Unite Skye and Jax once and for all of eternity!!! sign now

We the fans of General Hospital or more specifically Sax (Skye and Jax)put out this petition so that anyone who may be concerned will know. We want the pairing of Skye and Jax.

All of us fans who love Jax and Skye have been pulled in many directions with this story, except the direction we want it to go. Yes they have got close many times. We do love those scenes that drive us crazy for more and we love the teasing and the tension. We see that possibly TPTB at GH are just taunting us with those scenes, making us hold out for the wonderful day that these wonderful characters will unite. Although we are going crazy just waiting around. We want it known that we don't want Jax with Courtney, Carly, or even Alexis if that's still a possibility. We want Jax with our girl Skye and fast.

No two other characters lite up the screen the way these two brilliant actors do. There was speculation if they even got along off set but they both have assured fans they adore eachother both ways. Which that in itself shows even as they act. We the fans feel that Jax is wonderful for Skye and Skye is just perfect for Jax. The querreling, the denial (which I must say is worse than supression), the sexual tension, the kisses, the almost there scenes are great but we are getting to the point where we want more.

We hope that this petition gets to TPTB's attention and you set all us Sax fans at ease....we are all holding our breath for the moment. Please hurry!!!!

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Latest Signatures

  • 07 January 2016600. Catherine Rs
    I love Skye/Jax and want a great story that focuses on them and not Sonny C. who has been on far to ofen of late. I am not a fan of his and he is killing GH right now. Send him on a long Vacation. I love Ingo and Robin and I think they have proved that th
  • 01 January 2016599. Georgie Marks
    I love SAX! Robin Christopher and Ingo Rademacher have great chemistry! They are the best couple on GH right now, please keep them together for a long, long time!
  • 25 December 2015598. Maria Mckay
    I want Skye and Jax together!!!!
  • 24 December 2015597. Gina T
    Jax/Skye the best couple on GH!!!
  • 20 December 2015596. Jessica Diaz
    Skye and Jax are amazing together. You can see how much they love eachother no matter what the circumstances.
  • 19 December 2015595. Jessie P
    The chemistry b/w Skye&Jax is what got me watching GH to begin with, so don't drop the ball with what could be a great new super-couple!!
  • 06 December 2015594. Cheri H
    Please reunite Skye and Jax they have the potential to be the next super couple of GH.
  • 27 November 2015593. Melissa Yang
    LOVE THEM!!!!!!
  • 22 November 2015592. Leslie S
    They are the best on the show right now.
  • 15 November 2015591. Patricia L
    I want Jax and Skye together! They make a great and sexy couple!
  • 09 November 2015590. Marissa Joyce
    SAX 4EVER!
  • 04 November 2015589. Elliot Haney
    Skye and Jax rue!! I LOVE them together and hopefully we will see more of them in the future! GO SAX!!
  • 10 October 2015588. Barbara M
    Skye makes Jax not so boring!
  • 09 October 2015587. Karen M
    Please please please let Skye and Jax be a couple. I have never loved a soap couple so much, ever! They have everything- passion, fun, humour, sex appeal, cuteness, and most of all, chemistry coming out of their ears! Ingo and Robin are truly magical in t
  • 30 September 2015586. Karalyn J
    These are two of my favorite characters. I love seeing them together!!!!
  • 22 September 2015585. Nancy Stout
    Skye and Jax are the best couple on GH. They are the next Luke and Laura!!
  • 21 September 2015584. Heather Torres
    Ingo and Robin have great chemistry and it would be a waste of the viewers' time to if TPTB did not explore the relationship between Jax and Skye. Jax and Skye belong together! Let's have romance for once on GH.
  • 19 September 2015583. Alyssa Andrachelandmadisonmillerallsistertogetherf
    jax and skye are staying forever
  • 31 August 2015582. Irene C
    Please Please do not separate SKYE and JAX!!!
  • 26 August 2015581. Pat Silva
    Please unite these two. They are great together!
  • 25 August 2015580. Catwoman Howell
    They are hot!
  • 20 August 2015579. Dawn Powers
    I love SAX. They have the wonderful chemistry and have the potential to be the next supercouple. Keep them together!
  • 10 August 2015578. Alexa Bonilla
    they are the best couple on GH!!! Ingo rocks
  • 21 July 2015577. Skyjax Brady
    loving this couple
  • 20 July 2015576. Jamila Mays
    Sax works for me!!
  • 15 July 2015575. Chandni Whitaker
    I LOVE JAX AND SKYE! i just started college and am having SAX withdrawl symptoms..i don't have a television so i go to the lounge to watch and i don't care who sees how obsessed i am with GH..hehe!!!
  • 01 July 2015574. Loveskyeandjax Bird
    They are my favorite couple! Love the sex scenes!

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TPTB at General Hospital of ABC


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