United We Stand International Candlelight Vigil Public Invitation On September 11 To Remember Victims of All Human Tragedies and Hope For Peace and FREE Societies. sign now

We, the undersigned, invite the Iranian public and citizens throughout the world to unite in a United We Stand International Candlelight Vigil on September 11, as a day of remembrance for victims of all human tragedies and loss. Let this be a day when we all unite, irrespective of cultural, religious and political differences in a united struggle for peace, free societies and secular democracies.
In order to increase humanities awareness and unity on every September 11th as it gets dark at night, please turn off every light in your home, step outside, get out of your car, or leave your office and light a candle in memory of the over 3000 victims of the September 11th terrorist attacks, as well as in remembrance of all victims of terrorism, wars and tyrannies of the past 60 years.
It is imperative that as citizens of the world we urge all democratic governments to learn from our history so that we may avoid future mistakes. The September 11th WTC terrorist attack was a tragedy, but it was also an opportunity to define a better future world order based on ethics, morale values, free society, human freedom and peace.

1,368 years ago, a great collection of books was kept in the Persian empire's Library at Tees-fun, which was the second biggest center of art, literature, and science in the world. This vast collection of books was set ablaze and destroyed by fundamental Islamist invaders, possibly setting the world's clock back by at least 400 years. The massive libraries so carefully collected by the Sassanian Empire scattered in the capricious winds of the fundamental Islamist edict:If the books herein are in accord with Islam, then we don't need them. If the books herein are not in accord with Islam, then they are kafir (of the infidel).

The Islamist Clerical Terrorist Regime in control of Iran can take 70 million Iranian citizens hostage, and can torture and execute over 120,000 Iranian political prisoners, but they cannot shake the immortal foundation and spirit of Cyrus The Great, the founder of First Declaration of Human Rights. As humanity rejected slavery and European colonialism, sending those broken concepts to the dustbin of history, the dictatorial nature and tyranny of Islamist Terror Masters will be rejected everywhere and must be replaced with free societies and secular democracies.
To stay silent and remain indifferent in the face of these barbaric atrocities and danger is indeed a sin for the believers and a cowardly act for the non-believers.
"Human beings are all members of one body.
They are created from the same essence.
When one member is in pain,
The others cannot rest.
If you do not care about the pain of others,
You are not worthy of being called a human."
(A quote from a renowned Persian Poet, Saadi Shirazi 12th to 13th century AD)

The goals, demands and beliefs of the signatories from around planet Earth are summarized in the following points:
1. Complete separation of religion from the state in every country of the world.
2. The War On Terror is UNWINNABLE and the world peace can not be achieved as long as the Unelected Islamists Terror and Torture Masters are in power in Iran. The terror state and fear society can not create stability.
3. Complete and thorough acceptance of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
4. A free, open and democratic referendum after regime change in Iran that is monitored by independent and objective NGOs from countries throughout the world.
5. The territorial integrity and national sovereignty of Iran.

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