"It continues to be a problem, particularly in the microcap space," Cox told
reporters after the SEC meeting.

"a fraud that the commission is bound to prevent and to punish."

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Two quotes from SEC chariman Christopher Cox, June 13, 2007, after SEC revoked the Grandfather Clause which had forgiven illegal acts involing U.S. Securities, in reference to "naked short selling" an illegal act, which the SEC previously denied ever existed, and during the interim, launched an uprecedented attack upon the man who has been their most outspoken critic, Mr. Richard Altomare of Universal Express, symbol USXP. This man now needs our help, and this letter is a call to all to stand with him, so he does not have to fight this battle alone. That SEC Chairman Cox chooses to continue to unleash the full force of his office against Mr. Altomare, even after finally coming to the same conclusion that Mr. Altomare pointed out to his predecessors almost a decade ago, is reprehensible and reason enough for me to begin what I hope will be a grassroots effort to have Mr. Altomare vindicated before the American public, and the real criminals put behind bars.

While the SEC was denying to the American investor that "naked short selling" even existed, Mr. Altomare and his legal team prepared a case against individuals who they believed had been "naked short selling" Universal stock, and received a jury verdict in the amount of $700 million. Yes, a United States Court, with a jury of unbiased law abiding citizens, found in favor of Universal based upon the evidence, and today Universal is trying to collect on the judgment, and instead of receiving help from the SEC, the SEC has sought in the current case, to have Universal Express placed in Receivership, which means taking control away from Mr. Altomare, and in effect allowing the SEC to virtually hand pick someone who will assume leadership at Universal and voluntarily shut the company down, file for bankruptcy, and let the SEC get away with their crimes. This is not the American way, and the SEC must be stopped!

For years the SEC had no problems with Universal Express, but only after Universal became outspoken about "naked short selling" and proved in a court of law it did exist, and received a verdict that ultimately would hold the SEC liable for damages because they participated, only then did the SEC go on the attack, so they could run this company out of business because their exposure and what would be made public could have a devastating affect on investor confidence.

Naked short selling, the illegal selling of a stock, even through counterfeit shares. Not to be confused with "short selling" which is legal. How does this illegal activity affect anyone investing in the U.S. markets? I'll tell you how, and keep in mind I am going to give you the lay person's version, as I am no lawyer, just an American citizen and investor fed up with this horrible injustice, and you don't have to be a lawyer to understand it, and once you have the idea how this works, I hope you will be as disgusted as I am and join in support of Mr. Altomare. This is not a complex case at all, it may appear so on the surface but it really is as simple as this; a company being run into bankruptcy by the SEC because the SEC allowed and partipated rather than enforce the law.

When a stock is allowed to be naked shorted, those participating try to beat the stock down so it will eventually go bankrupt, out of business. The downside to this for the average investor who may have a stock being attacked, is that your investment will be lost forever, and really you were not given a fair shake by the SEC where your stock could have let the true conditions of the market determine its value. When the naked shorts begin attacking, it is all out war. They even begin counterfeiting shares, as brokers and brokerage houses start passing out IOU's, and the IOU's soon exceed the number of legitimate shares the company has issued. Only way for the company to stay in business, to raise cash, is start selling shares itself, but the naked shorts pile it on and the companies cannot keep up. It is a losing cause, and the naked shorts know this. They are merciless in their attacks.

Why do the naked shorts attack stocks, especially microcap stocks so viciously? Because if they can drive the company bankrupt and out of business, they never have to pay any taxes on their illegal gains. That's the kind of governance the SEC has allowed, and to date 3000-4000 companies, mostly small developing companies which historically built America, have been naked shorted into bankruptcy or out of business. What became of the IOU's, the trillions of dollars made by the naked shorters? They go into their pockets and are never honored, the money they gain is not taxable because of the bankruptcy, a bankruptcy brought on by dishonest trading, and the American citizens who invested in those companies, possibly through a 401k, possibly buying the stock directly on their own, lose their investment, and never really had a chance in this rigged game.

