WHEREAS: Communism is a political system based on Marxist-Leninist ideology that is based on the elimination of all opposition parties and the establishment of a totalitarian one-party rule.

WHEREAS: The elimination of communism leads to multi party democracy, which is one of the greatest achievements of political and social thought of all time.

WHEREAS: The elimination of democracy leads to preconceived and systematic violation of all human rights enshrined in the Charter of the Rights of Man, another great achievement of contemporary society.

WHEREAS: The preconceived and systematic violation of human rights inevitably results in the most ruthless repression of opposition and with it, the most unthinkable crimes.

WHEREAS: Communisms, ideology and practice constitute a real possibility for the establishment of government and bureaucracy as a mechanism of power and totalitarian rule of a minority that is enriched on a majority who are impoverished.

WHEREAS: The failure and the crimes of this system have been accredited as historical evidence and that such failure and crime are the necessary and sufficient conditions to show its arbitrary essence, illegal and criminal.

WHEREAS: The illegal nature of the communist system, now renamed the XXI Century Socialism in some countries, brings with it inevitable implementation and development in conditions of illegality.

WHEREAS: Such illegal conditions are created mainly by the formal and official elimination of free association, free opposition, free press, free enterprise, freedom of speech, fundamental pillars of contemporary development, and the elimination of the division and independence of powers, and the establishment of dictatorships that end up becoming fierce tyranny ad infinitum as immutable status quo, that sees the treatment of the human person and society as a whole only in a humiliating way, inhuman and degrading in flagrant contradiction with the Universal Charter of Rights of Man adopted by the United Nations.

WHEREAS: Many of the crimes of the communist system, especially against humanity, are observed, demonstrated and tested and add the tragic figure of more than 100 million victims, not to mention the deaths and victims that have not been yet discover, nor those who may be so in this moment in countries where this macabre system prevails.

WHEREAS: Communism does not comply with modern legal and moral standard whatsoever, and can come to power through armed revolution, violent overtaking of the government, also called the coup, and even using democratic elections.

WHEREAS: The essence and purpose of communism, both yesterday, today and tomorrow, are still the same to continue relying on the same ideology, establishing the same end totalitarianism and producing the same misery and victims wherever applicable.


FIRST: That "Communism" be declared an illegal scheme with that name, or with that mask, as is now "XXI Century Socialism."

SECOND: That it is a crime to propagandize, defend, justify or extol the communist ideology and the communist system and, therefore, the associated with groups, associations, communist parties and communist formations of any kind.

THIRD: That all victims of communism anywhere in the world must be vindicated and compensated, the latter where appropriate, after it had finished in the country concerned, communist totalitarianism.

FOURTH: That a democratic government that exists in any country, regardless of whether communism existed there or not has a moral obligation, social and political of recognizing communism as one of the great atrocities of world history and one of the major aberrations Political Thought, and as such is the moral duty to condemn it and consider it immoral, as well as those who professed or profess.

FIFTH: That a reviewing Board should be established for the Crimes of Communism in the competent international institution, which will bring to justice those criminals and the crimes of communism.

SIXTH: That every country in the world has an obligation to allow the all extraditing of communist criminals, while every country in the world has a right to deport to their country of origin, or where the reviewing Board decides, all communist criminals.

SEVENTH: That any governmental or non-government and citizen or victim of communism, or group of citizens of any country in the world, is entitled to present to the reviewing Board charges against any totalitarian communist tyranny (Communist government) and against any criminal or group of criminals regardless of country of origin of those criminals.

EIGHTH: That this reviewing Board for the Crimes of Communism should establish penalties that are imposed on those responsible for crimes and their accomplices during communism and which range from disqualification to hold public office over a period of years, according to his official duties or unofficial and the severity of his complicity, to imprisonment.

NINTH: That those responsible for crimes committed by the communist system in any country in the world and at any time should under the reviewing Board trials in the room to the Crimes of Communism with all the guarantees of democracy that communism deny its victims.

TENTH: Crimes against humanity committed by any communist system or the perpetrators of such crimes in the past and the present will not expired so to say, and therefore, in all cases those responsible must be brought to justice.

ELEVENTH: That all who by their privileges and perks for cooperating with the communist system have been enriched and kept their wealth in their country of origin or any other country, will be deprived of them.

TWELFTH: An International Anticommunist Constitutional Tribunal should be established which will have as a mission to monitor the development of the rule of law in every country in the world. To detect any order or any legal instrument issued by a president or any official or government institution of the country in question, which can in any way lead the country to dictatorship, totalitarian regime, communist tyranny; to warn the offender and simultaneously report to the united nations organization and all organization for the defense of human rights. Which will hence declare illegal and unconstitutional the order or legal instrument. Disable said order or legal instrument; and is such a case where the offender fails to comply, the offender shall be condemned by said organizations, and if necessary before the reviewing board for the crimes of communism.

THIRTEENTH: It must be noted that there is a Communist Holocaust and establish a date to remember the victims and prevent further.

FOURTEENTH: An International Anticommunism Convention will be the venue, for which a date and place will be announced in due time.

The highest institutions of international law, starting with the United Nations Organization and the The Hague International Tribunal, shall make modifications and adjustments needed to be fulfilled quickly and efficiently, the measures outlined in this document and with supranational character and avoid contradictions in the law between the Order of National Law and International Law.

By the Central Coordinating Group
International Anticommunist Convention

Humberto L. Illa (Coordinator)

Julio Feliciano Martinez Garcia - Julio San Francisco (Coordinator - Head Office Europe)

Juan Jose Lopez (Coordinator)

Lazaro Garcia Cernuda (Coordinator)

Lorenzo Paez Nunez (Coordinator)

Leonel Morejon Almagro (Legal Adviser for the International Anticommunism Tribunal)

Pedro Pablo Alvarez Ramos (Advisory)

Isandra P. Gisbert (Notary-Logistics-Minutes)

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