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FREE VIKRAM BUDDHI: This campaign for Free Vikram Buddhi is basically to create an awareness for basic civil liberties and human rights for minorities especially for people of Indian origin in America . Vikram Budhis case is another warning to Indian community that their Ambassadors & Counsel Generals are good for mindless Parades and Gala Dinners where Bikini Clad Girls in Indian Tricolor are paraded with biggest idiots from the local community to make fun of Indias rich culture and traditions. In the past Indian Diplomatic Missions never reacted to police brutality under racial bias to Rajnikant & Kuldip Singh Nag or the worst ever called Racial Slurs in over 200 years history of America for any community by a Zionist controlled Police Union & their Supporters, Indians are cockroaches, animals, illiterates and illegal go home. Indian governments apathy to the plight of Indian nationals is very much evident when Indian Ambassador Meera Shanker was asked (at the Pan IIT conference in a Chicago suburb) about Buddhi, she said she did not know about the case. I hate to say this, but there seems to be a total failure of the Indian diplomatic mission and so called local leaders here in America .

Israelis who owns America, have brought this super power America on its knees; financially, economically, ethically, morally and militarily. They control Judiciary, big law firms besides Media, Hollywood , Banking, Real Estate, Universities, Schools and Politics of America. US Congress can trash their own President on the dictates & bribes from a racist & murderous organization AIPAC (American Israel Political Action Committee). In May 2009 AIPAC to make sure President Obama dare not oppose or put any pressure on criminal PM Netanyahu of Israel , drafted a letter warning Obama to "work closely and privately" with Israel .
AIPAC got 329 signatures in the House and 76 signatures in the Senate.

US Congress members trashing their own President under the directions (possible bribery) of a Foreign Organization like AIPAC in most of the countries it will treated as treason and crimes against the country and punishable with death sentence.

Israelis have pushed America since 2001 in so called War on Terror around the world much against the wishes of more than 70\% Americans. Vikram Buddhi is a victim of Israeli activism in America.

It sounds like a Joke Israelis can get away with murder of Americans, official corruption, money laundering, human body parts trading, stealing military secrets and selling them to foreign countries; by merely saying I did it for the love of my country Israel. A Vikram Buddhi who according to US intelligence forces is never and was never a threat to US President and assets can be put behind bar for internet comments which he has not made.
If Vikram Buddhi is a criminal, hang him. But he should have the due process of law. A universal legal maxim is let a thousand criminals go free than let an innocent man suffer.

In January 2006 the US Secret Service interrogated Buddhi, they gave him back his passport. He could have fled the country if he wanted to. His stand was why should I flee when I have done nothing wrong? For no wrong doing he has been languishing in US Jails since April 2006 and in Dec. 2009 was sentenced for 4 years and 9 months for posting hate messages against Bush and calling for bombings of American infrastructure after a sham trial denying him & his father an opportunity to prove his innocence.

In some what similar case Ken Haywood, an American citizen ran away to USA from India hoodwinking the Indian Investigating Agency, whereas Vikram Buddhi remained in the United States , answered all questions from US Secret Service and is now boldly facing the federal prosecution to prove his innocence, despite being racially discriminated and denied a fair trial.

Senator Ted Stevens & Vikram Buddhi

In April 2009 US Department of Justice took action to vacate the conviction of former Alaskan Senator Ted Stevens, on the basis of prosecutorial misconduct. and in the interest of justice.. But so far no action is taken by US Department of justice on prosecutorial misconduct in Vikram Buddhis case. On March 27, 2009 Vikram Buddhis father sent letters to US Attorney General Eric H. Holder and to Inspector General, Civil Rights & Civil Liberties Complaints Office of the Inspector General, U.S. Department of Justice, explaining the prosecutorial misconduct in Vikram Buddhis case.

Root Cause (Opposition to Racial Discrimination in Perdue University by Buddhi):

The root cause of the prosecution against Vikram Buddhi was a letter Vikram Buddhi wrote sometime prior to December 2005 to the then President of Purdue University Dr.Martin C. Jischke bringing to Dr. Jischkes notice that an African American student Mr. Kendal Deas had been expelled from Purdue University for allegedly copying in an examination, but subsequently no action was taken against three non-African students who were similarly caught copying in examination. The administrators of Purdue University were annoyed at the audacity of an Indian Graduate Student writing such a letter to the President of Purdue University.

Unfair Jury Trial

Vikram Buddhi was subjected to jury trial before a twelve member Jury in which there were eight lady members with no representation to south Asians or Indian Asians. The jury trial took place before US District Court, Hammond Division, Northern District of Indiana, presided over by US District Judge James T. Moody. (United States v. Vikram Buddhi, Case No: 06 CR 63).