What does the umpire of this game, the SEC, have to say for themselves? They've have nothing to say, because the transaction fees and other charges they make per trade in the markets, reaped them enormous sums, and they are quite happy to look the other way.

How can the SEC get by without enforcing this illegal activity? Several reasons. One, most U.S. investors have no idea this illegal activity has gone on for decades. Nobody really reports it, and when someone like Mr. Altomare stands up to it, these naked short participants, in conjunction with the SEC, unleash a flurry of attacks that will place you in a terrible light and you have virtually no way of defending your honor, because the SEC doesn't want to hear it, and nobody in the U.S. government, not your Senator, your Congressperson, or your President wants to rock the boat, because they all know that it is some of the most powerful in the U.S., and throughout the world, people who have great clout, who do not want this scandal interferred with, and nobody in politics has the courage to stick up for the American investor, and demand a legal trading system, fair to all.

You know how it is. If anyone starts an investigation, one politician calls someone and says "stop rocking the boat. I have friends who are involved with the brokerage firms, and I have friends involved in the Hedge Funds who participate in this activity, and by gosh I love my job in Washington and if you love yours, stop looking into this matter or you're history." It boils down to, powerful people, having powerful friends, and enough money to go around, payoffs, contributions and so forth, that those who could, those who should speak out about this illegal activity, instead turn a blind eye because they don't want to step on someone's feet who they might need for a favor later, no matter how illegal the activity is, and no matter how badly it contributes to destroying America.

It is these public servants, our elected officials, U.S. Senators, U.S. Representatives, and President, and not just current office holders, but previous members, who have not stood up and said this illegal activity must be stopped, the tax money must be collected, and the money in effect swindled from U.S. investors must be returned to them, and furthermore, the criminals MUST GO TO JAIL! Why have not any of our representatives gone after this money, give back to the honest investor what they have had stolen? All the trillions of tax dollars that could have improved our education system, paid for our new roads, strengthened our military, strenghten the U.S. economy, provided healthcare, provided tax breaks, why are our Washington reprentatives speechless on this issue?

So that is briefly how naked short selling works. Many IOU's where there never was an intention, or need to make good on, trillions of tax dollars allowed to go untaxed, the enforcement agency a willing participant making out like a bandit, literally, the average American losing not once but twice, because they can't make a profit in this rigged game, and they have to pay extra in taxes to make up for no taxes being paid on these trillions, all because our nation's represntatives can't muster any courage to do anything about it.

Now, why I ask you all to join and support Richard Altomare.


We are shareholders of Universal Express, symbol USXP, a microcap, which trades on the Over The Counter Bulletin Board, and we are rising up to have our voices collectively heard in support of our leader, our CEO, who we believe has our best interests at heart, and who has become the target of a descpicable attack by the Securities And Exchange Commission for daring to speak out on the issue of illegal criminal activity known as Naked Short Selling, from which the SEC has profited enormously by failing to enforce the law and thereby become a party themselves involved in this criminal endeavor. While the SEC has sued Mr. Altomare and his company, we shareholders are here to say we are unfazed by this vicious abuse of power and onto their plans to destroy Mr. Altomare, who if he ever gets his day before a jury in a court of law, will expose them, win with a jury verdict, and we support Mr. Altomare 100\%!

Mr. Altomare has been subjected to brutal attacks by the SEC, and is currently engaged in a lawsuit, in which the SEC is trying to force him out as chief executive officer and silence him, and destroy his company and shareholder base, as well as send a resounding message to others who dare consider taking a courageous stand in opposition to the SEC's lack of governance over what effectively is a "legalized illegal scheme" which puts huge sums of "ill gotten gains" into the hands of the SEC as well as some of the richest organizations in the world who build their fortunes robbing from the citizenry by engaging in this scheme.

