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Ok, it seems that the reception to the new Fighter Factory Ultimate is not looking good. For whatever reason, it seems the development team has cranked out as many new bugs as they have new features. I have talked with a few people, and they can agree that rebuilding the entire program was not the best idea. Many argue that the changes of FFU were actually a step back rather than a step forward. These same people and others have agreed that development probably would have gone better had the development team used the pre-existing Fighter Factory program as a framework for the update and fixed its bugs, and added all of the new features on top of what already worked. Rebuilding the program was just opening the window and letting all the new bugs fly in, so to speak. So, I'm making a proposal. I believe that the outcome would be much better if VirtuallTek took the old Fighter Factory, and built on top of it. My proposal is that VirtuallTek's team should consider taking the improvements from Fighter Factory Ultimate, and coupling them with the already liked and familiar layout and functionality of Fighter Factory Classic (as we now call it). This would provide to Fighter Factory Classic users a recognizable format and layout while improving the already great program with added features without some of the complications and unpopular changes of Fighter Factory Ultimate.

This petition is to see how many people would support this idea.

So what I've done is compiled a list of suggestions and bugfixes from the Fighter Factory Ultimate W.I.P. topic at The Mugen Fighters Guild forum, many of which were fixed or implemented in the current release of FFU.

- When you have the eyedropper tool selected on the Color Palette section, and then you use the pencil/eraser/paint bucket tool on the sprites panel, the eyedropper function is not dropped
- Horizontal flip bug in Offset Viewer
- Keeping the old Sprite / Sound organizer, but allowing it to follow the group of sprites/sounds that you're moving
- Var list clearing out the main .cns file
- Scroll through sprites in PalFX editor
- Open multiple characters
- Import sprites from another character
- The new sprite editor
- Undo/redo function for .air editor
- Right click functionality in the .cns and .cmd
- Removal of auto-clsn
- Import the new throw creator/replace the old one
- Palette editor "Optimize" error
- Can't realign the sprites to a value higher than 200,200
- Ability to move sprites in the sff one pixel with hotkeys
- Carryover of the improved .sctrl default files
- Default removal of templates except for WinaneAI
- Carry over FFU's keyboard hotkeys
- Closing All or closing FF and getting two errors
- Some things are not highlighted in the CNS, such as the Trans controller parameters like addalpha, etc
- the problem with linking sprites and displaying improperly in the anim viewers lower group menu
- anim viewer's group list showed the linked sprites numbers wrong
- Exporting more than one sprite at a time, or even entire animations.
- Allow the ability to enter test mode vs. a different character, like, say if you were making a Ryu you could enter test mode and fight an Akuma. (So, for instance, you can test throws even if the character itself cannot be thrown)
- every time I go back to the .air, the animation is back at elem 0, instead of where I last left it, basically losing my place and making me have to find it again
- There should be an option to copy the new-made value in Offset Viewer
- Also in Offset Viewer, the drop down boxes for the animation element go 1 -> 10 -> 11 -> 12 (end) -> 2 -> 3 -> etc. This makes no real sense in terms of an animation because the frames are supposed to be in order. Could this be fixed to be in exact numerical order?
- Could we get flip horizontally and flip vertically options for sprites in the SFF
- When you use the Change Sprite function in the SFF, the new image automatically gets the image name as the image comment, but the comment cannot be removed
- Being able to resample individual sounds between 8 and 16 bit would be nice
- Fix up the "sprite linked to" function? When ever I change or delete a sprite that is linked to another, a message comes up saying "cannot locate this sprite" and then FF crashes. If I save before the error message, then the sff is ruined.
- Suggestion: How about something that will manually offset all CLSNs by a certain amount? You know, in case one has to offset an entire SFF.
- Suggestion: An afterimage previewer/editor
- Suggestion: Integration of the MUGEN docs
- Suggestion: A button that would "autowrap" clns1 with clns2.

Please, trust the people who use and love your program. Adding onto Fighter Factory Classic and fixing its bugs would be appreciated by many users of the MUGEN community, and would make creating for the engine a much more enjoyable experience with your program.

Thank you, and please consider the idea.

~LegendaryXM90 a.k.a. ~*Ishida-Uryuu*~

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