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From: Vietnamese People

To: Chinese Government, Leaders, Diplomatic Authorities, and Embassy of the People of Republic of China

REF: Vietnamese fishermen shot dead by Chinese marine police

His/Her Excellency,

We, Vietnamese people, vehemently oppose the outrageous and brutal actions of Chinese marine police on Vietnamese fishermen on January 8, 2005 at Tonkin Gulf.

On January 8, 2005, at Tonkin Gulf, Vietnamese sea area, Chinese marine polices unduly attacked, opened fire on two Vietnamese fishing vessels and ruthlessly killed 9 fishermen, wounded 7, and captured 8. The Chinese marine polices also captured illegally fishing vessels and assets of these fishermen.

Upon information and our belief, all of these fishermen are guiltless. These victims are extremely poor people who have been trying very hard to support their families. As a result of the brutal killing by the Chinese marine police, many innocent children becamse fatherless, many wives became widows, and many parents lost their sons. In addition, all of the victims are the main sources of income for their families. You can visit to see the images of these poor families.

At present, the fates of the 8 captured fishermen are still unknown. Their loved ones are traumatized worrying about their statuses.

We, Vietnamese People, strongly believe that the Chinese marine polices' brutal actions extremely violated Principles of the United Nation Charter, the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence, regional and bilateral agreements on sea border issues, and specifically the Joint Statement on All-round Cooperation in the New Century Between the People's Republic of China and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam signed on 12/26/2000, in which two countries agreed to pledge not to take extreme actions or make use of force on fisheries-related issues.

For the long-lasting economic and diplomatic relationship between the two countries, we respectfully request the Chinese government and/or authorities to take immediate efforts to prevent and stop these actions, open a due and thorough investigation, and severely punish the murderers.

We demand the Chinese authorities to promptly release the illegally captured Vietnamese fishermen, fishing vessels and assets.

Due to the level of violence that was inflicted upon Vietnamese innocent fishermen and callous actions of Chinese marine polices, who displayed a depraved indifference to human lives, we demand that the Chinese government adequately compensate for lost lives and assets caused by the above-mentioned ungrounded killing and seizure of Chinese marine polices.

We strongly oppose Chinese diplomatic authorities' unreasonable remark that these above Vietnamese innocent victims are pirates without any proper or convincing evidence. We demand the Chinese government to comply with the international rules and respect bilateral agreements as well as traditional diplomatic customs in regards to the common sea border between Vietnam and China.

Finally, we demand the Chinese government to take due efforts to unveil the truth and bring justice to these innocent lives. Especially, on the occasion of celebrating 55 years of establishing diplomatic relationship between China and Vietnam, 01/18/2005, we again expect the Chinese authorities to pay prompt and due attention to these matters.

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