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A Petition to Repeal the Mandatory Seatbelt and Child Safety Seats Laws

Air bags have been known to deploy prematurely causing unnecessary injury and death. When an air bag deploys prematurely they have caused dislocated shoulders, loss of control of the vehicle, which in turn have caused a collision, which in turn have caused severe injury and death.

Seatbelts have been known to cause internal injury in collisions at speeds between 30 and 45 miles per hour. Seatbelts have also been known to decapitate those people using them. A person who is 5 foot 2 inches or shorter and 150 pounds or heavier are at the greatest danger of being decapitated in a front-end collision at speeds of 45 mph or greater. The forces produced by the impact forces their body to slide down from under the seatbelt. As their head attempts to pass under the seatbelt it is caught by the lap and/or shoulder strap, which pops off the persons head killing them instantly.

There is a basic design flaw built into each of these so-called safety devices. That design flaw is that in order for these devices to operate properly and truly protect their user they must be designed for the person using them. Then they must be readjusted every 6 to 8 months or as the individual users body changes due to weight gain or loss, pregnancy or age.

Currently these safety devices are designed for a person who is 5 foot 6 inches tall and who weights 165 pounds. Any one larger or smaller than the test dummies is in big trouble in the event of an accident. Especially an collision at speeds between 35 and 45 mph when severe injury occurs the most and certain death at speeds greater than 45 mph.

Vehicle safety devices are designed primarily for a front-end collision and are totally useless or extremely deadly in most other types of collisions such as when a vehicle is struck at 60 mph in the side or in the rear.

Child safety seats are no more safer to use as they hold the child in place causing the child to take the full force of a side impact. Thus crushing the child in its car seat. In one highly publicized case a child was crushed while sitting in his car seat when the front seat collapsed on top of him after his aunt made an emergency stop and the front seats bolts broke causing the front seat with the 2 adults to fall backwards crushing the child to death.

As evidence of these facts nearly half of the people killed on our nations highways over the past 10 years were using these so-called safety devices. Highway deaths have not been reduced by the use of these so-called safety devices but rather because Tennessees drivers have become safer drivers thus reducing the total number of highway accidents. Therefore for the State of Tennessee to force the citizens of Tennessee to wear these unsafe, dangerous and deadly devices is totally unconscionable.

After all if these so-called safety devices actually worked not a single person using them would ever be killed or injured no matter what. They create a false sense of security causing drives in the State of Tennessee to be more careless and take more chances he or she would not take if they did not have these unsafe devices.

Every citizen living within the State of Tennessee must be granted their individual RIGHT to choose for themselves whether or not they so choose to use these unsafe devices.

Because of their unsatisfactory safety record it is hereby demanded by those signing here to that the Tennessee State General Assembly and Governor Phil Bredesen repeal the Mandatory Seatbelt Laws until such time as a better more effective safety system can be designed and proven to be safe and effective.

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