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"The Golden Rule states;

Do unto others and you wish others to do unto you.

Unfortunately, in recent years of Corporate Greed and Excess, the "Golden Rule" has seemed to be twisted into,

"He who HAS the gold makes the rules"

HOWEVER, the RULES have changed. We are in the new digital area of social networking on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter which allows huge blocks of citizens to spread the word quickly. We NOW are beginning to realize that we have the gold in our pockets and we can keep it out of the bank accounts of ANY corporation we wish.

If we feel threatened, the 150 million active members of the YouTube community can spread the word around the world INSTANTLY, allowing us to stand together as a loyal group and NOT give OUR gold to any corporation that threatens our members, our community, or YouTube itself.

the YouTube Community is nearly 150 MILLION strong and are the primary target market for Viacom movies, toys, DVDs, video games and more. And we, the loyal YouTube Community, wil stand together with our hearts and wallets if our community feels threatened.

Viacom's lawsuit against YouTube represents a ticking bomb at the feet of Viacom and when it goes off, it could cause tremendous collateral damage at associated companies such as CBS, Dreamworks, Disney, and many others

Paramount Pictures is a wholly owned subsidiary of Viacom. Any YouTube Community backlash against Viacom will hurt Paramount Film Productions and films that they distribute drastically, hurting MANY innocent companies. Paramount Pictures is co-producing Ironman 2 with Marvel Entertainment (Marvel was JUST recently purchased by Disney).

Potentially making Disney another innocent victim in this Viacom vs YouTube fiasco, Disney has recognized the value of new digital media. A popular YouTube user known as "Pogo" produced unique, and VERY POPULAR, re-edits of classic Disney films. Rather than taking the heavy handed approach as Viacom did and filing copyight takedowns and suing for damages, Disney/Pixar recognized the beauty and value of his work and COMMISSIONED Pogo to create a promotional video for the Pixar Feature Film "Up" in his amazing style. Resulting in one of the finest videos ever posted on YouTube. It is Called Upular, you MUST see this clip. . Disney has shown support for YouTube

The Paramount Pictures division of Viacom also distributes movies for other film producers.

Paramount is only distributing the Shrek 4 movie, produced by Dreamworks Animation, but a YouTube community backlash intending to hurt the Paramount Pictures division of Viacom , would ALSO hurt the innocent Dreamworks Animation Company and promotional tie-in partners for toys, kids meals, and food products if YouTube users refuse to buy them.

It could be a TREMENDOUS financial blow to many other innocent companies if the YouTube community refuses to support the Upcoming Films Produced by or distributed by Paramount Pictures Division of Viacom.

CBS is an outstanding company. CBS is owned by National Amusements which ALSO owns Viacom. CBS became a valuable part of our YouTube community and is our number 6 most viewed channel ever. CBS embraced the Digital Age and New Media and stood up to Viacom, it's corporate sibling. CBS is now YouTube's most loyal network supporter. CBS IS a friend of YouTube.

Even Coca Cola could be hurt in this Viacom vs YouTube fiasco. Coca Cola will be a Corporate Promotion Partner with Viacom for Christmas 2010. Ironically, the Viacom Corporation OWNS the rights to the Classic Frank, Capra Feel Good, Christmas Movie, and "It's a Wonderful Life". Yet time and again, Viacom has thumbed it's corporate nose at the values extolled in this classic film by hurting it's OWN corporate family with a history of layoffs and benefits cuts JUST before Christmas.

But it's getting ugly. This will explode back up in Viacom's face. There WILL be tremendous collateral damage of innocent companies in the line of fire."
-YouTube user Mike Mozart of JeepersMedia

BASED ON THE ABOVE STATEMENT, I, Paris Thebeau of St. Louis, Missouri, am officially boycotting all of Viacom's services, including products, movies and TV shows. By signing this petition, you agree to the views and opinions earlier expressed.

Viacom services include TV channels such as:
Comedy Central
MTV and MTV2
VH1, VH1 Classic and VH1 Soul
Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., TennNick and Nick at Nite

And movie companies such as:
Paramount Pictures
Paramount Vantage
MTV Films
Nickelodeon Movies

And Web services such as:

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