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During the 1990s, several new comic-book universes were created, but none were as successful and critically-acclaimed as Milestone Media. Minority-owned and diversity-oriented, Milestone turned out nearly 250 issues of intelligently written, fully-painted comic stories. Among them were "Hardware," "Blood Syndicate, "Icon" (the favorite comic book of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas), and "Static" (now star of the WB cartoon "Static Shock").

Although Milestone ended publication in 1997, its finale was more abrupt than expected. The last 3 issues, "Hardware" #50, "Icon" #42, and "Static" #45, all ended with cliffhangers and little closure. This was because, although 6 more issues of these titles were completed, or in late stages of production, they were never released to the public. According to Milestone Editor-in-Chief Dwayne McDuffie, the remaining issues went as follows:

"[HARDWARE] #51 was most decidedly "closure." I don't think there would have been a dry eye in the house.

"STATIC #46 was the end of Mark's Laserjet storyline and probably the best art job yet from Jeff Moore. #47 was set at Static's 10th high school reunion, where he is forced to become Static one last time. We find out what happens to the entire cast, the final fate of Virgil's comic book store and finally, 10 years in the future of that, meet Virgil's kids.

"ICON #43 was the end of Blood Reign and Holocaust and the rebirth of the Blood Syndicate. #44 and 45 were a two-parter where EVERYBODY teams up to try and stop Dharma's "great disaster." #45 also contained a seven page prose story where in Raquel convinces the author not to commit suicide, while the two discuss the success and failures of Milestone. They also give away almost every secret and loose end left in the Dakotaverse."

2003 marks the 10th anniversary of Milestone's creation. With this "milestone" less than a year away, and with "Static Shock" bringing awareness of the imprint to the masses, what would be a better tribute than finally releasing these lost Milestone issues? To finally bring closure to the Milestone universe, and to the stories of Icon, Hardware, and Static?

If you, like me, would like to see these issues in print, please sign this petition. Perhaps with enough support, DC will finally take these (completed) stories to the presses.

Thank you,

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Latest Signatures

  • 27 August 201017. Andrew
    I'd buy the "unpublished" issues of Icon. What about the possibility of some series, mini-series, or one-shots featuring updates of the Milestone Universe?
  • 25 July 201016. TiAre
    Bring them back! Please!!!
  • 26 June 201015. Eric
  • 24 June 201014. Jamie
  • 21 June 201013. David
  • 14 June 201012. william
    this comic company is sorely missed by me. I own everything they published and would love to see the company back in business.
  • 11 June 201011. Fredrick
    along w/ letting us read these comics you should go ahead and start MileStone back up!
  • 10 June 201010. Charlie
    I would be more than happy to support finally seeing these projects in print.
  • 10 June 20109. Steve
  • 10 June 20108. Adrian
    I would gladly buy 2 copies of each book. Have always been a fan of milestone and would love for their books to return to the forefront of comicdom.
  • 10 June 20107. Brian
    Please! And some trade collections too.
  • 10 June 20106. Paul
    Milestone was my favorite comics imprint when it was going strong. I looked forward to something new almost every week. The 10th Anniversary would be an excellent time to release the unpublished material. I would certainly buy most of it.
  • 10 June 20105. Jeff
    When Milestone ended, so did my monthly comic habit -- As far as I'm concerned, Superman, Green Lantern, and Legion of Super-Heroes went with it. I still miss Milestone.
  • 10 June 20104. Justin
  • 10 June 20103. Craig
    The Milestone comics imprint produced some of my absolute favorite superhero comics of the last ten years. I would be VERY interested in a chance to buy these concluding stories!
  • 10 June 20102. Chris
  • 09 June 20101. Robert
    Although I've never collected these books, I think the people that did deserve closure. If these books are finished, I can't see how releasing them could hurt anyone. They might even get me interested in the series' in back issue form.


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