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This petition is to help my husband, Viper2200 get his account back. A few months ago, his day started like any other, he got up, went to work, came home, had dinner, and then decided to go online for a few minutes. He then discovered that he had more neopoints out "and actually had in his whole account" than he should have. He thought this was a glitch or something, so he just threw them in the bank. The next day, he came home, but this time there was NO neopoints at all in his bank, nothing on hand, nothing at all. So, like every smart person, he changed his password, which by the way, was a combination of numbers and letters - it was 16 characters long, not very easy for someone to just "guess". He also had a PIN number set up, and somehow, the person managed to get by that as well, I never even knew what the PIN was. After looking in his gallery, he then noticed that all his expensive valuable/easy to sell things were missing. There was about 5 Million Np's worth of stuff missing. How do I know that? Because I spent that much buying alot of it back, including things he never had before.

THEN he comes home from work, and finds he's frozen. First the frozen statement said he was frozen for using cheat programs on flash games. This was quite a shock to him. He then emailed you guys, and filled out the forms. He was told that he cheated and that was that, he loses out. After about 2 weeks or so, his login status changed to say what it says now:

"This account has been FROZEN for the following reason:

This previously inactive account was being accessed by someone other than the original owner."

Along with that, he received an email back, with yet again another automated response. This time it told him that you guys knew that there was someone else in his account, but were unable to determine who was the real owner. A quote from the email:

"The account you are writing in about was frozen for being hijacked. This means the account either had an obvious password that a scammer took advantage of, or had an abandoned email address that was taken over because the account name was the same as the username on Neopets.
> We cannot return this username because we have no way of fully knowing who the original owner is. "

His email address has nothing to do with viper2200, his neopets username. His email address is his name, which obviously isn't viper2200. The account isn't abandoned, it's the only email account he uses. The password, as stated above, was 16 characters long and was a combination of numbers and letters, and wasn't very easy to figure out. That and he had a PIN set up, which NO ONE had.

So, he sat here, and wrote up a BIG email, and sent it back to Brandon and Heidi who he was emailing with. This email contained EVERYTHING he knew about his account and remembered. He mentioned the first pet ever created, and what it was painted, other pets he's had in there, and since moved to spare accounts - including what the account names are, old passwords, current pets, avatars, and anything else that he knows no one would know. Again, he was told, sorry, we don't know who the original owner is, create a new one and start over.

It's hard to just start over, he was working his way to 300 avatars, had many trophies, some of which you can't get anymore.

I will be submitting it into TNT in about 3 weeks time, say around October 20th, 2006. Thank you in advance to all those who sign this. TNT, please read this, re-read his emails he's submitted, and look through everything. You'll see, Viper2200 is who he says he is, and is the original owner.

Thanks for reading.

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