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To: ABC Daytime/Disney, in regards to One Life to Live and actress Renee Elise Goldsberry.

To The Powers That Be at ABC Daytime, c/o One Life To Live,

The legion of fans that have supported Renee Elise Goldsberry's work as "Evangeline Williamson" on the Soap Opera One Life To Live, are shocked and downright appalled at the way Renee's current contract negotiations have been coming along. A woman of Renee's acting caliber, should be entitled to some the "In's and Out's" like some of her other colleagues get. If Renee Elise Goldsberry does not get the contract that she and her fans honestly believe that she deserves, and her character exits the canvas, Starting with me, her fans will gradually stop watching the show. Evangeline is my favorite character on the show. If Renee ends up walking, my television goes OFF!!

Please consider my request, and do whatever it takes to keep Renee on One Life To Live.

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Latest Signatures

  • 11 December 2015816. Shannon F
    Ms. Goldsberry is a part of 3 large fanbases. If she walks, think of how many other people will to.
  • 09 December 2015815. Diana D
    OLTL wont be the same without Renee and she deserves better than this and OLTL will be going downhill when she leaves!
  • 07 December 2015814. Johnswoman Manning
    Please stay Renee
  • 29 November 2015813. Vanessa Phelps
    I support this petition
  • 29 November 2015812. Guadalupe V
    I support this petition
  • 25 November 2015811. Norma C
  • 23 November 2015810. Gigi W
    Evangeline is my favorite character on the show and I've watched for years. I've missed her character tremendously and honestly don't know if I'll continue to watch without her.
  • 16 November 2015809. Philene V
    I support this petition
  • 15 November 2015808. Mj Goodwin
    [email protected] /* */
  • 14 November 2015807. Janet T
    Renee Goldsberry, is a gem, one of the best daytimes has, please resign her so i can continue to watch
  • 10 November 2015806. Barbara E
    Give her what she wants!!!! She deserves it!!!
  • 08 November 2015805. Joyce Perry
  • 08 November 2015804. M P
    Why let the BEST actress on the show leave?? Big mistake.
  • 06 November 2015803. Darcy M
    I was truly saddened to learn that Ms. Goldsberry's contract was allowed to expire. As much as she has given OLTL and ABCD they should be willing to give her. She is a multi-talented, gracious, lady who deserves the stars and the moon. I really hope that
  • 01 November 2015802. Popcorncheese Andk
    Please,please...Bring back Renee e. Goldsberry to the show. Kiara and I miss her dearly.
  • 31 October 2015801. Brenda Fc
    Keep Renee
  • 05 October 2015800. Kelly Huffman
    I support this petition
  • 03 October 2015799. Shanice S
    I support this petition
  • 24 September 2015798. Ida M
    REG is the reason I watch the show. Her present story with TSJ has garnered my attention like no other story you've offered before. I want to see REG stay and continue to watch Todd and Van grow closer and closer.
  • 22 September 2015797. Elle Zuniga
    REG is very talented, please don't allow more talent to walk away from OLTL. I've been watching since the 70's and appreciate the diversity that she brings to the show.
  • 12 September 2015796. Bertha C
    I miss Evangeline. America and daytime needs to fully embrace it's own diverse community for our sakes!
  • 11 September 2015795. Susie M
    I only watched the show because of Renee Goldsberry. Keep this talented actress on the show and build Evangeline back up to her confident, intelligent, sensual self.
  • 01 September 2015794. Adele A
    For the life of me I can't figure out a reason to have her off the show...unless of course its to make OTL a crappier show than it has already become
  • 26 August 2015793. Maxiebell Costa
    please keep Renee on one life to live. Give her what she want in her contract.
  • 20 August 2015792. Alysha M
    REG is the one who got me interested in OLTL/Bring her backkk
  • 11 August 2015791. Ashifa Ferguson
    save her please the shows not the same without her.
  • 11 August 2015790. Daniel B
    I support this petition

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