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This petition is to get choreographer Wade J. Robson featured in your series "Diary." He has been featured somewhat on other programs such as Total Request Live. We think it is about time that he gets noticed for all that he has accomplished. He is the man behind the moves of such acts like Nsync and Britney Spears and has even co-wrote and produced for the before named artists. Please take Mr. Robson into consideration for future episodes of "Diary."

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Latest Signatures

  • 23 February 20161000. Nina Velazquez
    I agree with all that signed this petition, not only that he is an amusing actor, he writes nice songs, and he comes up with great ideas for his choreographys, don't you think it takes a lot of hard work, and I think it is all whort it in the end of the d
  • 22 February 2016999. Liz Sloan
    He is such a great influence!
  • 20 February 2016998. Monique C
    the reason i want wade on diary is because he's a inspiring person he's not only and awsome dancerhe's a producer and director he does it all and he's really hot, he has inspirerd me to reach my goal to be a choreogragher he's just awsome and i can't wait
  • 20 February 2016997. Stephanie Burton
    I think Wade should be on Diary b/c he's accomplished a lot more than most people, but yet, he can't get his own episode. He's been featured on "Making the Video", "TRL", and now, why not "Diary"??
  • 19 February 2016996. Dede N
    A young fresh face...not to mention a great choreographer
  • 19 February 2016995. Nikki Horton
    Wade is sooooo hott and I think you need to get more about his life on there!!!!!
  • 17 February 2016994. Stacy S
    Wade is so talented I would love to see him on Diary
  • 17 February 2016993. Karen Miller
  • 15 February 2016992. Laura D
    I think that because of his accomplishments and such, Wade J. Robson should have a diary thing like other stars so others can see how hard he works like the other stars. I think it would be nice to have a 'diary' of him.
  • 13 February 2016991. Christine Sharp
    Put ~*~ Wade~*~On~*~Diary~*~he deserves it even more than brit spears
  • 12 February 2016990. Tanya M
  • 12 February 2016989. Cassandra Barnes
    Wade is a very talented individual and deserves to have his story on M TV's Diary
  • 11 February 2016988. Julie R
    I hope this is taken into consideration, he is a busy guy that gets it all done, a true enterainer in every sense of the word!
  • 10 February 2016987. Sara O
    I think he is an artistic genius and should be reconginzed
  • 07 February 2016986. Kari Malone
    hes hot
  • 07 February 2016985. Ana R
    are there no way to pass him somewhere in mexico??
  • 05 February 2016984. Billie Martin
    real real hottie
  • 05 February 2016983. Amanda W
    Wade works hard to get his stuff done
  • 05 February 2016982. Ashley Ward
    I think he is a very very talented artists (he is so many things, I didn't know what to call him) who deserves some recognition.
  • 05 February 2016981. Andy Odom
  • 05 February 2016980. Jay Krueger
    wade robson deserves alot more credit then he gets
  • 04 February 2016979. Julie Maynard
    Wade is amazing and deserves some spotlight time for all of his hard work. A lot of people would watch it if you aired some "Wade" special
  • 03 February 2016978. Megan L
    You gotta put wade on diary he has done so much in the 19 years of his life he deserves it!!!!! It would probably mean a lot for him to b on it too!!! I luv ya Wade ;D lol
  • 02 February 2016977. Mandi S
    Wade should be on diary because think of all the extra viewers! Britney and *NSync fans would tune in so think about it!
  • 02 February 2016976. Melissa Goodwin
    i think wade is awesome because, at a young age he's done so many creative thing in the music industry in so many different fields. He deserves to have a mtv diary!
  • 01 February 2016975. Jen Lindsey
    hey should be on diary
  • 01 February 2016974. Danielle Brandt
    Wade Robson is one of the best dancers I have seen, He needs to be on MTV's Diary so everyone can see how great of a dancer he actually is and so we all know what he has gone throught to get to the point that he's at right now!!! So please let Wade be on

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