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Over the last two years, WUOG's Halftime Hip Hop Show, HHHS for short, has went from a simple show that played random hip hop music with little to no personality, to a staple in hip hop culture, recognized locally, nationally, and internationally. This recognition has been attributed to five factors:

1. The current hosts having a more open-minded and selfless focus on and knowledge of all urban music including: Hip hop, R&B, Jazz, Reggae, Reggaeton, etc. and playing music from all those genres regardless of time period and origin of the music and artist.

2. Reaching out to artists who are on the rise that needs that extra push to the forefront by playing their music that other DJs and radio stations simply pass on or will play for a "small fee."

3. Giving listeners an alternative to stations by incorporating a multitude of segments to the show such as Diamonds in the Rough (music from upcoming artists that listeners may need to pay close attention to), the Throwback Jam (music from the "Golden Era" of hip hop), Southern Classic (music widely recognized only beneath the Mason-Dixon Line), Blue Light in the Basement Jam (music of yesterday sampled by some of today's artists), the Crunk in the Lobby concert series, the live poetry event T.R.I.N.I.T.E.E.: The wRitings of Inner Non-Institutionalized Thoughts and Evolving Emotion, the Starting Line-Up Countdown (the top 10 songs voted by the listeners), and most recently "The Leak" (premiering tracks from an upcoming album), which has given the show variety and more reason for people to listen to the show every week.

4. DJs/hosts who actually care and show enthusiasm about the music and the artist making it and strive to put on a great show for the people on a consistent weekly and sometimes daily basis.

5. Doing the show not for any type of financial gain, but having love, passion, and dedication to music. And doing the show not just for themselves but for the people that have the same passion for music.

These five factors have been what the current hosts live by, and in return, the show has gained a lot of attention and respect from all walks of life yet remaining humble and true to themselves and the show's motto: "We Do it for the People." But due to accusations made by the station's Board of Directors, which the hosts believe to be completely false due to lack evidence and going by hearsay, they have voted to make some drastic changes to the current state of the Halftime Hip Hop Show. Effective January 11, 2007, these changes include a new host, pushing out the current hosts, and a new time slot, Fridays 7pm-8pm. We feel these changes are a complete disrespect to the current hosts and work that has been put into what has made the show what it is and has been for the last two years, the artists who knew that they could always turn to the HHHS to get their music heard and called the HHHS home, and most importantly the listeners who would have been in for a huge surprise hearing someone else without warning, especially when the current hosts still had plenty of ideas to put into motion on the show for the people.

The vote to remove the current hosts from the HHHS has been made final as of December 2007, but we believe that a lot of listeners can overturn what thirteen people, who are not true supporters of urban music and the show's vision, say.

By signing this petition, you are agreeing to keep the Halftime Hip Hop Show in its current time slot, Fridays 9pm-12am, AND its current hosts DJ BlacqueStarr & Giovonni. The ultimate goal of this petition is to show and prove to the Board of Directors and the University of Georgia campus that the Halftime Hip Hop Show is a staple of an urban music scene that has been on a steady and progressive rise in the last two years and will continue to grow, and it is not just a radio show, but an actual movement. And it will not be moved very easily. Are you a part of the movement?

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