This petition is aimed at Channel 5.

Hello when I was a child I used to watch a programme hosted by you, channel 5, named "The Tribe".

Me and thousands of other citizens would absolutely love it if you (channel 5) would bring "The Tribe" back, starting with Season one, episode 1 etc.

Not only would you be providing real good entertainment for thousands of people but you would also be gaining thousands of more viewers.

Is there anyway you can bring The Tribe back? Is there anything us, the public can do to help you understand how amazing it would be if you brought it back?

Obviously there are going to be thousands of The Tribe lovers who will miss out on the opportunity to sign this petition for many reasons.

I have tried to gather as many peoples signatures as I can in such little time, but you must understand bringing back The Tribe will only be a positive thing.

Thank you for taking your time to read and understand this petition.

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Latest Signatures

  • 08 October 201540. Samual Beard
    If you could bring back The Tribe that would be brilliant!
  • 20 February 201539. Jake C
    Bringing back The Tribe will do so many favors for Channel 5, bringing back thousands of viewers, but the main thing is that it would provide awesome entertainment again.
  • 15 February 201538. Sam M
    Please bring back The Tribe
  • 12 February 201537. Ollie S
    I support this petition
  • 18 May 201436. Joe Aguilar
    hey is this a petition about the tribe? if so. come on the best Series of Channel 5 All TIME!!
  • 16 April 201435. Natasha Hester
    Hey Huni'z I real would like the Tribe to come back i used to fight over the TV remote for it lol. when i was about mmm 6 or 7 :) it was very good and really Exciting for us Back in the Day! :-( we miss it really much i / we 1.5Million People would Love t
  • 15 March 201434. Tribe Schaefer
    Bring back the tribe god damn it
  • 05 November 201333. Kelly Oneal
    The Tribe is so cool !!
  • 14 July 201332. Anna M
    I love this show -x
  • 20 April 201331. Sean K
    I support this petition
  • 03 March 201330. Steven Shah
    channel 5 is cool. the tribe & tribe is even cooler!
  • 06 August 201229. Kayley Burns
    hey lads my brother watches this series when he was young i thought ide post with him ( his names : peter ) hey channel 5 please may you bring the tribe back!
  • 25 June 201228. Cameron Schultz
    I support this petition
  • 31 August 201127. Steph Francis
    Awww come on! Tribe was like so cool !! Plz channel 5. Please!!!!!
  • 14 June 201026. Finlay Herman
    Hey Boys i cannot beleive it if this petition works ( i hope it does i will love it ) The Tribe was my favourite program ever.. i really do this works well thanks jake for letting me know. ill tell my freinds
  • 02 May 201025. Simon P
    My petition
  • 29 December 200924. Kemmy Bowen
    I've signed
  • 21 May 200923. Georgina Garner
    i maybe a girl but this is the #1 tv program of my days :) * ive signed 2 hunnies :)
  • 12 October 200822. Mitchell Rodriguez
    the tribe all the way channel 5 we will pray!! just untill u give us the way we wont the tribe back please..
  • 02 September 200821. Clarke Odonnell
    Hey my names Clarke , i would real appreciate it if you brought the tribe back to channel 5 and so would 1.5 million in the whole world we would all like the tribe to be back into the channel 5 community and so would all the many fans of the tribe we woul
  • 04 August 200820. Dizzy Good
    Do it !!
  • 23 June 200819. D Ortiz
    channel 5 should do a poll on their website, should we bring back the tribe? yes/no. I bet u every1 says yes
  • 10 April 200818. Peter Andrade
    Can you please bring it back?
  • 17 January 200817. Jack Weaver
    i used 2 call the tribe folk tramps, :P but it was a great show !
  • 09 October 200716. Jack S
    Hey Its jack.S here * hey Steven * ive just thought this is The Tribe petition Ill just Pop in and sign too help along *
  • 26 July 200715. Stacy Simpson
    the tribe was absolutly Awsome man Rock 0N! chix!
  • 12 December 200614. Andrew Fox

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Channel 5


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