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I was victimized by hunter killers who used my kittens for target practice, hitting one in the spine and another in the neck -- all of my cats have bullets in them. The "neighbors" were convicted but the judge was sympathetic to them. I was then prosecuted for "allowing my cats to go in their yard". I had been forbidden to cross the property line to get my cats when they ran there. I received a sentence 10 times harsher than the killers received. I had to move as the Judge threatened to kill my cats if they went in the killers yard again. He said he would "impound" them based on nothing but the word of the killers, who lied constantly and tried to run me over on the street in front of my house.

They were excused for everything and assisted by the police. I believe this is because of the hunting culture and the hunting brotherhood. It is entirely out of hand and normal people better wake up. There is a brotherhood of child molesters, animal abusers, and killers out there and they protect and cover up for one another. They are powerful and we better get organized. You think you are safe? You are not!


Found your article---We live in the rural area of Texas and year after year the problem with hunters is increasing. We do not lease our land for hunting. Our closest neighbor has decided to become lazy and live off Deer hunters. Friday afternoon the hunters began to shoot at our house and we called the law. They were shooting Deer on a wheat field beside our house and land, it looked like a slaughter house.

Last week they wounded a Deer and it came through our back yard, if we say anything to them we are afraid they will get us for hunter harassment. Our local law enforcement and game warden have fined them for spotlighing(hunting Deer at night). Fences nor gates mean nothing to these hunters!These hunters drive by our home and throw out beer cans, rifle in one hand and beer in another hand, a scary thought! We need to paint COW, HORSE, and BULL on our livestock. The hunters have tied Deer blinds to boundry fences and some of them are turned towards another man's land----he doesn't lease his land either. Then we discover that they have a M14 assault weapon and are using the clip, repeated 75 times. Sounds like a WAR zone.

No laws or regulations about shooting toward highways, market roads, dwellings in our county. What do we need to do in order to get some regulations to protect us? We need help, thanks for any information. Thank you very much for your time.

Dear Mr. Stuart,

Thank you so much for your e-mail. Our county has many of the large ranches in it, they seem to bring in more and more hunters each year.

Next to these large ranches are many small farms/rural homes. Got a call from one of the small farmers this morning. He has a job in the day and trys to do some of his farming in the afternoons and on weekends. Well, here's the problem---hunters across the fence told him they would file harassment charges because the tractor he was plowing with was making to much noise. Guess he can go back to the old days of horse and plow. Also, he has small children--lives in the country and is concerned with the fact that these hunters can carry any weapon into this county without any check.

At this time the only game warden we have is taking care of SEVERAL COUNTIES. We need our own game warden! We are also a county of many dirt roads, these hunters are costing the county taxpayers major bucks. The hunters have large 4-wheel drive trucks---these either leave deep, deep, ruts in the mud or get stuck, then the county road graders have to try to fix the roads. Thank you so much for any help, I hope we have a few rights left.



We were here exactly six months and after the six months, they set-up this hunting club all around the town of Arcadia practically in our front door, 130 yards! We believe the timber companies; Willamette and the smaller timber companies started these leases, as of this year being bought out by Weyerhauser. Anyway, they are owned by Georgia-Pacific based in Georgia a conglomerate of monopolized billions destroying the environment with papermills polluting the air and water with Dioxin vapors. The paint peels off of the vehicles and homes immediately surrounding these paper mills. Who knows what this does to the peoples' lungs in Monroe, Louisiana? And the odor of the papermill in Monroe, almost turns a persons' stomach.

We despise hunting of Animals, especially in hunting clubs A.K.A. garbage dumps because hunters dump lead shot which contaminates the water supply! We found your article is a carbon copy of the negligent State of Louisiana with governor Mike Foster who proudly supports the slaughter of innocent and defenseless Wildlife referred to as "hunting". Happy to hear this is his last year and cannot run for re-election again! Foster also ignores the thousands of Non-Hunters' and does not acknowledge Non-Hunters being shot at, threatened, and/or slandered by certain criminal hunters' that drive by shooting in front of peoples' homes and then run like cowards!

Yes, this is the "real" Louisiana, hunters that target Animals and People, a very thin line! The millions of dollars received from hunters that unfortunately frequent this State does not support eduation, highways, nor victims of Gun Violence from hunters! These millions of dollars are used to breed more Wildlife simply to supply hunters more Wildlife to slaughter!

Hunters are unfortunately "protected" by Local Law Enforcement because the laws in Louisiana protect hunters NOT Non-Hunting citizens who pay billions of dollars in taxes to support the State of Louisiana. Local law enforcement denies that HUNTERS: drive by shooting in front of peoples' homes; shoot over neighbors heads; ricochet bullets off of neighboring trees; cut private posted property wire fences; build Deer "stands" on private posted property; damage private vehicles; dump Deer torsos in neighboring ditches; dump Deer heads of Doe Deer in the parking lots in Wendys drive in restaurants(two heads were found during hunting "season" in Monroe, Louisiana); stop in front of neighboring homes urinating(at 7:25 p.m.11/5/02 in front of our home); shoot assault weapons day & night; and never be prosecuted for their mailcious malevolent crimes! Because local law enforcement never prosecutes the criminal members of hunting clubs!

Yet, they have a law against "Harassing Hunters in Louisiana" > 648.1? What about the harassment and threats to Non-Hunters' when the stupid gunblasts echoes through your home at close range when people are attempting to live in peace!


Indiana Hunter Harassment

As a property landowner with 250ft of lake front, the IDNR told me if I do anything on my property that disturbs duck hunters or any hunter I can be arrested and subject to property confiscation, a gun, mow my grass or anything they (the hunters) think is scaring off wildlife.

The officer also told me it would be best if I stayed out of my front yard until the hunters left around 10am (for the entire hunting season), the hunters told him that's when they'd be done each day. What are my rights as a landowner?


The Non-Hunter's Right to Safe Space Petition is being circulated by the Non-Hunters Legal Defense Fund(NHLDF) which can be reached at:
Rex Stuart
[email protected]

Here is a copy of the petition - duplicate it and circulate it in your state. Send copies of completed petitions to the NHLDF c/o Rex Stuart above for the eventual use in the passage of federal legislation.

This petition is circulated to demand that the State require that all citizens have a safe space between them and all private and public land where hunting is allowed.

We the undersigned citizens of the______________________________? District in

the State of____________________________?, in_____________________________?

County herein demand that our elected Representative(s)____________________

____________________________? introduce and work diligently for the passage

of legislation regulating land used for hunting.

The state should require such landowners to keep a safe space around the

border of their property where hunting is not allowed. This safe space should be the length of the trajectory of the most powerful weapon allowed on that land for any purpose.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

On the bottom of the petition have the name and address of the person that circulated the petition. That person should know the people who signed or have seen ID from everyone they do not know who signed. If people sign by web, the website should have the e-mail address of every person who signed over a website.

NOTE: Your E-Mail address will remain confidential! We do NOT sell, trade, nor publish any Names nor E-Mail addresses. We abide by The 1974 Privacy Act stating, "An individual's name and address may not be sold or rented by an agency unless such action is specifically authorized by law." Thank you for your signature.

When you have at least 35\% of the population in your representative's district signed up; deliver it to the STATE senator and representative(s) and send copies to Rex at the NHLDF.

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