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?Exploitation of a Black Man
The Anchorage Conspiracy

With the recent events that have been revealed in the Catholic Churches, Anchorage Christians struggle with their own

scandal. A highly controversial judgement that involves a predominantly white church, (Kings Way Assembly of God),
law enforcement and a former black member of Kings Way Church's congregation.

While attending Kings Way Assembly of God (K.W.A.G.), a former Pastor tried to help a minority member with a
troubled past. Although his intension was honorable, he set the stage to destroy this members family, and allow this
member, without consent to participate in an experiment that is unconstitutional. One would only pray that this was not
racially motivated, but after reading this you cant help but wonder why this church and local officials would conspire to
go through such means to try to cover-up the truth.

After consulting with Pastor Mike Wise (K.W.A.G.) this pastor tried to help a member back in the military. Using their
political ties and influence this pastor made a deal behind close doors, without the member's knowledge. This member was
getting his life back together. After living on the streets of Anchorage for almost a year, the help was welcomed. Things
were looking bright for the new member. He was an active member in the church body, helping out with Sunday school
classes, playing the bass guitar on the Praise and Worship Band. Most of all he was able to take care of his three children.

Not long after that, a routine visit to the Veterans Hospital discovered this member could have cancer. They performed
some test, then scheduled a colonoscopy at a local Anchorage Hospital. While this procedure was performed on paper,
something else happened that didn't make it into the patiences medical records, A controversial implant that the Dept. Of
Corrections have been experimenting with on inmates in the penal system.

This chip, believed to be the 20/20 neutral Implant Chip, has been tested on inmates by the Dept. of Corrections in Mass.
and Cali.,and a few other penal institutions. The device allows authorities to monitor your every move. You become a
walking "walkie talkie". The Dept. of Corrections have been testing the application of these and other types of implants on
high risk inmates without their knowledge. Currently theyre lobbying Congress for the use of these types of implant chips.

I became aware of this by friends and people on the street. One came up to me and asked me if I was making a movie.
Another came up to me, and almost word for word, told me what I was talking to my children about at my house. I hadnt
seen this person for almost a year before that. After these individuals came up to me to inform me, I was never to see them
again. Now These officials were trying to isolate me from the truth. Pastor Mike was approached, and acknowledged what
was happening. Thinking that he would do the responsible thing, I let it be for a while, but it got worst. Realizing that he
and the law agency that started all this had blundered, it was best to start denying everything. So that was their plan, to
coverup the truth, and play psychological mind plays with me.

Instead of dealing with the truth, they continue to lie about this matter, while they continue to exploit this black man for
political and financial gain. Now theyve conspired with parts of the community to break up this family, use his children as
pawns, just to cover up their blunder, while denying him legal representation. Like the days of old when vigilantes took
matters into there own hands, Anchorage has resurrected a page from the past, with a new twist. First rob an individual of
his constitutional rights, then rob him of his privacy, and if thats not enough, tear a black mans family apart, while
exploiting him.

Coverups are nothing new in communities, but when Christian Leaders conspire to exploit their members, then conspire to
breakup a Black mans family to coverup the truth, they need to be held accountable. Instead they've used their influence
and political power to continue this experiment and deny him his constitutional rights. Setting this city, this country, back
in time. A time when oppression was looked at as a way of life. Back in the days of slavery. The days when the white man,
the majority, oppressed the poor, the black man. Using religion to fuel this type of hatred is a slap in the face to any God,
and the churches around our country,

The United States of America ...

We the undersign, do hereby petition the state Of Alaska for the following, stemming from allegations made against Kings Way
Assembly of God (K.W.A.G) and the city of Anchorage, for the invasion of privacy and denial of Due Process of the Law to a former
member of K.W.A.G. to include the following:

1. Thoroughly investigate allegations against Kings Way Assembly of God and the city of Anchorage by an independent agency.
2. Review Law Enforcements handling of this case.
3. Private firm to remove technology while being filmed.
4. Restore family to include counseling for children.
5. Immunity without a reprimand and, or retaliation ( whistle Blowing protection program)
6. Compensation.
7. A public apology from both the city of Anchorage and K.W.A.G.

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