We the undersigned petition the United Kingdom Secretary of State for Justice to make radical changes to the UK prison services for the purpose of properly protecting the public against crime, and at the same time, give more power to victims over their offenders by taking the following action:

1. That strong and radical reform of the current prison structure and policy is put in place and an end to the corrupt practices of some prison officers who are allowing special favours to the prisoners who can use money to buy their way around. We would also like to see an end to corruption and discriminatory practices in our prisons in general as it relates to race, class, religion and ethnicity.

2. That steps be taken to bring to an end crimes in prison such as rape, bullying, racketeering and bribery and for life sentences for officers found to be corrupt or acted in a discriminatory manner and very strong sanction for offenders of such crimes and those criminals who stay behind the prison walls to commit criminal activities on the outside.

3. That the prison services be allowed to take in contractual work from the business community and other government departments, as long as such work does not bring offenders/inmate in direct or indirect contact with the public in any form.

4. That more use of deserted lands in the UK country sides be made available to create correctional institutions to house high risk and life offenders. The institutions should be equipped with educational and correctional facilities together with manufacturing, production and medical research facilities to include research of the very serious mentally ill prisoners; with the reform finance in part in joint ventures with the private sector.

5. That current prisons in and around London and near city residential areas should be used for low risk adult offenders only. Young and juvenile offenders on the other hand, should be housed and properly supervise in appropriate young offenders institution.

6. That learning new academic and or technical skills within prisons facility must be compulsory for all inmates. Those that cannot read but have the mental ability to learn should be made to learn to read and write whilst in prison in addition to their employment in prison; those who can read but have no qualification must be educated to university level within the institutions grounds on a part time attendance in additional to full time work within prison facilities. Those already qualified, should be reassessed, and if necessary, retrained and employed to serve the state whilst being detained for their crimes, however long.

7. That prisoners must be made to undergo and follow a strict programme to address their offending behaviour as a condition of their release and must satisfy the victim of their crimes that they have truly rehabilitated as a condition of their release.

8. That working in prison should be made compulsory together with a reasonable wage payable to prisoners for their work inside prison and that they should be ordered to support their children and or family and pay compensation to their victims as part of their rehabilitation programme from the money earned in prison and from any investment and financial resources they earned or inherited outside in the community.

9. That long term prisoners who have completed their time in prison; fit and healthy to work, should only be released back into the community after suitable housing have been secured for them by the prison services together with secured suitable employment relevant to the skills attained whilst in prison.

10. That all offenders including short term offenders without strong family support in the community must be assigned a long term liaison officer by the police to aid the ex-offender with general support, help to find suitable accommodation and to help the offender open the right doors to improve his or her outlook on life, respect for others and minimise the change of re-offending.

11. That the government grant an amnesty to those illegal immigrants that have not committed any crime in their country of origins or in the UK. This amnesty should go hand in hand with an ID card system which does not include people's medical record or bank details.

a). That should the government concerns that people would receive quick and better medical treatment if their medical details were included in their ID, should the need arises, then it is for the government to introduce a voluntary carry a card system. Such voluntary card could be like the one introduced by the Heart Foundation or organ donor.

12. That the government take step to crack down on the ever growing ID fraud market that is being operated out of the internet cafйs on our streets and corner roads. This should include a licensing system to deter the operators of some of those establishments from stealing their customers personal details, make false ID including UK passport and driving licence for sale on order.

13. That the victims of serious crimes and or their beneficiary get a lifetime vote on parole boards to have a say in the offender's rehabilitation and any release back into the community. This victim power should be accompanied with an effective compensation package for victims of serious crimes and their beneficiary and estate lay against the offender and his or her heir, executors and or beneficiary. The compensation package must be strong and powerful enough to deter those who make offending others criminally their pastime think twice.

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