As this SEC "legalized illegal scheme" becomes known to the general public, hopefully through the awakening of the American Congress and media, these hard working and law abiding citizens in the United States who have a 401k, pension, retirement plan, or any other investment in the markets, shall cry out in disgust and outrage until our elected represetatives listen to us and take effective action to stop the SEC from conducting business which is illegal and taking money from the pockets of U.S. investors to the tune of trillions of dollars, money the American people could have in their own investment accounts, as well as trillions of dollars lost to the U.S. treasury in payable taxes which would improve our nation, rather than go into the deep pockets of the SEC and others participating in these acts.

It is our firm belief that Mr. Altomare is being railroaded by the SEC so this story will die and not be told to the American public. The SEC, this "regulatory agency?" of the U.S. markets and overseer of our nations securities laws, is trying to destroy this good man because he has been the most vocal proponent for the thousands of small business which have had to close doors because of this "illegal legalized scheme, " known as "naked short selling." The SEC wishes to silence Mr. Altomare so the extent of the criminal activity will not be revealed to the general public and the ill gotten gains of those involved including the aggregate millions if not hundreds of millions of dollars the SEC has accumulated with each transaction processed or fee charged, will never see the light of day in a United States Court of Law or gain its way into the hearts and minds of the American people. The SEC and the others engaged in this "illegal legalized scheme" need the American investing public to remain ignorant in order for it to continue to work for them, and in order for them to get away with the true "crime of the century," and our hope is to make all Americans aware of this matter and educate them about this illegal activity and restore honesty to the markets.

The American investing public, be it through 401k's or whatever means of investment in America, including the investment of starting a business, have the right to to expect that the agency assigned by the United States of America government to govern and regulate as the law provides, and act in accordance with, and not opposition, to the law of the land, and "enforce" the regulations for the good of all investors and not see how they can benefit activist who participate in illegal schemes. Yet the SEC places itself above the law.

Mr. Altomare needs to have his side of this issue heard loud and clear. As shareholders of Universal Express, we ask that people across our country, stand up and join Mr. Altomare, and speak out to your U.S. Senator and U.S. House of Representative member, as well as the President of The United States, and demand that "naked short selling" this "legalized illegal scheme" be brought to the forefront of discussion and debate in the U.S. halls of Congress and the SEC be directed to stop this illegal activity and be held accountable for the damages to investors as well as companies that have been ruined by it, and be forced to recover and give up the "ill gotten gains" and return these trillions of dollars to the rightful owners, shareholders of these companies, and U.S. Taxpayers. And put the criminals behind bars!

I am reminded of a quote, which I read long ago, attributed to Bobby Kennedy, "If not now, when? If not us, who?"

And another phrase I learned as a boy, "Now is the time for all good men, to come to the aid of their country."

Mr. Altomare is one of those good men. Mr. Altomare is responding to Bobby Kennedy's call, and is he ever paying a price for it. The SEC with is unchecked power is unleashing a case against him that does not disclose the dirty secrets that places them in a horrible light.

The SEC five years ago said "naked short selling" did not exist. About three years ago they said "naked short selling" existed but was not a problem. Now the SEC, through their chairman no less, Mr. Christopher Cox, is saying this in reference to "naked short selling "It continues to be a problem, particularly in the microcap space," which is the catagory USXP falls in.

Isn't his quite a remarkable change? However, the damage has already been done. It is estimated somewhere between 3000 and 4000 American companies have gone bankrupt or out of business because their companies were devastated by "naked short selling." Think of the jobs lost, the American ingenuity that never got off the drawing board, and the tax dollars that could have improved our nation. And we have the SEC to thank for this. How much better would the American investor, and our nation be, if the SEC had regulated as the law tells them to, rather than allow and participate in the "illegal legalized scheme.?"

We will only know the answer to that, if we support people like Mr. Richard Altomare, a former member of the United States Army and, "once a marine, always a marine," U.S. Marine Corps.

