The Patriot Act (Chain of Slavery)

I wish we all can understand the links in the chain of tragedies that resulted from this new and Last democracy of democrats and republicans, or post 911 system of justice, which is neither well studied nor philosophically based on our forefather system of liberty.

Now imagine that the both groups which represents the nations majority seizes the power of Congress and legislation and justice system, and then Question is what life you would expect for the minority specially those who are like me but with (Human Faith) which is not written on the face.

Would it be strange for the majority of republicans fundamentalist and democratic fundamentalist to legislate laws particularly in the light of its own welfare to neglect the welfare of the minority and to fulfill its own desire in a manner unjust?

Question again, who would save the minorities and defend them against the chain of tragedies. I do apologize to be very critical to express my views when suffering from psychological effect to prove my patriotism by signing Patriot Act. I feel that the system of our symbolism of tragedies for blame is paralyzing educators,journalist and PhD,s who should teach honesty, justice and humanity . Once we realize that education and modernization is not part of symbolism, sexism and racism or old religion . Then concept of journalism for a journalist will help by imagining an angle working for God to find the truth.

I don't understand how I can have freedom to practice my own religion in a country where Christians and Jews don't treat you fairly if you aren't one of them republicans fundamentalist and democratic fundamentalist. It is time to upgrade wounded two party system of old democracy of fundamentalist by introducing Human Fealty.

My Chain of slavery started when National Security Agency's (NSA) domestic wiretapping electronic surveillance program started without approval from special FISA court in 2002 ." Under the law " government supposed to submit application to court before beginning illegal searches or obtaining business records to obtain intelligence in which case they didn't for my small business Bristol Fashions LLc & Pine Lake manor Condo Association Inc.

The only condition of " War " FISA can allows the president of United State to approve without court approval for only up to 15 days and for emergencies up to 3 days. In September 2003 Hudson United Bank made me sign The Patriot Act because of Human Faith and our origin.

2003- Hudson United Bank made us sign the Patriot Act.
INS held our oath for citizenship and Held parents sponsorship since then.
Homicide written on my home.
Lost job because someone wanted to rearrange my face

I realized that the banks and every next door patriotic none Muslim Citizen were helping secret domestic spying program that was authorized by the president in 2002, for monitoring the phone calls and emails of thousands of innocent none Muslim American citizens without warrants. On December 20th 2005 the New York Time revealed the existence of Slavery by domestic spying program by the government that made intelligence committee to conduct oversight of the wiretapping program and on August 17, 2006 a U.S. District Court ruled the program unconstitutional .

The lawsuit ( 308-cv- 1531(wwe) was filed because of racial profiling, illegal domestic wiretapping electronic surveillance program on innocent American citizen who where not Hindu, Christians and Jews , and religious discrimination from government agencies and some private business who helped FBI and Police for Spying because of our origin and Human Faith.

I was held in the prison camp of New Britain General Hospital of CT for two weeks without charge for surveillance without prior court approval ( a warrant) .

This matter came on before the Honorable Warren W. Eginton, Senior United States District Judge of CT and Mr. Warren made the decision by himself without a hearing.

We paid Attorney John R. Williams and Associates LLC $5000.00 to file the suit and we never attended any hearing for this case and now we have to pay another $10,000.00 to refilled it again.

Personally I feel that even when we will pay the $10,000.00 nothing will ever happen and the judge will make the decision again without a hearing. This is just one of those ways of taking money from families who are poor and not giving them any justice .

If America really is the land of the free then exactly what kind of freedom is this ?

We are seeking assistance in stopping Religious discrimination, racial profiling,illegal domestic wiretapping electronic surveillance program on innocent American and assistance to issue executive order to amend Human Faith is a religious of God (Rab).

As you know executive order 11246 as amended; Section 503 of the rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended and the Vietnam era Veterans Readjustment assistance Act of 1974, as amended, 38 USC 4212. These authorities prohibit federal contractors and subcontractors from discriminating on the basis of race, color, religious, sex, nation, Origin, disability, and protected veteran status.

We also concern of safety and security of our family members here in United State and in Pakistan . Your support and executive order will help them get legal authority to ask religious freedom from there Governments .

Saint . Human Faith of Human Fealty
Ajmal Mehdi 37 Center Street / 511 pine st Bristol CT 06010 860.583.3338 / 860.582.2226 [email protected]

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