Un-skirt U.S. Government's Its Daily Worldwide Secret Unsuspected Satellite Mind Control Technology Attack Activities! Public International Investigation Request! Disarm U.S. Government's Space Weaponry Request! sign now

Interceptors - Un-skirt U.S. Government's Its Daily Worldwide Secret Unsuspected Satellite Mind Control Technology Attack Activities! Public International Investigation Request! Disarm U.S. Government's Space Weaponry Request!
This petition is to pursuit public international investigations to detect and disarm U S from its current mind control technology and other most current sophisticated space-based weaponry using satellites as carriers for remote attacks originating from its soil bases have already employed and in active daily throughout the world, and others are in the development. It was 2003 that it started its secret satellite everyday unsuspected attack/probe activities. The number of victims of unsuspected U. S Satellite Mind Control immoral attacks has already reached millions; the number increases hourly by victimized ones in U. S land and outside the US.

It is true that current claims on this awful crimes UNITED STATES governments current being committed for years and presently. It must be public investigations of U.S. space-based torture, space-based privacy breaking, space-based territory violation that U.S. government being committed using this unsuspected technology with satellite carriers. This site should be the great place for all to report such activities and help stop U.S government's, and free all victimized ones as its consequences.

The US government has in the hands in-active-space-based weapons systems having capable of remote attacking information security and psychological security that can destroy information system and influence individuals and large population in real time Multiple targets factor. The US government is the latest most secret threat to national security of other countries in this area.

Secret methods of information-psychological influence can not only harm a person's health, but also lead to "the loss of people's freedom on the unconscious level, the loss of capability of political, cultural and other self-identification, manipulations with social consciousness" and even "the destruction of a common informational and spiritual integrity of other countries. These attack methods named "psychotropic weapons, or psychical weapons" are so destructive secretly. The U.S. governments are totally cowardly lying all the time with their statement "The U.S. government official position is that U.S. mind control weapons are classified or that there are no U.S. government mind control weapons programs." In reality, for recent years since 2003, U.S government has current its own capable of Remote collect Intelligence, stealing secrets, breaking privacy, manipulating target's decisions of unprecedented targets, and influencing targeted individuals - all are going unsuspected on targets.

In fact, the United States, for all practical purposes, a military and Intel police state. This reality is masked with a facade of representative government and media communication and lies. The empire had an evil Twin. U.S citizens are selected at random for terrible secret experiments and abuses, particularly in this top classified covered-up project. Those who seriously challenge the corrupt system face secretly covert harassment and abuses, threatening always-on explicitly and implicitly. They become victimized under U.S mind control technology attacks which attempt to make targets look bad in public and anywhere in any situation with a full-blown cover-lies of mental ill mimic.

U.S. governments are the largest hypocrites and rank up right with the worst cowardly immoral cruel torturer and rapist soil based teams. The cowardly USA governments conceals Mind Control technology mimics mentality disease to infect victims, and to commit some of the worst imaginable atrocities, and make perfect crime onto targets, and claim victims for natural causes. They do all means at any costs to cover up completely their reality Satellite Mind Control technomind control technology attack secret missions of the U.S. Government. That guy has American name "Kevin Kieu", a U.S citizenship; he is from China. He is about 40 years old, round face, short hair cut, dark brown skin; he lives in Chicago in U.S. He is very good in English, Chinese and Vietnamese languages. He lived in Can-Tho province of Southern Vietnam before he oversea left Vietnam for the U.S. During the trip, he was in an intermediate camp prior to settled down to the U.S, he was recruited.
[2]. One of U.S satellite mind control attack ground teams intercepted since 2003consists of 4 Service men and two women; one can speak Chinese well; another one can speak Vietnamese; of course all speak American English native. They are all so much cruel and cowardly, lying, mocking Craps, Conspiracies and dirty activities at the level not seen in normal daily life. All their actions are to abuse and torture victims remotely in physical and mental way of beams. Why they do to victims? U.S Governments use sex war driving strategy, specially after 2001, to torture ones being seen 'unfriendly' to U.S Government's political policies and activities, and for its experiments in mind control development and improvement. Besides, this team remotely probes everyone being in scope of their satellite spy scan. They are trying to trace to find any spy network (if any from China, Taiwan, Korea, India, Vietnam,...) planted in U.S land, and itself sleeper-cells inside its land. Since 2004, their probings have been carried out daily not only in U.S but right in territory of other countries (Taiwan, Korea, China, India, Iraq, Afghanistan, Japan, Vietnam, and Belgium, UK,...); its secret unsuspected attack activity via satellites is over Vietnam territory daily round-the-clock since 2004 and presently. Satellite mind control weapon and other most current sophisticated weapon successful achievements help U.S. Governments launching all secret attacks remotely anywhere and any place (only Russia is probably an exceptional to that; and China is also after 2006) quietly with almost no trace visible if unsuspected.
[3]. They could use these remote unsuspected technology to communicate with their spies planted already in other countries; planted spies do not need equipments for transmitting information back and forth to U.S government; All they need is let U. S ground Teams use satellite Mind Control technology beams to Remotely communicate with spies. It is very hard to detect unless monitor activities of satellites in scope of orbit space over a country territory, and monitor country territory space for any in-and-out beams to and from orbit space. The best bet is go equipped space defense system covering up entire country territory.
[4]. It is going to publish ahead next their probe and attack activities - include location, who if any possible.
[5]. It is going to frequently update daily information about trackable current and new victims - who, where, what of attack activities, what sentence patterns attackers do tactically bugging victims in voice projection.
[6]. New reveal - It has new reveal that American Government's Satellite Mind Control Daily Worldwide Attack Activity Teams belongs to its Echelon Global Spy System/Network. Through interceptions of weak points of its satellite ground team attack activities, the fact first came out on 12/2004; the confirmation is verified on 10/2008.
Everyone, victimized ones do not hesitate to join in. When do it, please provide public as much as possible information about attacks, current attacks and next attacks such as current locations of attacks, information of ones known as occasional, frequent and always-on victims. More information are updated at "Signature Section" of this petition.

Thanks for reading.

PS: Current traceable proof to be submitted on request posting to the petition board (the web address above) - please provide your official email address.

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