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The RIAA and the Artists versus P2P File Sharing and the Loyal Consumer

Below you will find a news story about what the RIAA intends to do to millions upon millions of loyal consumers. This story was reported on Sept. 27, 2002: (link to the actual report:
Record Labels Request Online Sabotage Rights
Fri Sep 27, 1:41 PM ET
James Maguire,

Record labels have requested legal support for a variety of techniques intended to thwart file-trading networks that they say infringe on copyrights. During arguments over a congressional bill supporting such techniques, industry representatives said such measures are necessary in an online environment that resists existing legal tactics.
The proposed bill is the first congressional attempt to provide copyright holders with methods other than litigation to combat what they see as piracy.

Called the P2P Piracy Prevention Act, the legislation is sponsored by Representative Howard Berman (D-California), who said he is a "big fan" of peer-to-peer (P2P) networks and noted that they have "terrific potential for all kinds of legitimate applications."
However, he said, "I never expected that anyone would challenge the basic premise of the bill: that copyright owners should be able to use reasonable, limited self-help measures to thwart rampant, notorious P2P piracy."

Internet Warfare

The bill would allow copyright holders to block, disable or impair a P2P node suspected of distributing their copyrighted material without express permission.
It states that a copyright holder may not delete files from users' hard drives, but it limits the rights of users to sue should files be inadvertently deleted.
The bill does not specifically detail which tactics would be legal. P2P industry observers note that possibilities may include denial-of-service ( news - web sites) attacks caused by a flood of falsely named files; worms and viruses; or hijacking of domain names.

Differing Opinions

Speaking against the bill was Gigi Sohn, president of nonprofit Public Knowledge. While Sohn said she feels that preventing copyright infringement is a worthy goal, she added that "this bill shifts the burden to consumers and makes it difficult for them to recoup any losses resulting from misguided self-help."
On the other hand, Hilary Rosen, CEO of the Recording Industry Association of America ( news - web sites) (RIAA), said the bill should not be characterized as permission for copyright holders to hack personal computers and crash networks. She called that description "irresponsible" and an attempt to cloud the real issues.

New Cottage Industry

The desire by copyright holders to battle P2P networks has led to the development of a new industry: companies that create and use technology to thwart such networks.
The CEO of one of those companies, Randy Saaf of MediaDefender, spoke at the congressional hearing in favor of the P2P antipiracy bill.
Meanwhile, Overpeer CEO Marc Morgenstern told NewsFactor that his company's service works in two ways. "We intervene on behalf of our clients to protect their content from piracy, and in certain cases we may help them build relationships with P2P users."

Antipiracy Tactics

Morgenstern said Overpeer has a high volume of activity at this point, involving not only music, but also other content sites. "We are protecting thousands and thousands of titles of multiple content types for various clients," he noted.
The company uses several techniques to stop acts of piracy. "We have an extensive network of servers that makes it difficult to find illegal content on various networks," Morgenstern noted.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (End of News Report)

In the twenty first century, the information technology age, millions upon millions of people, young or old have an endless amount of technology at our disposal. I feel that what we do with that technology is our choice, AND I CHOOSE TO DOWNLOAD FREE MUSIC!!! I choose to do this because I like many others have been burned too many times by CDs that cost twenty dollars, that have fifteen tracks with only three that I listen to before stopping it.

Downloading music is no longer a new technology, ever since the birth of the now defunct Napster millions of people have been downloading free music. Im not sure how many people out there are like me, but I know that even though I download music, I still buy CDs. I am twenty-two years old and I have been purchasing music since I was a young child, and I intend to purchase music as long I have the money to. I am appalled that the anti-piracy bill as reported by and may actually be passed. Do you know what this means? In short, this bill would give the RIAA and the record companies it represents the right to hack into our personal, private computers and corrupt and even delete mp3s and other music files. This bill would also give them the right to sabotage the file sharing services themselves so that we download corrupt files. This would allow them to commit legal cyber security crimes.

Imagine this: Your about to go on a trip and you want to take some of your favorite music along with you on a mixed cd, you logon to your favorite file sharing program and download that one song you cant get out of your head. You go to play it only to find out that it doesnt work!! You try to download it again and again, only to get the same results. Then you realize why it doesnt work, it along with countless other files have been purposely corrupted by the RIAA and the record companies. Maybe youll have a worst experience than this. Maybe you try to play this file, only to find out that it released a virus into your pc that not only deletes your mp3s but also although mistakenly, deletes your other personal files or disables your ISP that you paid for!!!

After thinking about the scenarios like the one in the previous paragraph and reading reports of what the RIAA intends to do to loyal consumers like you and me, I feel like I have been betrayed and stabbed in the back!!! I know that the RIAA and the executives of these record companies dont care about the average consumer, so the knife that theyre using to stab millions of people can easily be removed and forgotten about. The wound that wont heal is the one from the knife of the artists the support this tactic. These are artist like: Britney Spears (, Sting, Madonna, Luciano Pavarotti, B.B. King, Faith Hill, Dr. Dre and Eminem, P. Diddy, Shakira, etc.( Unfortunately, these same artists have forgotten whos been supporting themthe same people they are against, the file sharing consumers!! The artists have forgotten that they were not always famous and in the news, WE MADE THEM FAMOUS!! We purchased their albums and we bought their concert tickets. We watch their TV appearances and read their interviews. Who supported the rap and rock artists when politicians want to censor what they have to say? Who supported Britney and Madonna when they dressed the way they want in the face of growing opposition from parents? WE DO!! This is a message to all of you artists that support what the RIAA is doing, YOU WERE NOTHING BEFORE US AND YOU WILL BE NOTHING AFTER US!!

This is a message to the RIAA: You complain that music sales have dropped 7 percent since file sharing has existed, imagine experiencing a boycott of all music purchases from the very consumer you will be alienating if this bill is passed. How much money would you, the record companies, and the artists loose if no form of music was purchased for a whole year?

If you read the article above, I want you to take notice of the section titled Internet Warfare. That paragraph shows us that we will not be given any rights to fight back against RIAA and the record companies. We need to resort to all we have, Internet Warfare. If the RIAA and record companies are allowed to hack our pcs and the file sharing services, we should exhibit an eye for an eye attitude. From the moment that this bill is passed, I declare open hacking season on all RIAA websites, record company websites, and music artists websites. Deface them, crash there mail servers, shut them down!!! They will have to learn the hard way that they cant bite the hand that feeds them.

And just a little question for our amusement, isnt it funny that the same artists that say they are loosing money are the same artist that according to sound scan and the billboard charts continue to sell millions and millions of albums?!? Arent these the same artist that we continue to see on MTV cribs flaunting there numerous late model cars and thirteen room mansions?!?! Just to quote Sean Puff Daddy (P. Diddy) Combs, in a New York Times online article( Put yourself in our shoes! I have news for you Diddy; I would love to be in your shoes!

To all those that read this article and feel the way I do, I beg you to take a minute and sign this petition and let the RIAA, record companies, and artists know that we will not stand for this betrayal!!

A message to Congress: Stop worrying about people sharing music and worry about the terrorism that killed three thousand people and now daily threatens innocent American lives!!

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