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December 2005

To Aki, Eero, Lauri & Pauli,

This is our pledge to you. Attached is our petition. To prove that you have US fans and we want to hear you play live!

Theres nothing like your music in the US charts. We have American rock, we have metal, we have alternative, punk, rap, pop, country, jazz, blues and classical. But we have nothing like The Rasmus. We want to change that.

If you could find a little time in your schedule to play here live, it would help us convince the radio stations. Theyre proving difficult to persuade, when we ask them to play your music, because theyve never heard of you. We want to change that too.

The US is a big place. But dont let that stop you! We need bands like The Rasmus to challenge what we already know, to broaden the musical spectrum. Your music bridges a gap between genres that have drifted apart. We need some melancholic, European flavour in our charts.

We thought by signing this petition, it would show not only you, but people in the US that should be supporting you, that there is demand for your music over here. You need a label in the US that can promote you properly because we need your music.

Some of us have friends in Europe, and are able to hear about gigs second-hand or we've bought Live Letters. But its not enough. We want to see you being supported by a label in the US. We want to hear you play live. So were speaking up about it.

Your music isnt available in our shops, it isnt being played on the radio (we are trying) and the US website hasnt been updated, since the release of Guilty. We want to change all of that. We dont want you to think that the American public arent interested, because a lot of us are! We just need a little help from you guys.

Please come to the US and play live. We will do our best to help. You have a lot of fans over here already, but we think you deserve a lot more. With live gigs to promote, we can post on websites and live journals, contact local radio and the right national press to review the gigs and play your songs. You dont have a label right now to do this for you, but we are willing to do it.

Everyone that has signed this petition wants to see you do well in the US. Please pass on our petition to whoever needs to see it, so that you get the backing to come over and play live. Because we would love nothing more than to rock out to your music!

Apryl Reed

(on behalf of everyone who signed the petition)

Written by Louise Knight for Apryl Reed. Copyright Louise Knight 2005.

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Latest Signatures

  • 10 December 2015250. Rachel B
  • 28 November 2015249. Andrea R
    Get yo white asses ova herre!!!!!!
  • 25 November 2015248. Nirina Mitchell
    okies, so The Rasmus do have US fans, so why not play in the US? They'd love to hear & see you, because i know us Irish fans loved it loads!! Visit the USA xxx
  • 29 October 2015247. Vanessa S
    My best friend and I love your band, and it would be great if we could see you guys here.
  • 14 August 2015246. Sarah F
    I might not live in the USA but i know what it feels like not to have Rasmus the most we got were 2 clips to 'In the Shadows' and 'Guilty' I have rang around requesting 'No fear' and 'Sail Away' but it just ain't happening! USA and Australia are depribed
  • 19 July 2015245. Sarah Melton
    Please come over here I want to show my friends who you guys are
  • 10 July 2015244. Amy G
    Come to North wales and liverpool more often aswell ;D
  • 09 July 2015243. Katie Williamson
    Please come! You don't want me to die, do you?!
  • 25 June 2015242. Scrapeone Holmes
    it will be alright
  • 20 June 2015241. Krystalyn P
    I would love to see The Rasmus in the US!!!
  • 15 June 2015240. Cheryl R
    I support this petition
  • 11 June 2015239. Amber B
    They must I love them!
  • 26 May 2015238. Jory Walker
    I support this petition
  • 06 May 2015237. Somnus Guzman
  • 29 April 2015236. Barbra F
    I love you guys, and I play your songs on my radio show almost every week... I would LOVE to see you live! Please come! :)
  • 04 April 2015235. Bart Salas
    This band is starting to become one of my favorites
  • 02 April 2015234. Lyndsey V
    I support this petition
  • 16 March 2015233. Sassy R
    I think that the Rasmus should be able to play in the state! There an amazing band and they should be able to play everyone who's heard them thinks there great so why not make more fans!!
  • 02 March 2015232. Apryl Brady
    You guys are so amazing and very talented. I did not get a chance to see you guys last year for those two days you came to the states. Please come blow our minds away with your awesome music!!! Prove to the labels that your the best! I will keep working u
  • 05 February 2015231. Jessica Elliott
    I support this petition
  • 04 February 2015230. Josh H
    Please come tour here
  • 12 January 2015229. Amanda F
    Please Come To Amarillo, Texas !!!!!
  • 03 January 2015228. Annie Rice
    although i'm not in US & I can hear all your music Anytime i wish, i really do want US to know that your music is worth the support
  • 31 December 2014227. Ana Mariap
    We need you guys in the U.S. We love you guys as much as the fans from the other countries
  • 27 November 2014226. Byron C
    The Rasnus rock!!!
  • 23 November 2014225. Emily Durham
    oh please come, we need some good bands here
  • 15 November 2014224. Matthew A
    Yay Rasmus.

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