The case proceeded to jury trial only because the defendant Vikram Buddhi pleaded not guilty. There was no need for jury trial if Vikram admitted.

On June 25, 2007, this grand jury held Buddhi guilty of posting messages on a Yahoo chat board threatening the lives of the then president Bush, vice president Dick Cheney and defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

In Dec 2009 Buddhi was sentenced to four years and nine months in prison and an additional three years of supervised release by a US court for posting hate messages in 2006 against Bush and calling for bombings of American infrastructure.

The prosecution is supposed to be based on some Internet messages on the Yahoo business discussion forum which appeared in December 2005 and January 2006 calling upon the people of Iraq to retaliate against the perceived unjust war against them.

But in the indictment there is no mention at all of these charges. Moreover the prosecution has failed to establish that the messages were actually posted by Buddhi. Prosecution failed to establish that the Internet Messages were posted by Vikram Buddhi. Yahoo management merely informed the US Secret Service that the Internet Protocol (IP) addresses of Purdue University were used to post the Messages on the Internet. Mr. Scot Ksander of Purdue University who made crude guesses on the origin of those Internet Messages had admitted in the trial that he did not know the methods and means with which hacking of computer networks takes place. The fact that Scot Ksander admitted to US Secret Service that the Address Resolution Protocol Table (ARP Table) was poisoned, strongly suggests that the computer network of Purdue University was hacked. Furthermore, it is well known there is a hacking history of Purdue Computer Networks.

Indictment shows eleven count charge under Title 18 United States Code Sections 871(a) (threat to President G W Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney), 879(a) (threat to Laura Bush and Lynne Cheney) , 875(c) (threat to the then-Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld) and 844(e) (threat to installations in the United States). All the eleven counts of charge are, more or less, identically worded. It is enough to look at Count No.1 of the charge which reads:

On or about December 13, 2005, in the Northern District of Indiana and elsewhere, the defendant, Vikram S. Buddhi did knowingly and willfully threaten to kill the President of the United States , George Bush; All in violation of Title 18, United States Code, Section 871(a).

All other Counts of the indictment (charge) are also similarly worded- did threaten to kill or bomb. They all, merely tracked the statutory language and left out the essential facts that constitute the offense charged.
Indictment is defective if one goes by the mandatory provisions of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, Rule 7 ( c ) ( 1 ) which provides, The indictment or information must be a plain, concise, and definite written statement of the essential facts constituting the offense charged..

Professional Misconduct of Prosecutor
Prosecutor Philip C. Benson named Vikram Buddhis father Buddhi Koasubbarao (former Indian Navy Captain with PhD from Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, and an attorney of Supreme Court of India) as Government Witness. To name father as a Government Witness is a pre meditated plan to prevent the father from witnessing the jury trial. It is also a pre meditated plan to deny to the defendant the benefit of fathers technical knowledge on computer networks and legal knowledge in criminal trials. The fact is, though father was named as Government Witness, he was not served any Summons and he was not called to the Court to testify as Government Witness. To name him as a Government Witness was with the sole aim to keep him out of the Court till all the Witnesses of both sides were examined in the Court. Thus, though father waited for one year in the United States to witness his sons trial as the sole family member of Vikram Buddhi in the United States, father could not witness his sons trial, all on account of the professional misconduct of Prosecutor Philip C. Benson.

Judicial Misconduct of Judge
The jury trial in Vikram Buddhi case was unfair for the numerous reasons. An ill informed and insufficiently informed Jury delivered GUILTY verdict on June 28, 2007. It clearly shows that Vikram Buddhi was subjected to an unfair trial and was discriminated because of his Indian ethnicity. There are evidences in the Trial Transcripts which shows the Judicial Misconduct of US District Judge James T. Moody. There is enough evidence on record to show that Judge Moody knowingly, willfully and deliberately ignored and neglected the established law in speech threat cases and subjected Vikram Buddhi to a special law devised by the Judge himself. This is an alarming situation that can affects all the resident aliens in the United States in future Speech Threat cases.

In Vikram Buddhis case, the Indictment merely tracked the statutory language in the Sections 871(a), 879(a), 875(c) and 844(e) and failed to include the essential facts constituting the offense. Therefore, the Indictment is in violation of Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, Rule 7 ( c ) ( 1 ). It amounts to denying due process to Vikram Buddhi. It also shows Vikram Buddhi was discriminated and deprived of Constitutional protections available under Fifth and Fourteenth amendments to US Constitution.

US Supreme Court made it clear that the defect arising from the failure to include in the Indictment the essential facts constituting the offense cannot be cured by attaching subsequently additional documents to the Indictment. More specifically, the US Supreme Court ruled,
The Indictment must stand or fall on its own. Neither a bill of particulars nor any discovery provided by the government can cure a defective indictment. Russell v. United States , 369 U.S. 749, 770 (1962).

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