Hugh Hubert and recurring Wheeler & Woolsey supporting actress Edna May Oliver)

'Plane Crazy' (1933) (Vitaphone Musical Short)

'In the Spotlight' (1935) (Vitaphone Musical Short)

Other films she has appeared in include the Joe E. Brown film 'Local Boy Makes Good' (1931) (Warner / First National), but that would best be served in a Joe E. Brown boxset which deserves a release of its own as well.

The Merrie Melody featuring Wheeler & Woolsey in a cameo:

'I've Got to Sing a Torch Song' (1933) (I know it is in the Busby Berkeley set but it should be in this one too)

Some possible supplements for this could be feature length documentaries on Bert Wheeler, Robert Woolsey, and Dorothy Lee together and apart as well as some for other actors and actresses that appear in these films, most definitely one about Thelma Todd and how Wheeler & Woolsey, the Marx Brothers, and Laurel & Hardy were all competing to get her, her unfortunate death and the mystery surrounding it. Get commentaries for all films or at least the more important ones with Leonard Maltin, Edward Watz and any other interested parties. Galleries of stills, promo shots, poster galleries, images of when they were in Vaudeville, any radio performances they can muster up, the Tijuana Bibles, a CD collection of all music numbers, taken from the films themselves if necessary, and if they survive and if you can obtain permission to use them then get Harold Lloyds screen tests of Bert Wheeler.

Please do release what material above that you legally can as this great comedy team has been neglected for far too long, their work needs to be championed by someone and all signs point to the fact that Warner should be the one to do that championing, as they likely own the most and best of their material. The films of Wheeler & Woolsey should be out there alongside the Marx Brothers and Laurel & Hardy, and should be recognized for their genius, much like Harold Lloyd needed and most recently got representation alongside Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin. Please do this and do it right.

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