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This morning, once again, I opened an envelope containing a letter that states: - We have enclosed a Direct Debit for your convenience. Once again, I have to pick up the phone to request NOT enclosed form. Is this a one-off? Not a chance. Britain is turning incompetence into an art form. Over the past couple of years Ive had fines for parking tickets, fines for not paying that fine when the cars
not even mine. Cant even drive, for lords sake! Demands for bills that Ive already paid and second cheques returned when theyve realised that yes, I wasnt lying, had actually paid the bill in the first place. Keeping the Post Office busy with Lost, Stolen and Damaged' Forms for postal orders that companies say theyve never received, and the Post Office generally proves otherwise. I could continue but wont I have a feeling Im not alone with wanting to take this country and shake it by the scruff of its neck. So, heres my own little personal protest, feel free to add your name if youre sufficiently p*ssed off and make your own comments.

1. People be allowed to disembark off public transport before the next lot get on. The trains stopped, folks. Youre pushing everyone around is more likely to result with you getting a smack in the mouth than the train/bus departing faster.

2. Prospective employers. If someones taken the time to call for an application form, fill it in and send it back, then turn up for an interview? The least you can do is send them a letter pronto to let them know if they havent succeeded instead of having them living in hope and waiting for Postie. Its called COURTESY!

3. No gobbing of spit, phlegm or chewing gum in the streets. Not only is it disgusting and unhygienic, but cleaning up that mess raises my Council Tax bill, which is already grossly overcharged and messed-up.

4. Private conversations and music be EXACTLY that! Im glad you got your rocks off last night, but I maybe didnt so dont particularly want it rubbed in, okay? Keep your business and your tastes in music to yourself. And Mr High-faluting Businessman/Woman Im glad youre doing so well for yourself but I aint particularly impressed, so keep it down, please?

5. Abolish 0870 numbers! I have a feeling that a lot of the time were kept in non-existent queues simply to bump up profits, and someones sitting at the other end reading a book until they decide weve paid enough, and leaving it any longer is pushing it.

6. Abolish ASBOs. Theyre not worth the aggravation. Just bring back Borstal and have done with it. Im sick and tired of Social Experiments. Lets just go back to what worked, even if it is old-fashioned.

7. All government departments and companies that foul up pay a mandatory minimum fee to us for the amount of time spent on the phone trying to correct their cock-ups, likewise the stress and the phone costs. Ive worked it out. Over the part two years Ive spent three weeks of my life putting right what youve cocked up.

8. Will you please make your mind up about exactly what youre doing with my sons future education? Hes told to read, reads all his books then comes on here to continue reading book sites and is then told to come off the PC by Social Services. His childminder says shes supposed to be teaching him, according to them. Hes a teenager, for lords sake with a high IQ and shes a childminder, not a trained teacher dont you think a little bit of COMMON SENSE needs to be applied here? School says Yay Social Services say Nay. So, folks which is it to be? And incidentally, hes ADHD and I really resent your kind offer to have him come under the umbrella of the Youth Offending Team, when hes not one, nor is he going to be. Talk about negativity. Well manage on our own, thanks. Any other mothers out there p*ssed off with the way ADHD kids are handled in some places?

9. Im a working mother. Not a leper. We do exist and have a right to a say in our kids lives. Dont try and hit me with a guilt complex because one of your bright ideas messed up. We know our kids you dont.

10. Make me a peer. Ill then lobby to be an MP. I have no problem with turning up for political debate if Im going to be paid for sleeping through it at the taxpayers expense.

11. Abolish Spell Check and use a dictionary. Its good for your brain.

12. Back to Government departments. (see 7.) Remove the velcro from the seat of their pants and teach them how to research a case and not just look at a screen. Paper files do exist with background history that they can double check. If moving off a chair and walking across a room is too difficult, well start a fund to kit them all out with castors.

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