US Congress: Stop VOA and Radio Farda support of Islamic Republic regime sign now

United States House of Representatives
Washington, D.C. 20515

United States Senate
Washington, D.C. 20510

April 3rd, 2010

Honorable Members of US Congress

Voice of America (VOA) and Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) are international broadcasting services funded by US Government through Broadcasting Board of Governors.

VOA and RFE/RL broadcast daily news and various programs worldwide in many languages including Persian (Farsi). RFE/RL broadcasts in Persian as Radio Farda.

We, the undersigned are:
1. Opposed to VOA and Radio Fardas policy of censorship of Islamic Republic regimes real opposition
2. Opposed to VOA and Radio Farda aiding Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI), in misleading the Iranian people.

The VOA Charter as published on their web site is as follows:

1. VOA will serve as a consistently reliable and authoritative source of news. VOA news will be accurate, objective, and comprehensive.

2. VOA will represent America, not any single segment of American society, and will therefore present a balanced and comprehensive projection of significant American thought and institutions.

3. VOA will present the policies of the United States clearly and effectively, and will also present responsible discussions and opinion on these policies.

RFE/RL mission statement as published on their web site indicates:

The mission of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty is to promote democratic values and institutions by disseminating factual information and ideas.

From Central Europe to the Pacific, from the Baltic to the Black Sea, from Russia to Central Asia to the Persian Gulf, countries are struggling to overcome autocratic institutions, violations of human rights, centralized economies, ethnic and religious hostilities, regional conflicts, and controlled media.

Stability -- based on democracy and free-market economies -- throughout this region is essential to global peace. Based on the conviction that the first requirement of democracy is a well informed citizenry, and building on nearly a half century of surrogate broadcasting to this region:

RFE/RL provides objective news, analysis, and discussion of domestic and regional issues crucial to successful democratic and free-market transformations.

RFE/RL strengthens civil societies by projecting democratic values.

VOA Persian Broadcasting and Radio Farda have violated their charter and mission statement respectively by consistently broadcasting subjective and censored news and programs.

The news, opinions and discussions made on VOA and Radio Farda are mainly in support of Islamic Republic regime and do not represent a balanced view towards news and events related to Iran and US Policy towards Iran.

VOA and Radio Farda guests and contributors are amongst Islamic Republic Lobbyists in US and regime supporters - those whose goal is to save Islamic Republic, by promoting various figure heads of the regime as fabricated opposition leaders and saviors of Iran and Iranians. The leaders and representatives of the Iranian society and various political groups that are the real opposition to Islamic Republic are rarely reported on or invited to participate in VOA and Radio Farda programs.

The current uprising, the continuous human right abuses in Iran, the suppression, imprisonment and execution of Iranians go unnoticed in VOA and Radio Farda or are not reported on in detail as to undermine the real opposition movement in Iran that wants to put an end to Islamic Republic and demands a democratic, free and secular Iran.

The regime in Iran censors and falsifies the news, shuts down and blocks internet sites and monitors internet access in order to control the news and information reaching its citizens a trademark of all authoritarian regimes.

Broadcasts by International media into Iran are the only source of factual news and information for majority of Iranians. Iranians have a right to know who the real opposition leaders and advocates of a regime change in Iran are. Individuals who are for many years campaigning for a free, secular and democratic Iran and represent their rights and interests.

The broadcasts by VOA and Radio Farda are vivid evidence that they are biased in their reporting; their policies are contradictory to democratic values and they only promote those responsible for violation of human rights and their supporters.

We are requesting from US Congress to:

1. Initiate an investigation into VOA and Radio Farda biased policies.

2. Enforce a fair and balanced broadcasting with an objective view of events regarding Iran and demand engagement with the true forces of opposition to current regime in Iran.

The fundamental question for honorable members of Congress is: Is Islamic Republic of Iran considered a rogue, violent, terrorist regime, and an abuser of human rights that should not be tolerated or supported by international community?

We hope that US Congress would take action to support true forces of opposition to current regime in Iran and take steps to implement corrective measures in regard to VOA and Radio Farda.

Continuation of current policies of VOA and Radio Farda will leave no choice for us as Iranian-Americans and/or supporters of People of Iran and supporters of true forces of opposition to IRI regime to strongly consider taking legal action against VOA and Radio Farda, and ultimately US Government, for what we see as promoting violators of human rights, condoning imprisonment, torture and execution of innocent people and supporting a terrorist and tyrannical regime by these establishments.

Iranians advocating Freedom, Democracy, Secularism & Human Rights in Iran

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