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Unban Illusions667! He was an active member of the DeviantART society and way banned for allegedly harrassing other members. The Illusions667 I know follows deviantART etiquette, and I know people who follow his views and simply just respect him will agree with me.

Here is a letter from him, please read.

Dear members of ~national-socialism, supporters of free speech or anyone else who cares about this,

I have been a well-respected member of Deviantart for several years. However, due to the controversial nature of my political views, I have often been attacked by many people who disagree with them. I have rarely lost my cool, and I always try to reply in a respectful and mature fashion, despite the disrespectful and immature nature of many of the attacks against me.

Many of these same people have also often lobbied against me. A recent hate group called [link] is but one of the many examples. On the other hand, I also managed to gain the admiration of many people for my openminded and respectful attitude I try to display towards other people regardless of their beliefs, race, religion or attitude.

Efforts to get me banned have always been fruitless, though, since there was nothing these people could use to get me banned for. I've always tried to stick to the rules and refrain from any bad language, even against those who attack me with such language themselves.

Today, however, things have changed. They finally found something to get me banned. Not only did I get banned, but the ban is of an indefinite nature. The official reason is pretty lame.

The admin who banned me, accuses me of "continued harassment and spam", however I fail to see how the posts in question could be considered as such. I have received no formal complaint about this so-called "continued harassment and spam" from either users in question nor any admin. My ban comes without former warning from either users in question nor any admin. I have indeed posted the same comments as a reply to several people, yet these posts contained no offensive language and were a direct response to the topic in question. The mere fact for the same post being made several times does not make this spam, since the arguments I was replying against was also more or less the same for the people I was replying to. Is there a point in changing an entire comment when you reply to someone, when you want to use the same arguments anyway? It is clear to me that this ban was political of nature.

If my ban remains, I will have no option options but wishing every one of you the best. You guys are among DA's finest when it comes to having an open mind and respecting your fellow man, despite what some people may think of you. Never let anyone tell you to be someone else. Never stop standing up for what you believe in. Be yourself and be f+++ing proud of it, whatever it means to you to be yourself.... and please remember that the world has always been changed by few people with great minds and never by many people with puny minds. You can change the world with only little people, however it always requires a group of people willing do dedicate their lives to an ideal and to cooperate as a community rather than a group of individuals.

I encourage you all to never give up supporting what makes sense to you more than everything else. Even if the whole world hates you for it, you can never be a full person by denying who and what you are and what your own mind and instinct just know to be true. For every fall you take, try growing stronger the next time.

Kind regards,


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