I for one support him and I ask Universal Express shareholders, and all shareholders involved in the U.S. markets to join me, and send this letter throughout the interent, all across our nation, and even abroad, and stand beside someone who has been and continues to be willing to place his country before his own well being, as he continues this quest on behalf of his shareholders, and all shareholders, against great odds to right a great injustice being perpetrated on American investors by our own market regulator.

Yes, I support Mr. Altomare, and I hope you will sign on too. But let me ask, where is Mr. Altomare's U.S. Senators from his home states of New York and Florida where he lives and operates his business? Where are Senators Hillary Clinton, Charles Schumer, Bill Nelson, Mel Martinez to stand up along side Mr. Altomare and demand the SEC be investigated and this story be told to the American people? Where do they stand on allowing the SEC to make like they are above the law and cause the ruin of thousands of U.S. companies, hundreds of thousands of lost jobs, and trillions of lost tax dollars that could improve our nation?

So far, they are silent. Shall they remain silent, shame on them. I call on them to raise their voices, join us, and not just lip service, honest to goodness full exposure of the SEC's and others involvement of this "legalized illegal scheme."

I write this as one small shareholder, fed up with the bravado of the SEC to basically act in conspiracy with "naked short sellers" and destroy America. I want my elected officials to do something about it, and now!

We shareholders ask that the case of the SEC versus Universal Express, Mr. Richard Altomare, and his general counsel Mr. Chris Gunderson, be brought to the forefront of the American political scene and that investigations be launched which will prevent the SEC from sweeping this matter under the rug and getting away with what every day Americans would end up in prison for.

We further ask that the U.S. and International media pick up our story. This is a fight of David versus Goliath, and we need your help. We need CBS, CNBC, Lou Dobbs, The Wall Street Journal, Bill O'Reilly and Fox News, 60 Minutes, USA Today, Bloomberg's, ABC Primetime, NBC Dateline, and others like them, and let us add the bloggers of America who can help us expose this injustice which our legal system allows to persist and go unregulated, because the regulators themselves are foxes watching the chicken coup.

We need Eliot Spitzer, Rudy Giuliani, and other significant voices against corruption to speak up, and come to shareholders and Mr. Altomare's aid.

We shareholders of Universal Express support Mr. Richard Altomare and ask you join our campaign to allow him to have his day in court against the SEC, to allow our nation's justice system to work, to allow a jury trial before our peers, and let the American people make the ruling that justice denied to Mr. Altomare on this matter is justice denied to us all, and to have the court listen to all the evidence, rather than rubber stamping the SEC's side of things which allows for cover up. Why should any judge, or the SEC, fear this case being heard before a jury of American citizens and allowing the citizens to make the ruling? Maybe that is a question judge Gerald Lynch who so far has ignored the evidence and acted as a rubber stamp for the SEC can answer.

Remember, Universal Express prevailed in the U.S. courts, before a jury, in a previous naked short selling case and was awarded $700 million. Perhaps judge Lynch fears this case going before a jury this time because the award would many times greater than the previous figure, and finger the SEC as liable.

To Mr. Richard Altomare, our CEO, our leader, Richard may you find the strength to go on and endure this battle and remember when you carry a just burden, you are a just man. Semper Fi, Richard!

We ask all to join us, all for justice, all for equal protection and a truly fair stock market, and we ask all to spread this open letter across the internet, to the media, around the world, and contribute to this grassroots campaign exposing this injustice and in support of Mr.Richard Altomare who fights this battle on behalf of all, not just his own shareholders, because what affects one today, affects all tomorrow.


Dennis Marten

Universal Express Shareholder
100\% supportive of Mr. Richard Altomare

P.S. You may learn more by coming to our website of USXP shareholders united in support of Mr. Altomare. for petition USXP

Further links are provided below including those of your U.S. Senators and U. S. Representatives, SEC Chairman Cox, the SEC prosecuting attorney, and judge hearing the case SEC versus Universal Express.

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[email protected]

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