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In response to the movement to ban John McCain from the New School's research

We, the undersigned, kindly petition that Bob Kerrey switch employment to a reputable insitution of higher learning. We respectfully ask that the students also attempt passing at a real school.

Our reasons are simple and we submit them to a candid world:

Bob Kerrey is far too intelligent, resourceful, and honest to be forced to endure the tortuous complaints of spoiled brats gallivanting around as "students and "professors". The New School is a joke and Bob Kerrey deserves better. Although most community colleges would fit this description, Kerrey could easily run a college or university with honor and distinction. He can do better than consoling whining pot smokers who call themselves students.

The students at The New School are mostly wealthy and contemptous of the country that has given them so much and asked so little. The faculty is similarly ungrateful of the opportunities accorded to them by living in the country they disdain. More importantly, the majority of students and faculty both act as if they are intellectually, morally, and naturally superior to the rest of the world. They are primadonnas who cannot cut it at most state graduate schools but revel in challenging the status quo. To the delusional rebels of the New School, they are not outcasts from the mainstream but prophets just waiting to be recognized. The coming age belongs to them, they believe, despite all evidence to the contrary. We believe that they need to accept that they are in the minority because they are wrong, not because academia is slower than their fantastical egos and hasn't caught up yet with their inflated sense of self-worth.

The New School has been condescending in its attitude for far too long. The fact that being in Greenwich Village is merely a real estate reality (and not a reflection of any academic quality) does not faze them. We believe that any SUNY school located in the hills of upstate New York could compete with them academically, but without all the annoying pretense.

It is time for them to get out into the real world. We, the undersigned, state affirmatively that The New School is writing itself into irrelevancy by institutionalizing their unfounded superiority complex. We urge their students to try a semester at the local state college, their faculty to try teaching a public high school class, and their long-suffering president to move to a place that deserves (and can appreciate) someone of his caliber. Additionally, students should try to look outside their carefully constructed world by maybe working their way through college like the rest of us have done... rather than whining about social injustice in class paid for by daddy's trust fund. Perhaps then they will stop lecturing us on how to live. We weren't born with silver spoons and we don't appreciate hearing idiotic proclamations from those who have. People who spend their lives doing what the New School crowd does has no right to question to honor of John McCain, who spent seven years being tortured by the people The New School's hippie contingent loves.

Taking "University" out of the New School's name is a movement toward truth in advertising. It is merely an over-priced Hampshire College on a massive scale. It is infested with Beautiful People who think that a Fine Arts degree is oh so preferable to an Engineering degree. The elitists can whine while the rest of us work. Camp New School, rejoice!

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