My friends...
As we all know, VMK has closed.
We all want it back, dont we? We all have memories of it.
I do, and I shall share some here...
One day after a long break from VMK as I had grown tired of it, I decided to play it again. When I went to the VMK website, I noticed something was different. I saw no enter game button, but I saw the two big avatars saying...VMK...had closed...
I was shocked!

Now its been a year and I'm really aching to play it again. Every day I think about it...but, the thing isn't there anymore. Now every day I feel a moment of sorrow when I think of the joy brought to me by playing VMK when I was young. Back when I went to a babysitters after school, and when her daughter first showed VMK to me...We'd fight over the computer for who gets their turn playing VMK.
Every day, the 'at-home' feeling it'd bring...
Now its all gone...

My successful character RogueLeaderWedge, he was gone. Everything was gone.

Don't you think we should make a stand? Go to Disney's front door and tell them we want VMK back? WE MUST MAKE A STAND! By golly, we should all e-mail Disney telling them we want the good ol' VMK back until their server crashes! We are making an online petition, and once we get outstanding support, we'll send it to Disney or find some way for them to see it! And when they shoot us down, breaking our shield of petition, we'll get right back up and say "You cannot deny this!"

By golly, bring back the ol' VMK...

VMK was a game that brung us all joy. It had a unique type of gameplay, which was both fun and comforting. Dont we all want it back? The guest rooms, the magic cards, the...pretending to be boyfriend and girlfriend thing which I didn't really understand...
VMK was a GREAT game! We are here because we think it was a foolhardy decision of Disney's to remove VMK from the Internet. We are here because we want the wonders of the magical kingdom back. We are here...! To tell Disney what their customers want! My friends, let us tell Disney what it is we want! We will stand united on the tallest mountain, on the highest Disney World ride, on top of Disney's corporate headquaters and shout, shaking our fists in the air, "WE WANT VMK BACK!"
My friends, if you want VMK back, sign this petition, and become part of The VMK Movement!
From here on out, once you sign this petition, you will become part of the The VMK Movement! Together, we can all get the success of the TVM to great heights!

For inspiration words, look to a quote from LordIllidan on
"The fight to get VMK back was, is, and always will be, a game about strength in numbers (pun not intended, of course.) Disney, as we all know, is one of the world's largest corporations. As such, many of the people here have felt insignificant in their efforts against it's mistake (If they even bothered to make effort against it at all), and have quit and want you to do the same. However, keep in mind that Disney is just that: A corporation. And you are their target audience. As a corporation, it is Disney's legal obligation to make decisions they believe will rake in the most money for them.

The reason why they've ignored us for so long? There's not enough of you going at it. VMK was most likely closed because cost for maintenance became greater than the estimated amount of income that it brought in. (I say "estimated income," of course, because Disney refused to let VMK see it's full potential as a standalone game with it's own easily visible flow of money, and instead ran only as an advertisement. Another mistake on Disney's part, but that's an explanation for another call to arms.) However, if Disney sees enough demand for VMK's return, there's a great chance that it may begin to consider bringing the game back. But right now, the Save VMK movement is scattered into a bunch of tiny groups across multiple fansites. We need to regroup and recruit.

Now, one may think "Now, Illy, when VMK first closed, we had hundreds and hundreds of people going at it!" Yes. You're right. Hundreds. Hundreds of people out of VMK's estimated player base of, what? Several tens of thousands? I'm not saying you're going to need that many to get it back, but if you really want it, you're going to need three things: More of the old players who want it back, a bit of new blood to show that, even after death, it has the potential to grow, and a bit of cooperation with the other outposts out there.

To summarize... Defending this position is a lost cause. However, I'm not asking you to abandon it, as every person we can bring to our cause here is just getting us that much closer. Instead, I'm suggesting you all to expand your presence to the other fansites and help network whatevers left of the squad. You'll also need to get some of those previously unexposed to our little world out into the field as well. I'll advise from there if and when I ever see this happen."
-quoted from LordIllidan,

You have read it! The inspirational words of why pushing to bring VMK back is never a lost cause!

As quoted from coolrich:
"We gather every single save VMK group or every single person who want VMK to come back. Don't beg or force. It's a simple choice, let a great game die, and be remembered in a shell (VMKGP or GPVMK) or save this game and bring it back. Well, I for one will try my hardest to muster as many people who care for VMK.

As said in the LordIllidan quote, if we unite, we will be a lot stronger than 10,000 (The Amount of signatures for the save vmk petition the last time i checked)
Remember when VMK had 1,000,000 members? If we have that many signatures CONFIRMED they will VERY TEMPTED to use VMK as a way to make money, alike vfk is doing it now.

So if you see a save VMK thread or a group on another forum tell them to unite or gather up with other groups and gather up other forums and gather into a orginization even! A little bit of effort goes a long way in my opinion."

So I will say once again, fellow VMK fans. Sign this petition. Every signature counts. Every signature gets us closer to our goal. Getting VMK back.

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