To: Vector Marketing reps,

To whom it may concern,

Are you considering a position with Vector Marketing?

Vector Marketing is an awesome company. This petition is created in an attempt to stop the dishonest people trying to discredit a reputable company

Vector Marketing is a great place to work. I say this with confidence because I am a Vector Marketing sales rep. Im not saying its right for everyone, but its not the bad place some people make it out to be. I cant believe how much misinformation is out there on the internet, most of it written by people who dont really know the company at all.

As a typical Vector Marketing rep, I share the following characteristics with other reps who work at Vector:

We are College Educated: The vast majority of Vector Marketing representatives are hardworking college students. After learning about the company, we found it a career-enhancing opportunity to make an above-average income/. Some of us even earn college credit for what we learn through our work.
We are Focused on Personal and Professional Growth: Vector Marketing has an amazing training program thats got a great reputation. . Each year, Vector Marketing trains over 40,000 students across the country. Vector Marketings training program is replicated in several college courses where students actually sell Cutco as part of their coursework. These programs are in place at Illinois State University, Purdue University, North Carolina State University and The University of Calgary. So professionally, you cant do better than Vector. This company gives college students way more opportunities than most places that will hire a college student. You actually get to make business decisions, handle finances, and if you choose to advance into management, you can even learn how to recruit and training othersall while youre still in school. In my experience, Vector Marketing also cares about helping people develop personally. Its not just about learning how to manage your time (which I have), its also about building character, facing and overcoming obstacles, learning how to listen, and growing as a person. Thats important to me, and I really like working with other people who have the same goals.

We are Entrepreneurial Enthusiasts: As Vector Marketing reps, we are go-getters. Learning sales from the ground up, we are primed to become future business owners or high-achieving sales professionals.

A description of how Vector Marketing works with college students to help them get their careers off to a great start, visit

Ethics at Vector Marketing
Ive read on some sites that Vector Marketing is a scam. This makes no sense to me. Vector is a nearly $200 million company with 350 offices in the US and Canada. The company has been around since 1981, and Cutco will celebrate its 60th anniversary next year. Just because a job isnt right for you, or just because youd rather be an employee than an independent contractor, doesnt make the business model a scam.
Another pet peeve I have is when I hear people call Vector an MLM. Vector Marketing is not a multi-level marketing company. But, fyi, even if it were, MLMs are not illegal, they are a recognized and legal business model. Avon, Mary Kay, Tupperware, Creative Memories, Silpada Jewelry, Jockey at Home, Dove at Home, and many, many other reputable companies use a multi-level marketing structure. Vector does not. You may not want to work for an MLM, but at least know what youre talking about!
Theres an organization called the Direct Selling Association. Its a group that Vector belongs to with other companies, like the ones mentioned above, that are involved in direct sales to consumers. Every member of DSA agrees to conform to its CODE OF ETHICS, which governs all business practices. If Vectors business practices were unethical or illegal, the company could not be a member of the DSA.

Ethics is fundamentally about doing right by people. Is Vector perfect? Probably not, because its made up of many individuals, and when youre talking about a lot of relatively young people, chances are therell be somebody stupid in that bunch. Do they make mistakes? Sure! Vector gives young people an extraordinary opportunity to run their own businesses, with real responsibility that youd have a hard time finding in some typical corporate environment. Show me someone whos never made a mistake or an error in judgment, and thats someone whos never had serious responsibility. The real issue here is how the company handles it, and I can tell you Vector really bends over backward to do the right thing. Got a complaint? Dont just get online and vent. Call the headquarters, and give them a chance to resolve it. You wont be disappointed.

About Vectors Sample Kit

I dont understand why people get confused about this. In my interview, the manager was really clear that in order to present Cutco to customers, you need to actually show the knives. Customers need to cut with Cutco to personally experience the difference between the knives they already own, and the superior quality of Cutco. To get a Cutco sample kit, all a new rep has to do is place a DEPOSIT ($135 plus local tax). Return the kit, and you get your money back. No you are NOT required to buy the knives its a deposit, people! Youre getting around $500 worth of Cutco for a $135 DEPOSIT. Again, you return the kit and you get your money back. I am first and foremost an entrepreneur. A fully refundable deposit seems like a reasonable exchange for the opportunity to build my own business. What I really dont get is that this is explained in the interview, then its explained in writing again in a brochure they send you home with after the interview, and then they explain it again in training. I even know of offices that will loan reps the kit if the deposit is a problem. I understand how some people cant afford it, but that doesnt make it fundamentally a bad arrangement. After all, dont you have to place a security deposit on your apartment? I do. A security deposit benefits everyone.

Think for Yourself

Successful individuals think for themselves by investigating and forming their own opinions. So the next time you hear that Vector Marketing is pyramid scheme or engages in unethical practices, all I ask is that you take the time to investigate and form your own opinion.

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