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We thank you The Honorable Congressman Ron Paul for your wisdom voting against the Adoption and Safe Families Act of 1997. As Parents we are concerned about the corruption and usurping of constitutional rights in the name of the children. State CPS agencies are legally kidnapping childen for federal dollars. Parents who had there kids taken with no evidence to support the allegations. When they appear in Family/Juvenile Courts. The accused are deprived of a trial by jury. Also Deprived of the Fifth Amendment rights not answer questions they can use against them. There is no due process and rights to any fair trial under the color of law. Children have no rights under the writ of Habeas Corpus being held in Foster care with no evidence of a crime. We ask you as a contender for the President of the United States of America. If Elected you will do everything in power under the US Constitution has delegated to the executive branch. You will cut of the money encouraging this unconstitutional practice of the States CPS agencies of taking children from loving parents. We understand the Family unit is the back bone of our society and the strength of our nation. CPS through this Federal Money under CAPTA(Child Abuse Protection Treatment Act of 1974), The Adoption and Safe Families Act of 1997 and the social security act has corrupted our local police,local government and politicians because of the money they get per child. We have petitioned our governors,our state legislators and our county government about this rogue operation taking kids with no due process. To no avail the abuse in foster homes, the lawlessness of the CPS workers,the judges and the police violating our civil rights fell on deaf ears and have failed the people they are supposed to represent. We ask you do everything in your power to put an end the CPS as we know and keep government out of the family. We acknowledge real Child Abuse,Neglect and Abandonment is a criminal act that should be dealt with in criminal court under State laws. And the Child should be removed for the child's safety and put with close kin and a foster home as a last resort. We ask you again to stop the funding and return it as a local/State issue and no longer subsidised by the Federal Government.

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Latest Signatures

  • 01 January 2016100. Peter Jc
    The insanity of child abuse by depriving them of dads must come to a stop, it does far too much damage
  • 08 December 201599. Carla S
    Please save our families and stop the madness. For the last 2 years my daughter was in the system, put there by me, when promised they would give her services, that they couldn`t give me, I had to agree to specialized foster care, to protect her I thought
  • 01 December 201598. Glenn M
    I support Dr. Paul for President, and so do many others in the family rights movement. Many more might get off the fence, if you took a firm stand on this matter. I agree this is a State matter; that is why we have to get the feds out of it!
  • 17 November 201597. Mark B
    Please protect & preserve the family life of children.
  • 11 October 201596. David P
    Please feel free to contact me. We have a Congress and senate and white house who has broken all of the constiution. They are all treasonous vipers from hell.
  • 04 October 201595. Elizabetsheba N
    Save our children....Make a difference!
  • 22 August 201594. Patsy M
    This Must not go on! Go Paul Go!!
  • 01 June 201593. Gloria P
    I agree with the petition I have suffered emotionally along with my family the injustice of DCSF. DCSF did not serve us in any way whatsoever; they just terrorized and make us feel powerless and afraid of the social worker who has absolute power.
  • 27 May 201592. Amanda C
  • 21 May 201591. Bob Dillon
    Stop these criminals
  • 12 May 201590. Denise Marhoeferthedefensefoundationforchildrenu
    Dr Paul You have our full support. You are our hope and the Children of our Nation's hope for a bright tomorrow.
  • 13 April 201589. Alyce Tyreed
    We need protection for America's families. It is already provided in the Constitution if only the government would follow the law as provided by the Founders of our wonderful nation!! Please stand up for the American family and protect America's children'
  • 27 March 201588. Amber Y
    help us in the fight for our children
  • 20 March 201587. Dennis G
    god's speed
  • 18 March 201586. Angelique W
    Please help save the American Family
  • 01 February 201585. Sonya Jeang
    Please make a difference for all children whom aren't allowed to have a voice. Rather these children are being ripped from their families unjustifiably & are being put through several foster homes & children's homes while CPS works tirelessly to g
  • 08 December 201484. Christy L
    I 100\% support you Dr. Paul... please support us!
  • 20 September 201483. Janelle F
    please do something regarding the trafficing of our children
  • 15 September 201482. Jim P
    Please make Family Preservation an issue in your campaign. Thank you.
  • 26 August 201481. Phill D
    Keep up the good work Ron
  • 12 July 201480. Cathy R
  • 03 July 201479. David F
    Stop the abuse and restore our Constitutional rights!
  • 13 May 201478. Tammy C
    Lancaster, Ky
  • 09 January 201477. Agnes K
    Stop these gestapo tactics.
  • 24 August 201376. Kristina B
    There needs to be a change for the innocent parents who are wrongfully accused. I am a mother who was wrongfully accused and is facing termination of parental rights so her son can be put up for adoption.
  • 05 July 201375. David T
    Laws are enacted to protect families, but the courts are now trying to destoy families so some low level power hungry wackos cant control their need for power over justice.
  • 16 June 201374. Mr Rockym
    something long over dued Cps Reform

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