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Petition to relieve Leona Robinson of the position of VMB Administrator:

It is our observation that Leona Robinson, AKA Faded Red, is unable to function professionally as the Administrator of the Vast Message Board. We understand that no one is perfect and that anyone, no matter how fair they intend to be, is free of bias. Regardless, we feel she is unable to uphold the VMB guidelines due to an abuse of power on her part, and to the extent of personal involvement with the band and with VMB members.

General examples of such abuse include the following:

1 Vicious and malicious posts in response to users of the VMB
2 Banning members casually for superficial reasons as well as banning members due to personal issues with those members
3 Egging on/flaming members for unjustifiable reasons
4 Discussing private/personal matters involving VMB members
5 Discussing private/personal matters involving band members
6 General inappropriate behavior regarding censorship at the VMB
7 Taking too much of a liberty regarding this VMB policy: These guidelines may be subject to change if we feel it is required.
8 Favoritism - some members are allowed to break message board guidelines while most others are banned immediately.

Due to Leona/Faded Red's inability to perform the Admin duties in a fair manner, we feel this petition is unfortunately necessary. Attempts by members of the VMB to organize and speak out about the matter are inevitably censored on the board itself; this yet another example of abuse of power. Any posts addressing this topic are instantly deleted or the authors banned, which is why we have to do this here.

Quite simply: We want Leona OUT. When Admins needlessly insult board members, especially new ones, fans are lost - and WORD-OF-MOUTH TRAVELS FAST, resulting in the loss of even more fans. An Admin is a direct reflection upon the band, as is the way a board is run. She has banned and offended many loyal and potential fans. Naturally, these actions can deter would-be members from joining the board, and can also cause 'established' fans to stop sharing VAST with new people. It's not that people don't realize that Leona/Faded Red is not a VAST band member -- it's just that people who associate the VMB with negativity will naturally stop coming, leaving them out of the loop, which costs you the word-of-mouth advertising you need -- for an upcoming download, or for a new album. It's not just music, it's a career, and you deserve to have ALL your fans' support.

Disclaimer: (to the fans)
This petition is in no way affiliated w/ VAST. Its an independent effort made up of concerned fans and members (or in some cases ex-members) of the VMB. It also includes new members and others who would be members if not for all the negativity.

Note from Authors:
The VMB is a place for VAST fans to get together. It may seem to some that seeking proper administration on a message board is petty; however it is our belief that speaking out on behalf of our Freedom of Speech is a battle that can be fought here and now by any of us. It's not that we wish to disparage the band; that is not the type of freedom we are asking for. The opportunity to make sure that those in charge strive toward fairness comes in many seemingly unimportant forms all the time.

It's called, Thinkiing global, acting local.

What is brought before you is one of many opportunities to do just that. All we want is to see VAST receive the recognition they deserve, and to see VAST's fan base reach its TRUE potential.

If you truly care about this cause, we ask that you use your real name (first name only is fine) and leave us your VMB Member name. All names will be invisible online, and will only be viewed by the Band and/or Management and ONLY once a substantial number of signatures is collected and sent. If we can't show that real people are signing, change will not happen! Also, leave your comments and tell us how you feel about this issue. Please consider leaving your email address; you will have the option of keeping it invisible. Comments will either be visible or made available elsewhere online; leave your email address for further information.

We apologize for the length of this statement. But points needed to be made and none of them could be made on the VMB.

Thank you for supporting VAST with us, and thank you for your time.

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