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This board is for everyone who has enjoyed the amazing love story of George O'Malley and Izzie Stevens as wonderfully portrayed by TR Knight and Katherine Heigl.

Tell them why you love George and Izzie, what their relationship has meant to you and how much you enjoyed their performance.

No nasty comments against Alex and Izzie, Shonda Rhimes or any other Grey couples will be accepted.

This project is solely intended as an appreciation effort for the George and Izzie love story and their talented performers.

All messages will be sent to TR Knight and Katherine Heigl.

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Latest Signatures

  • 16 December 201550. Callie Richards
    Gizzie makes me happier than any other couple. They are so right together, and I hope they realize it. TR, you are such a cutie pie. I love you.
  • 21 September 201549. Courtney Mcintosh
    George and Izzie saved each other, so now save them! We love you both.
  • 25 June 201548. Edwin B
    TR is seriously hot and George more than deserves a fine girl like Izzie. Lexie is child's play. Bring back the hotness!!
  • 30 April 201547. Nicolas Ramos
    I hope George and Izzie reunite soon. They are the best part of the show.
  • 10 April 201546. Irina Young
    I really miss Gizzie, It's such a wonderful couple
  • 23 January 201545. Maggie Banks
    You are both such amazing actors and the reason I tune in. George and Izzie were so happy together. They made me happy too. I hope we get some romance soon.
  • 12 August 201444. Megan Petty
    I want to thank you for fighting for this couple like we did. It is great to know you saw the potential from day 1. I will always have hope George and Izzie reunite. They are too wonderful not to.
  • 24 March 201443. Christy Cummings
    I support this petition
  • 21 March 201442. Amy M
    George and Izzie definitely became the hi-light of the show for me. So I was definitely disappointed when the show tried to brush them off. I actually stopped watching the show because of that, no longer felt like there was anything left for me to watch a
  • 08 February 201441. Janine H
    I adore TR & Katie and I loved George and Izzie! I loved them both as friends and a couple. I think they could have worked as a couple. It's just my opinion that their story was not handled very well. I still have hope for them, though. Maybe a couple
  • 14 January 201440. Katia Roberson
    TR and Katie, you gave us such a wonderful love story. Thanks for all the love and passion you put into this pairing. Don't listen to the critics or the media. This couple has many fans. George and Izzie are forever in my heart.
  • 06 January 201439. Gabriella Hahn
    LOVE LOVE LOVE this couple.
  • 17 November 201338. Barbara Kent
    George and Izzie are my favorite couple on TV. Thank you for making this couple so lovable.
  • 13 November 201337. Ted Lane
    This couple reminds me of my girlfriend and I. They have a special place in our hearts because of that. I really hope they find their way back.
  • 13 June 201336. Megan Koch
    Thank you so much for this wonderful love story. You two were phenomenal. I rooted for those two since day 1 and I always will.
  • 13 April 201335. Diana Livingston
    This love story was special and amazing. I will never forget it. I hope one day it gets a real chance. I am rooting for those two.
  • 01 April 201334. Valentina Rowe
    I think George and Izzie complete eachother. It's strange that they were best friends before they realized they are in love and now they bearly talk. TR and Katie, you did a great job with yours characters. I hope we see more scenes with you together in t
  • 12 February 201333. Aubrey Miller
    I really miss your scenes. They were the higlight of the show for me. You had sizzling chemistry together. I miss Gizzie. They belong together.
  • 01 February 201332. Kay Carpenter
    George and Izzie were magic together. I miss them. You two really sizzle together.
  • 13 January 201331. Amy Hickman
    George and Izzie are beautiful, simply put.
  • 13 November 201230. Malana Golden
    George and Izzie had just the right mixture of tenderness and hotness. They were the perfect couple. I hope they find their way back.
  • 19 March 201229. Gihane Sandoval
    What a beautiful couple! I miss them so much.
  • 17 March 201228. Kelsie B
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  • 15 March 201227. Marianne Duarte
    Your interactions and love story made the show for me. Without it, the show feels drab and boring.
  • 22 December 201126. Mykenzie Lara
    LOVE these two! They light up the screen together! :)
  • 26 November 201125. Betty Wong
    I really love this couple. They showed what unconditional love should be like. You two do a great job every single week. I hope George and Izzie get their happy ending.
  • 20 October 201124. Eman Y
    I support this petition

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TR Knigth and Katherine Heigl


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