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WE THE UNDERSIGNED, insist on an Underground Metro line for the suburbs of Mumbai instead of the proposed elevated metro line.

Our formal request is based upon the foundation of belief that modern urban mass transportation systems which require huge immovable infrastructure should exist underground and enable leaving space above the ground for human beings to live and co-exist in natural surroundings to the maximum extent possible. While this approach may not have been applied so far in our citys planning process, we believe that we should take advantage of the opportunity that is knocking on our doors this time, and every time hereafter. Because the suburbs are not only an integral part of the city, but they are, in fact, our future.

The apparent thought process that this immovable infrastructure is proposed to be built above the ground, undoubtedly eats into the already scarce land mass available in the suburbs, and only leads to further disruption and deterioration in the present and future quality of the citizens daily life.

At the outset, we would like to bring to light the need for all of us to use an effective combination of tactical and strategic thinking towards urban transportation solutions for large metropolitan regions like Mumbai that scales up to the growing economic needs in line with the future growth of the city and its suburban areas.


The specific reasons and advantages of an UNDERGROUND METRO are mentioned below.

1. Reduce Future Congestion: The suburbs are becoming the newer hubs of activity in the city. An underground Metro in the already congested suburban areas would realistically keep alive the possibility of future expansion of multi-level Metro lines in all directions (North, South, East and West) as per the increasing demographic density of the Mumbai metropolitan region for the coming decades with relatively minimum disruption to the day-to-day lives of citizens.

2. Complement Underground Metro with existing public transportation: The only arterial route on which presently elevated Metro is proposed will continue to be available for varieties of options which any city of tomorrow needs such as B.R.T.S. (Bus Rapid Transit System), walking for pedestrians, vehicular traffic, cycling, connecting green zones, etc. These roads are over-crowded and over utilized (Bypass) and already bursting on their seams. The arterial routes like the SV Road and Link road currently carry all the major bus routes with over 200 Bus Stops; these, instead of being relocated would instead provide an opportunity to create a more efficient mass transit system by complementing the underground metro into the overall solution.

3. No displacement or demolition necessary: There would be minimal need to acquire, displace, encroach or demolish established private or public properties which abut the alignment. It would also minimize the potential disruption caused to citizens during the project execution phase. As per the RTI petition filed, to which the MMRDA has replied, the costs of the above mentioned activities are not yet considered because that policy is still being finalized. An example of this Shree Building near the Santacruz Police Station.

4. No Land acquisition and litigation costs: The litigation and land acquisition costs as well as costs of rehabilitation can be fully avoided thereby ensuring that the project goals are achieved in a timely manner. This also helps the MMRDA and the governments further enhance their public image of addressing social and economic needs of the citizens with great speed and agility.

5. Minimal Environmental Impact: There will be minimal environmental impact thereby eliminating the need for uprooting of thousands of trees, reduced noise and dust pollution it is public knowledge that the density in Mainland city is declining while both the Western and Eastern Suburbs it is soaring and is only going to be on the rise, commercially and infrastructure-wise.

6. Preserve citys culture while being realistic towards a solution: A grave apprehension is UD has formalized norms for CRZ, Fire Regulations, Civil Aviation, BEST. We believe none of these regulations are followed but flouted. We are also deeply concerned as per reports, Government may consider the entire corridor into Commercial Zone having 4 FSI This will amount to virtually uprooting ourselves and disintegrating the city and its culture. These are not mill lands or slum lands but lands where the citizens have grown with the city for generations. Conversely, an underground Metro would open alive the possibility of granting adjacent underground space for commercial development alongside Metro stations on the lines of Singapore, London, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai and other developed cities.

7. Address socio-economic needs: The existing urban fabric of the Mumbai metropolitan area that has evolved over several generations can be incrementally improvised by preserving the deep and rich socio-economic culture of the city while combining it with tomorrows needs and solutions.

8. Good Solution, futuristic, fast and cheap: The underground Metro will positively impact the quality of life of the residents of the metropolitan area while eliminating direct unidentified costs worth hundreds of crores that are currently under formulation but also address non-tangible social costs like lost opportunity, hindrance to future development, living hardship caused to citizens and so on.


Therefore, the option of an Underground Metro is not only viable but a necessity. Older global cities like New York, London and Paris as well as modern cities like Singapore, Sydney, Toronto, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai to name a few have all designed their Metro transportation to be underground so as to provide the space above the ground for its citizens for regular use. This combination of highly progressive and efficient public transportation solutions which achieve the socio-economic goals while making available space above the land for citizens normal life will prove to be highly futuristic as well as visionary for generations of citizens to come.

The Underground Metro that we are suggesting is not a basement-like structure. In fact, it is an advanced Tunnel Technology which runs atleast 40 ft. below ground level without disturbing existing utilities like pipes, or existing structures or even nallahs and water bodies, which is of immense importance in todays times. Besides, while the MMRDA has announced its plans to construct Underground Metro under certain areas of South Mumbai such as the Oval Maidan, Crawford Market, Mahalaxmi, etc. there should be no disparity with the suburbs which have the fastest growing population and generate maximum revenues for Mumbai. The soil of the suburbs is the soil of the city. And suburbs are the future of the city and its citizens.

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